Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


7. chapter five


Chapter five

    Calista P.O.V


    Lying in bed I was frozen in shock by what happened. He-he yelled at me! I never thought he would do that. Braiding my soft long hair I went to go see what ‘surprise’ he had for me. I really felt bad about how cold I was, but I could not fall for him! Absolutely not, I reassured myself. Absolutely not. Walking down the long dark corridor, shadows seemed to lurk at every corner. Paintings hung on the walls all of different places, staring at them I got lost in the different worlds they displayed. I never really realized how beautiful this house was. He said the third door on the right, I recalled. One, two, three I thought as I walked passed each door. Slowly putting my small hand on the cold handle and I froze suddenly afraid, what if he was going to kill me? What was in there? Gulping I thought, only one way to find out quickly opening the door I stood frozen in place. Oh my god. Did he really do this for me? Smiling I ran all around the room,  the guitar, the paints everything was perfect! He remembered. I knew exactly what I was going to do to apologize I was going to paint him something.


    Six hours later I was covered in paint, but the picture was perfect. Hiding the painting behind my back I slowly walked downstairs. Peeking my head out from behind the steps I saw he wasn’t there, my bare feet making little noise as I padded slowly to the living room. Seeing him a frown formed on my face, I felt so bad.  

    “Alex?” I called quietly using the nickname I called him in my head. Slowly turning around his stunning blue eyes met mine.

    “Yes?” He said coldly.

    “I’m sorry.” I said looking down. Sighing he walked up to me lifting my face up with his finger so he could look me in the eyes.

    “I understand why you were cold. Doesn’t mean it hurt any less when you acted like that.” He admitted his eyes showing sadness beneath there gaze.  

    “I have something for you.”

    “Really?” He asked a small smile hinting at the corner of his lips. Nodding I pulled the painting behind my back showing it to him. Taking it he just stared at it for a long time. A worried a frown formed on my face. Nervously rubbing my arms I slowly backed away.

    “You don’t like it..”  

    “What! No, I love it.” He said coming closer to me. “I didn’t say anything because it was so beautiful, just like you.” My face blushing a scarlet red I smiled.

    “Okay good.”

    “ And I’m going to hang it up right over..” His eyes searched the room for a perfect spot to hang my painting. Stopping a smile formed on his face as he held it up to the wall. “There.”

    “Oh, no you don’t have to hang it.”

    “I want to.” He said a small pout forming on his face. My god he was sooo cute.

    “Okay.” I smiled brightly. Maybe I could allow myself to like him, h-he didn’t seem like he wanted to hurt me. “Hey Alex?” Looking over at me after hanging up the painting.


    “Can we like start over? Like forget that you kidnapped me forget how I was mean how you yelled, just start over.” Striding over to me closing the distance between us we were only a centimeter apart. He was so close I could smell his aftershave, cinnamon and woods.  

    “I would love that.” He admited honestly putting his hand on the side of my face delicate pale face. “Hello I’m Alex.”

    Smiling I replied back, “Hello I’m Calista.” I said closing the distance between our faces and planting a small kiss on his awaiting lips.

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