Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


12. Chapter ten

Chapter Ten.  

    Alexander’s P.O.V

It has been weeks. Weeks since she left her room. I brought her meals and left them outside her door and whenever I came back they were empty. That was the only reason I knew she was still here. I anxiously passed back and forth through the house. I had called Lilly and filled her in on what happened, what I found out and what I was going to ask her that night. Sighing in exasperation claiming if I hadn’t messed it up that night would have been perfect. She was right. It was all my fault.  I couldn’t tell her where I was, I couldn’t tell her who she was or anything. If I had only just told her, if-  

    “Alexander Zane Callahan!” Lilly yelled storming into the house.  

    “Hello Lillian Ann Blake.” I replied using her full name like she had used mine.

    “I can not believe you did not tell me sooner!” She whispered harshly. Nodding I prepared myself the lecture she was about to give me. Her blonde hair In a frenzy her eyes wild she looked every bit of a predator, like the vampire she was. “This is going to take forever to fix. You will tell her what’s going on if I get her to talk to you. If I even can get her to talk to you.” She continued on and on after a wile her words just blurred together.

    “Lilly I know. I am the worst person ever. Can you please just try and talk to her? I can assure you I have punished myself enough for this.” I said solemnly. Seeing that I had indeed lectured myself for this she took a deep breath, fixed her hair plastering a smile on her face she left to Calista’s room.


    Calista P.O.V

Laying in the soft blankets my eyes stared at the same spot on the wall. My tired eyes bloodshot from the non stop crying I clutched a pillow to my chest. I had eventually changed into some sweats, but that wasn’t for days after that night. Looking down at the grey pants wrinkled from being worn my red shirt clung me to like a second skin. A soft knocking sound from the door brought me out of my thoughts of self pity and sadness. Getting the courage to say something my voice hoarse from not talking for weeks.

    “Alex I told you I did not want to talk to you!” I cried cursing myself as more tears fell.

    “Cal its me Lilly.”

    “Is Alex with you?” I questioned brushing the tears off my face.

    “No just me. Let me in please.” She asked her voice soothing. Slowly I got up to open the door. My bones cracking from the lack of movement. My hair was lifeless and dry. My eyes sad and dead. Everything about me was pathetic. Opening the door a crack I scanned the surroundings to make sure Alex was not there with her. Lilly tried but failed to hide her look of disappointment as she saw me. Turning away from the door I went back to my spot on the bed under the blankets and clutching the pillow.

    “Oh sweetie.” She exclaimed as she walked over to the bed. Her eyes wide with worry as she looked over my lifeless body. Laying next to me in the bed we just laid there in silence, clearly she was waiting for me to talk.

    “He stood me up Lil. He is keeping something from me I know he is.” Nodding she agreed.

    “Yes I know he is.”

    “I knew it.” My voice cracked.

    “I cant tell you what he is keeping from you but I do know he has a good reason for it. He wants to keep you safe, and he thinks he has to keep you in the dark about some things in order to do that.”

    “Why would I have to be kept safe? He was the one who kidnapped me in the first place.” A smile forming at the corner of her lips she held back a laugh because clearly the fact that he did kidnap me was so funny.

    “Let me tell you something, he agreed that if you talked to him he would tell you what he has been keeping from you. Are you sure you want to know? It will change everything you thought about him, about me, about everything.” Nodding I sat up gradually.  

    “I already hate him, what could be worse?” I questioned.

    “You don’t hate him sweetie, if you hated him you would have not been so upset when he kept something from you.” Not saying anything I secretly thought she was right. I didn’t hate him. If I did I wouldn’t have cared when he stood me up, when he lied to me. “Now how about we brush that rat nest on top of your head that you call hair. Run a bubble bath and get you out of those sweats. Because the sad depressed look so does not work for you.” She teased tossing a pillow at my head. Laughing with mock surprise I threw it back at her face.


    A few hours had passed I was now dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. Feeling rejuvenated from the bath I sat on the floor as Lilly brushed my hair. Sighing I looked down at the ground and played with the hem of my shirt.   

    “Are you going to go talk to him tonight?” She asked curiously.

    “Yeah I think I am.” after much persuading she convinced me to go and talk to him.  

    “Do you want me to stay?”

    “No, you can go if you want.”  

    “You know if you want me to come back all you have to do is call right?” Nodding and muttering a thanks I took her offer into consideration. Gently placing my brush on my bed she walked out of the room leaving me alone to man up and speak to Alex. Looking over in the mirror I admitted I looked a lot better.. My hair once again had body and shine to it, my eyes no longer bloodshot, but still had a lifeless look to them. My skin was pale from the lack of sunlight and only added to the purple bags under my eyes. This was as good as it was going to get I said to my reflection. Looking at the door I took a deep breath and started to walk downstairs, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I felt like I was walking down death row..


    Alexander’s P.O.V

    Seeing Lilly walk down the stairs I eagerly greeted her.  

    “Is she going to come out?”

    “Yes she is, you really hurt her. Don’t mess up again.” She threatened and walked outside. Sitting anxiously in the living room I thought of how I was going to tell her. Vowing to myself that I would answer any question that she asked except one thing. There is one thing I will keep to myself because it is a law I am going to change, if she forgives me after this I will not lose her. Hearing soft footsteps come up behind me I turned around to see Calista. She looked broken but still beautiful.  

    “You came out of your room.” I stated shocked, I still didn’t think she would come out. Nodding she came over and sat across from me her eyes portraying no emotion.  

    “ Lilly told me that if I did you would explain to me everything that you have lied to me about and kept from me.”

    “Yes, I will tell you everything. But you have to promise me that you understand everything I did, everything I kept from you was too keep you safe. Is to keep you safe.”

    Nodding,  the soft waves in her hair bounced lightly. “I understand.” Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes and thought of where to start. “Now this is a long story so please keep the questions till the end.” Nodding in agreement I started to tell her the long story. “Well lets start with why I kidnapped you. You see you are shadow marked. That means that you bear a mark on your back, hip and shoulder that says you are destined to be with one of the five powers. There are five races, five princes and five people that you could me married off to. Now only those of the five powers can see the mark. I am one of them. There are shifters, witches, elementals, vampires and Fae. Now I am a vampire, one of the five powers that is why I can see the mark and why I kidnapped you. I took you with the thought that you were just a shadow marked but you're not just that, you’re my soul mate. That's a person destined for you, made specifically for you, there the other half of your soul so to speak. Now the five powers cannot have a human soul mate, so that brings me to another thing. You're not human, you're fae. Now your dad, you told me he left you when you were little. That is true but he didn’t leave for the reasons you think. Your mother was human and people like us, non humans cannot be with someone human so he had to leave your mother to keep her safe. Now that brings me to your father and who you are. Your father is King Balistar, and you’re his daughter so that makes you a princess so to speak, and because I am one of the five powers I am a prince of the vampire community.” Finally finishing I took a deep breath waiting for her to respond. Suddenly she started laughing.

    “Bravo you really had me going there for a second I thought you were serious.” She said between laughs.

    “Calista I am serious.” I said my face hard.

    “No really?” She said sarcastically. Sighing I knew I had to show her.

    “I’m sorry.” I stated because I knew what I was about to do would scare her. A look of confusion crossed her face. Thinking what I had to in order to make the blood lust come out I closed my eyes. Hunt. Kill. Red velvet blood. Dark. Kill. Hunt. Girl. Beautiful. my thoughts spaced apart as I opened my eyes knowing what she would see. My blue eyes would be replaced with blood red ones and my canines elongated. Staring at me in horror she jumped back screaming and suddenly she started floating up into the air. Screaming and still floating to the ceiling she grabbed onto the light with fear in her eyes. Well this went well I thought silently to myself as I walked over to her.  

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