Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


5. Chapter three

Chapter three.


    Calista P.O.V.


    Waking up I stretched out my sleep impaired limbs and slowly I realized I wasn’t home. Bolting upright I winced in pain, that wasn’t a dream was it. , was actually kidnapped; Every time I blinked It felt as if I was rubbing sandpaper against my eyes, gently rubbing them I took in my bearings. The room was a deep red and furnished with lavish expensive looking furniture. Looking down I saw that I lay on a deep brown comforter, gentle specks of gold was woven into the silky material, rubbing the fabric between my fingers in an attempt to calm my now racing heart.  Looking down at my body I saw the angry red marks that lingered on my pale bruised skin. A majority of the marks hid under the simple black nightgown, wait nightgown! This wasn’t mine, whose was this?

    “Good you're awake.” Said a muffled voice from behind me. Scrambling off the bed I crawled to the corner trying to cover myself behind the desk. Sighing he walked towards me as if I was a scared animal, and in some ways I was. He gently knelt down beside me, slowly reaching for my hand I flinched away.

    “I’m sorry I scared you, I wish I could rewind time and change how I met you. But I can not; But you will have to trust me that you're safe, for now.”

    “For now?” I questioned.  

    “Yes, now lets try this again. I’m Alexander.” Nodding I tried to get closer to the corner as if I pressed hard enough to it that it would  allow me to hide inside of it.  

    “What do you want with me?”

    “Nothing for now, now all I would like to know is your name.”

    “C-Calista” I stumbled now shaking in fear. Sighing he picked me up off the floor, trying to struggle out of his grasp I thrashed around punching, kicking, biting anything I could think of doing to escape I tried.  His arms held tightly on to  me through my attempts of escape, and thats when I gave up, there was nothing I could do to leave.    “ Just so you know if you try to escape, you will not be able to, because I will find you.” Nodding in submission I laid my head against his chest oddly taking comfort in his touch.   

    “Can I ask you something?” I quietly inquired. Looking up I saw a smile cross his face.

    “Of course.”

    “ Why me?”

    “Because your Shadow marked.”

    “..What?” I questioned.  

    “You have a mark on your shoulder that only.. Well that creatures other than humans can see. The mark means you're destined to be with me, destined to, well i'll tell you that later.”

    “What do you mean other than humans?”

    “ So many questions, let me tell you what, why don’t you get dressed and I will let you get to know me better, so that you can trust me. You will be with me for a while after all.” Nodding he set me down on the floor. “your clothes are in the closet along with more clothes that looked around your size.”

    “Uh, thanks.” I said walking to the closet. As soon as I turned on the light my jaw dropped. Woah, I have never seen so many clothes in a closet at one time. There was every style, color, dresses to sweatpants. How the heck did he get everything here so fast, how long was I asleep? Shrugging I promised myself I would ask later. Picking out a pair of dark washed jeans, a white tank top I noticed there was also undergarments, in which I was lacking. I picked out a white set and got dressed. Looking in the mirror I frowned. The scratches covered almost every inch of my body and were not easy to hide.  Walking out of the closet I looked to see Alexander smiling.


    “Yes but what for?” I inquired still afraid of him.

    “It’s a surprise.” Clearly seeing my distrust he reached into his coat pocket and took out a pocket knife. Handing it to me he said, “If you feel as if I’m going to hurt you, you have this.” Taken back by his actions I nodded. “Hold on a second please.” He ran into the closet and came back with an emerald green sweater handing it to me. “its cold out.” he explained.

    “Thank you.” I replied shrugging into the warm soft fabric.

    “You're welcome.” He gently took my hand and placed it in the nook of his elbow and guided me out the door.  


    A long walk later my legs were killing me. I wish he had told me it was such a walk.

    “How much longer.” I wined. Laughing he picked me up.

    “Close your eyes and it will only be a moment.” Closing my eyes I felt the wind run threw my hair only to find a second later that the wind was gone and replaced by a loud roaring sound.

    “You can open your eyes now.” Opening my eyes I gasped, it was so beautiful, a waterfall graced my view, the landscape around it seemed to be hand picked and planted because it was so awe inspiring. The scenery embodied an aura of calmness that soothed my frayed mind. Seeing a lilac tree I jumped from his arms smiling and I ran to it, confused he followed after me. Climbing the tree I picked a flower and embraced  its familiar smell.

    “Why did you run here?” he asked.

    “ When I was little, my mom told me whenever I was sad or scared to go to a lilac tree and that it would keep me safe, because every one of my ancestors that have died, have been buried under a lilac tree including-” I paused unable to finish the sentence and looked down.

    “What?” He pushed. Looking up with tears threatening to spill over.

    “My mom.” I confided in him. Immediately regretting pushing me to say it he climbed up and sat next to me.

    “I’m sorry. I too lost my mom.”

    “Something we have In common then.” I stated. He reached for my hand, letting him I took comfort in his gesture.  

    “How about you ask me any questions and ill answer and then I could do the same.” he suggested.  

    “Okay.” I pondered for a moment before asking my question. “How old are you.”

    “Lets just say I’m 23. And you?”

    “19.” I answered truthfully.  

    “Your favorite thing to do?” he asked.

    “I like many things but my top three would be to swim, to sing, and to paint. You?”

    “My favorite thing to do would have to be.. Well I do not know.” Laughing in disbelief I looked him in the eyes.

    “Seriously you don’t enjoy anything?

    “ No I never said that, I enjoy many things, but I do not have a favorite.” Nodding I looked over at the waterfall. Looking back at Alexander, a mischievous grin crosses his face.

    “Uh oh.” I said worried by his face expression.

    “What?” he said innocently.

    “That look, that look is never good.” I answered squinting my eyes and pointing a finger at him.

    “Oh really?”

    “Yup.” I stated.  

    “It seems you have already learned something about me then.”    


    “How I look when I’m about to do something that could be bad.” A grin crossing his face he lifted me into his lap and jumped off the tree. Screaming I clutched to his shirt and held onto him for dear life. Laughing in delight he ran to the edge of the cliff by the waterfall.  

    “ Do you trust me?”  

    “ Hell no!” I said and hid my face in his chest.

    “Do you trust me not to do anything to hurt you?”  

    “ At this moment, no.”

    “ Why not!” he yells in a jokingly voice.

    “Well first off you kidnapped me!” He started laughing hysterically  as I looked him in the eyes.

    “What?” I raised an eyebrow at him.

    “That is very true. But would you like to do something fun?”


    “ You said you liked to swim right?”

    “Yes I did.

    “Well then hold your breath and hold on tight.”

    “Wait, what! Oh no you don’t!” I screamed but it was too late. He had jumped off the cliff with me in his arms into the water. Burring my face in his chest I screamed. Startled when the icy blue water embraced me I flinched. Still holding onto me Alexander swam to a ledge where we could sit. Gasping for air I looked around and looked back at him.

    “Did you have fun?” he asked his eyes sparkling.

    “No.” I lied not wanting to give him the satisfaction of making me happy.

    “You're lying.”


    “You asked for it.” He said inching towards me I stared at him confused, he reached for my sides and started tickling me.

    “Oh-oh no! stop that!” I managed to say between laughs trying to slap his hands away.  

    “Admit it!”

    “Never!” I screamed trying to squirm from his grasp.  “Okay okay! I admit it! I had fun!” I admitted and breathed a sigh of relief when he stopped tickling me. Smiling I laid back on the rocks. Pft idiot, I thought before drifting off to sleep under the warm sun.  

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