Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


10. chapter eight

Chapter eight.

        Calista P.O.V


    Its been six weeks, six fun filled weeks of dates and surprises. I was happy beyond belief. Laying in the soft green grass my hair was spilled out around me. Turning my head over I met Alex’s mystic blue eyes hiding a smile.  

    “Can I ask you a question?” He asked suddenly serious.

    “Of course.”

    “Your parents, friends aren’t they worrying where you are?”

    “ Well as I told you before my mom is dead, my dad, well he left us when I was just a baby. Never cared I suppose he just up and left.” Looking back up at the sky I watched the clouds. “My friend, my only friend died a week before I signed up for med school. She died in a car accident.”  

    “I’m sorry.” He said pulling me close to him taking comfort in his touch.

    “Me too, what about your parents and friends I never see them around.”  I asked looking at him curiosity sparkling in my eyes. Taking a deep breath he kissed my nose.

    “Well I have many friends, but I have asked them to stay away so I could get to know you better. As for my mom, you know she died, I never got to meet her she died right after I was born. My dad, he's important to some people so he’s never around.” For some reason I knew that wasn’t the whole truth deciding to push the issue I asked another question.

    “What does he do? To be important to people?” Looking off into the woods as if he had to think of how he answered this question.

    “He’s the head of some government court.” His eyes were vacant as he answered this question. Clearing his throat he sat up and took out his phone. “I have an idea, why don’t I call one of my friends well two of them, and she can take you out for a girls day and ill take you out on a date tonight.”

    “Deal.” I smiled happily. I was really in need of a girls day. No matter who it was with. Standing up he dialed a number walking far enough so I couldn’t hear him. Crossing my legs as the lavender scented wind blew my hair out of my face I thought of how strange this was. How he always had secrets, where he knew everything about me. My middle name, my favorite color, I knew that stuff about him too but when it came down to personal questions like where he worked, who his friends were. He cleverly avoided the question. Smiling with a mischievous grin I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to hit up his friends for some info on him, after all what’s a girls day out without a little gossip.  


    Laying on the living room couch I heard a high pitched voice yell Alex’s name and run into the house.

    “Hello?” I questioned. Looking over the black leather couch I saw a model think blonde hair blue eyed girl. Jealousy fumed inside of me thinking of how I looked.

    “Oh my goodness hi!!” she yelled and ran over to hug me. Awkwardly hugging her back I rolled my eyes. This was the girl I had to spend the day with?

    “Hi.” I said with a hint of annoyance.  

    “Lilly!” Alex beamed. “I see you have met my beautiful Calista. Calista I see you have met Lilly.” He states with a smile.  

    “You were so right when you told me about her! She’s perfect!” She squeals with excitement.  

    “Uh thank you.” I say unsure how to respond to that. Thankfully she stops hugging me but goes over to hug Alex instead. Suppressing a growl I look down at the floor. I don’t know how he could like me if he had friends like her to be with. She was perfect! I don’t know what they're smoking thinking I’m perfect.  

    “Now take her back in once piece okay Lil? Also make sure she picks out a nice dress. I will be taking her out tonight.”

    “Yes siree bob!” She states with excitement when he hands her his credit card. Grabbing my arm she starts to pull me out the door. Help me I mouth to Alex who just laughs in response. Oh god this was going to be a long day.


    Walking around the mall an hour later I learned that Lilly wasn’t so bad after all. Plus the fact that she had a boyfriend made me feel so much better.  

    “Where to next?” She asks practically jumping up and down. She is so hyper.  

    “Where ever you want to go.” I respond with the same excitement as her. What can I say her happy mood was contagious. Wiggling her eyebrows she pulled me into Victoria Secrets.  

    “Lilly!” I gasp. “Why here?” I wine instantly feeling awkward in this store.

    “First off because its fun, second off well just because I want to.” She sticks her tongue out at me. After making me try on at least 50 underwear sets she got the ones she liked me in best. Sadly they were also the most showy ones, I only liked the emerald green set with the soft nightgown. She was in charge of the money so whatever she wanted me to get I got. Where does Alex work that allows him to spend so much money?

    “Okay so now lets go pick out your dress! He said to make It formal he must be taking you somewhere nice.” She said with a wink. Laughing we walked arms linked to the nearest dress store. The walls were lined with all colors and styles but as soon as I saw the white dress in the far corner I feel in love. That was the dress I was getting. Running over excitedly I examined the dress up close. The dress was an off white color with a flower lace pattern running down the slit in the front. The dress was backless v pattern that went down to just above my hips. The front length ended at mid thigh while the back went down to the floor.

    “Oh my god that is perfect!” Lilly exclaimed. Shoving me to the nearest dressing room she made me try it on. Looking at myself in the mirror my heart stopped. It was perfect. It showed off my curves perfectly and made my skin look like glass. Stepping out of the room Lilly clapped excitedly.  

    “Were so buying that one!” Changing back into my clothes quickly we paid for the dress. Deciding to go to the spa before we headed back we jumped back in the car.  

    Three hours later my nails and toes were a French manicure with little green flowers. My hair was elegantly curled with flowers carefully placed into the brown tussles. Lilly insisting upon them doing my makeup they had done a green smoky eye that made my eyes look magical. Finishing my look with a silver sparkles I looked like a princess straight out of a fairy tale. Slipping into my dress and shoes she drove me to the direction in which Alex had given her.  


    Alex P.O.V

Looking Brandon square in the eyes I knew I was right. I knew who her dad was.

    “Are you sure Alex? I mean it could just be a coincidence.”

    “I’m positive, she looks exactly like him! He left his human consort the same time she was born.”

    “ Well why don’t we go ask him shall we? We have a few hours before your date we can go straight to there place and ask him.” Nodding I raced to my car and drove as fast as I could. Storming up to the steps my eyes were blazing with anger.  

    “ I need to speak with the fea king. I believe I have found his daughter.” The clueless maid ran off in fear to retrieve King Balistar. Waiting in the throne room I sat on the steps. Eyeing the gold colored walls and the giant oak chairs ,the room smelled of lilacs, roses and vanilla. Exactly what Calista smelled like. I should have noticed it sooner. Her eyes the way she walked it was all fea She was fea My shadowed mark was fae. Walking down the stairs with grace I stood to welcome the king.

    “To what do I owe the pleasure prince.”

    “I have found your daughter.” His eyes flashed with pain.

    “I see, are you sure of this?” Nodding I looked him in the eyes.

    “The same name, age everything about her screams fae, I am the utmost positive; But there is something you should know. She’s Shadow Marked.” Fear flashed through his face as he walked towards me.

    “What do you plan on doing with her, what do you want, I know what your kind does to the shadow marked, vampire, and if so much as a hair on her head is harmed I will end you myself.” He sneered.  Smirking I looked him in the eyes. If only he knew what I was really going to do.

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