Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


17. Dirty little secrets.

The next morning i woke before Liam i pulled the blankets to my chest still naked, i got out of bed and walked to my draws and grabbed the first bra that appeared to me a black silky one with black girl boxers, i went to my closet and and grabbed some shorts. i put them on and walked down stairs. i didnt really want people to see my bra so i took Zayns jacket. Liam stumbled down the stairs soon after that. fully clothed. i made pancakes for everyone. and bacon. i made sure not to be in the doorway then i grabbed my triangle and rang it. "BREAKFAST IS READY!!!" i yelled as loud as i could. right at that moment Niall comes bolting around the corner into the kitchen followed by Louis Zayn Harry and Liam. Liam winked at me and went inside. i walked inside and Niall had like seven pancakes in his mouth pouring syrup over it. Liam was munching on a pancake will harry was making a cat face on his Zayns was gone...Louis made a pancake face and pretended to ear a fork. I smiled and swiped the last one from the center of the table when everyone went for it. I licked it they all stared at me in shock and i left the room and plopped down on the couch. i clicked the tv to. Channel five news. and what i saw shocked me. "Does this famous boy band hire a personal whore?" and it showed a picture of me in my towel sitting on Liams lap. Then the screen swiched. back to the lady. "Does she have a dirty little secret?" They it flashed to a picture of Niall and i holding hands. Then to another of Zayn tickling me. And Louis giving me a piggyback ride, "Da fuq?!" They came out. "What?" i switch the channel "Nothing.." Harry shrugged and sat on me. "Really?!" he smiled evily and shook his head. "Haha poke poke boop." he poked my face they bopped my nose. I laughed.


I was getting dressed when Zayn popped up at my door with Louis. Louis saw me in my bra he sheilded his eyes and screamed playfully. "AHHHH MY EYES!!!!" Zayn smiled and looked away. i put some spandex on so i could move easier. I went in the closet and pulled our a white loose tanktop/ with holes in the side. i pulled it on and walked out Louis was trying to be sexy on my couch and Zayn was laughing. I waved "Hey im going to go to the mall real quick. Ok?" They shook their heads. "Can we come with?" I shrugged "Sure why not." i grabbed my keys off the dresser and walked out to the garage. My baby was under this my car bro. my one i havent driven since i was sixteen. I flung off the blanket underneath was a pure white care. with a black line straight over the top. On the side was written in cursive was the word Rose. And it had a black rose near the tire. I walked around to the other side and Zayn was wide eyed and shocked. "Woah! you have a fucking mustang?!" I nodded while having that "Jealous-much" look. i unlocked the car and climed in Louis shouted "SHOT GUN!" and shoved Zayn and got into the car slamming it shut and locking it. Zayn climbed into the back. the seats were leather but had zebra strips on them. "Wicked" Louis breathed. he pressed his face against the window. looking out the windows where tinted. I pushed a button and the car jerked to life. I pushed another button and the radio blasted through the speakers. We pulled out of the cobblestone driveway. And Barbie girl came on. Louis turns mouth wide. "GIRL!!!! This is mah Jam!" haha He starts singing.I was smiling the whole way to Varsitys mall. We parked the car and got out in slow motion just to please Louis we also had sunglasses on. the wind blew my hair back as we walked on. We entered the doors and i took off my sunglasses, we walked about five feet when i heard, "Wow what a bitch." "Skank " "Whore." "Cunt" I glanced over my shoulder to see Michaela and a few strangers i didnt know glaring at me but Michaela was smiling like a fat ass bitch. "Bitch." She sneered. I glared and turned around completely. I took the bottle from my purse and threw it at her face, it hit her square in the face. "Call me a bitch one more fucking time i dare you!" She sat up the glass shattered in the impact. she had some cuts on her face. "You skanky ass whore whose a slut and a complete bitch." I dropped my little backpack and. Flung myself at her. I landed a blow to her boob. And she punched my face. With my lip bleeding we tore at eachother everyone stepped back. Louis and Zayn looked shocked that i had done that. While her and i were fighting a few groups of boys from school came in and watched i was one of the most popular people there so was Michaela. We pulled eachothers hair and didnt stop. The boys started placing bets. Seventeen voted me fifteen voted michaela. What has this come to?

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