Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


19. Friends & Secrets

 I walked to school the next day. Graduation was in a couple of days and i wanted to make a good last impression. When i walked in everyone stopped and whispered i shrugged it off and continue walking. Then a boy whisled and they started cheering. "Whoa! Look at  the S.S Sexy Mofo!" Everyone cheered again except some girls they were glaring. I walked into the bathroom to fix my make-up i started tearing up because michaela and i promised we'd finish this year together. I heard a sniffling behind me followed by soft sobs. I looked behind me through the mirror. I walked up to a stall. "Hey hon. are you ok?" There was a pause. "Yeah ill be fine thanks for asking." "Why dont you come out here lets freshen you up..." The door unlocked and Michaela stood there. "Oh..." she murmured angrily. "Come on i dont care if your mad at me or not lets freshen you up. I grabbed her hand and dragged her to the mirror. She glared at me. "Why are you doing this?! your my best friend you were suppose to tell me everything and you didnt!" i shrugged "Cool and....cuz im not a complete Bitch like you may think." She wiped her nose, "Mel i really really miss you will you forgive me?" I smiled weakly "Yes i can always forgive someone thats like my only sister," She laughed and hugged me she clung onto me sobbing for a while my shoulder was wet. "Why were you crying?" She sniffled five more times before she unstably answered... "Im pregnat..." I pulled away still holding onto her "What?" "Im prego's with Nialls child." i blink slowly taking it all in. "I see.." "I cant have the baby! im only eighteen how will this affect my life?!" I shrugged calmly "Well never use an abortion for one..and because you got pregnat you deal with it thats all i have to say... you can come live with me i have an extra room. or five. michaela nodded. "Thanks for helping," she kissed my cheek and hugged me again. "Now lets see add some foundation and blush and a swipe of mascara and my favorite lip gloss youll be cleaned up." I patted foundation over her puffy eyes and her red tear stained cheeks. She looked much better she looked like herself. I patted some rosy red blush on which made her cheeks less pale. I wiped mascara on her eyelashes making them have more length, then the final touch i put pink shiny lipgloss on her pink thin lips. I stepped back and admired my work it looked as if nothing was wrong, at all. I ruffled her hair a bit and pulled it back in a tight ponytail running my hands through water. i scrunched her hair making it curly a little bit. i picked our her backgs and swept them to the side. i took out my earring and handed them to her she put in the dimond hoops and smiled. "Yeah...uhm sorry about breaking your nose..." i said slowly scratching my head. "its fine i started it anyway." We hugged eachother and walked out of the bathroom laughing arm in arm. After school we walked to her house she talked to her parents and they agreed to let her move in with me. She packed some bags and we walked two miles to my house. By the time we got there the boys where waiting for us. by the door talking. I walked in the middle of them and opened the door i walked in dragging Michaela with me. We found a room that wasnt quite as big as mine but close to it. We unpacked her things i told her the morning routines for when the boys stayed the night and she nodded.

A few hours later. Michaela took the boys shopping at the biggest toys "R" us store in town knowing them it was gunna be a few hours. Zayn stayed with me though. I plopped down on the couch again. "Hey wana play truth or dare?" He asked i nod "Sure Lets do it" He thinks a moment "Truth or dare?" "Dare duh" He smiles "I dare you to take a shower with me" I look at him "Without clothes" he says winking. I shrug "Come on" i wink we head to the bathroom we both undress completely and step in. He kisses me and i know exactly what will happen leaning against the wall breathing hard things happen that i cant say but hes good at it ;). With in an hour i dry my hair and his is gelled up to pretend nothing happend then the boys walk in with michaela. I have a new secret. i cant ever tell.

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