Promises & Lies

Young Melissa Rose and her family move to England. She hated having to move and leave everything behind her parents go on a flight over the mountains and a tragic thing happens now Melissa must find who she can trust and who she can love.... (Sorry guys this is my first movella ever:| sorry if its bad)


1. Every Teens Nigtmare

"Come Now SweetHeart get your bags!" my mother yelled up the stairs. I grabbed my bags and trugged toward the door. I turned around and took one quick glance at the room i grew up in. I sighed heavily and half fell and half walked down the stairs. My worst nightmare had come true. My birthday was yesterday and they gave me the news we were moving to England. I was super upset having to change schools and having to leave everything behind. i was going to miss my friends. Sadly that wasnt the end when we were on the plane trip there my mother said that once we unpacked they were going to go on a trip over the mountains but i had to stay home. I angerly shooed her away. First they made me move then they were leaving me in a whole nother country and city in a neighborhood i dont know!!!! Mumbling under my breath i put my headphones on i turned the song to a one direction playlist. I leaned back and closed my eyes i felt a slight russle next to me i opened my eyes a little. and glanced over a boy was next to my his blonde hair ruffled and combed his blue eyes flashed with warmth. "Hello!" he said with a soft tone. I was suprised he was talking to me. I took off my headphones and looked a him. He kept on smiling like a dork. "Hey...." i replied slow but steadily. He then turned and asked if he could sit here. i shrugged and went back to my heaphones five minutes later i felt a tap on my shoulder.  Sighing i slid my headphones off. "yes?" he smiled "would you like anything to eat?" i waited my tummy was rumbling so i said "Sure" he smiled wider and summoned over a flight attendate she hurried over blushing and basically fangirling. He whispered something to her and she nodded and buslted away in a hurry. i was confused. i ran my fingers through my dark brown hair like i always do when im trying to think. He glanced at me and asked why i looked kinda caught up in the tornado of confusion. i asked him "Why was she basically fainting over you?" He burst out laughing. I paused feeling frusterated. Then he took a breath "Im Niall Horan!" My eyes widened. i am such an idiot! How did i not reconize him with his fluffy blonde hair?! His gorgeous blue eyes! "I didnt reconize you oh my cats you are Niall Horan! the one and only!" He was silent and i blushed quickly pulled back on my headphones. After a few minutes i glanced at him he was eating hordes of foodi couldnt help but chuckle he glanced up and smiled and continued stuffin his face. The pilot came on over the intercome "Please fasten your seat belts we will be landing in five minutes." and with that she smiled and disappeared through a curtain. "Can we hang out again one day?"he asked. I smiled "Sure why not?" he laughed " can i have your phone number?" I blushed and quickly wrote it on his hand.

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