Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


5. Exporing my house

The bell signaled that school was over. Michaela and i had plans to meet up to finish some studying for an hour then just hang out since my parents wouldnt be home for A month. We just left campus and we started heading home. We got about half a mile from school when a black mustang pulls up the window rolls down and Liam asks "Do you lovely laids need a ride?" he winks. I smile and shrug i look at michaela she looks at me her eyes gleaming. "LETS DO THIS!!!!" she pulls open the door and crawls in the back i push the seat back and sit in the front with liam. He pushs the petal and were off. He blasting music and about a half mile aay from my house i direct him down the streets we finally pull up in front of a giant two story house its white with a huge grassy yard with a pond. and a bench with lights. it had a small gray iron fence in the front. i look at him with him smiling at me. "Thanks Liam" he winks again "No problem. i live a street or two away haha" i wave and get out of his car michaela climbs out staring with her jaw open at my house, "Danm girl! nice place," i laugh as Liam drives away. "My house isnt even this nice!" we start heading up the cobble stone path. reatching the steps i pull the glass know and it opens. We walk inside and her eyes widen.

*--*Michaelas P.O.V*--*

I looked around suprised i must have looked retarded i swear. her floors were black and white marvel and her couch was white and long it covered basically one wall. She had a flat screen t.v and an xBox next to it. i dropped my bag when i looked up and saw a dimond chandelier hanging from the silver ceiling. i walked foward leaving my bags there where she stood her stairs were clear glass like and see through. the railing was silver and polished. i stood on the first three stairs and looked around it was huge! i saw a swinging door so i walked across the room to it i pushed it open and gasped the whole walls were see through on the side over looking the backyard the whole kitchenwas black and white marvel. I walked back out to see melissa still standing in the same place.watching my every movements. i returned to her."Can we go see your room?!" i was super excited. "Sure" she laughed we head up her stairs to a room with double doors i stare at it.She opens them and walks inside i glance around its a big white room with her bed in the far back on a platform. i walk inside and its completely clean no stains or anything. its all white coloring except her bed covers there black and the rugs like the one in front of her doors and beside her bed on both sides, i walk to a huge door with a full body mirror. i slide it open and i gasp at the sight a walk in closet. not filled with much though. "Damn..."

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