Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


18. Call me that again

We fought while we heard the boys placing bets. she was wearing see through lace again. "Oh what a shame it would be if your shirt got ripped. "You wouldnt!" "Try me hoe" She slapped me and i grabbed her shirt and ripped it. The boys oohed. "You whore!" She tookv mine and ripped it off. "There you go now you have a better look for your new name!" i punched her then and there in the middle of her face. her nose broke under the pressure the girls she was with helped her up and out of the mall. The boys were staring at me cuz all i had on was a bra and spandex now. with blood splattered on them. I stood up and walked over to a near by store. "Hey Louis will you go but me that pink jacket? with the sparkles?" He ran in there "yay! Sparkles!" i turned back and walked to Zayn "He handed me a tissue i held it to my lips. i walked over to the water fountain. And put my lips to it. i spit out the water and dabbed my lips again. i threw the tissue there it wasnt that out bad. We stood there with every boy staring at me. Louis came scampering back out i slid the jacket on and zipped it a little over half way up. We walked away from the scene and into pet city i came here to by a kitty. I found the perfect cat for me. A hairless kitty. I named it Fluffy. Just to be ironic. I held her against me while we walked.Zayn was trying to be a gentelmen and carried the cat food and Louis wanted to carry the cat house. but i pursuaded him to drag it on the rolly thing. we got out to the car and fitted it into the back seat we placed the food in the back and got in. I placed Fluffy on my lap but Louis took her. We pulled out and headed back to the house.

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