Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


36. chapter 34

Chapter Thirty four

    Alexander’s P.O.V

Fire rushed through my veins, screaming out in agony my father came down the steps with a smug look on his face.

    “What did you do!” I barked out through clenched teeth.

    “Well son, now I didn’t do a thing, but I won't say the same for our Calista. It seems she has bonded with someone else.” he gloated.

    “What the hell are you talking about.”

    “Oh just the little fact that she now thinks every memory the two of you shared, she shared with Amir. If I was you son I would leave it alone. This way her and your baby stay safe, I wouldn’t say the same if you were to interfere however.” he said with a twisted smile. The fire that was in my veins was now like ice. What am I going to do? She’s mine, she’s supposed to be mine, but if I have her then she’s gone…  


    Calista P.O.V

“I swear I didn’t cheat on you!” I screamed threw tears.

“Then explain that mark!” He yelled while pointing at my neck. “And how it was covered up with magic.”

“I cant, I don’t know how it got their but I promise you I didn’t cheat!” I cry placing a hand on my plump belly.  Sighing he ran his hands threw his hair before placing a hand on my shoulder. Flinching away from his touch I could see a look of pain flash threw his eyes.

    “Don’t, touch me.” I snarled.

    “I’m sorry, but my reaction is completely reasonable, you bear the mark of another man, how was I supposed to react!”

    “You were supposed to trust me, not scream at me until I cried!” I said storming away.

    “Calista come back!” He yelled running after me, ignoring him I walked even faster. “You come back right now or else..”

    “Oh or else what?! Huh!” I screamed turning around. Walking towards him until I was right up in his face. “Or else what Amir! Huh is this how you treat the woman you married! The woman who is carrying your child!” I screamed poking him in the chest.

    “I am your husband and you will listen to me!” He screamed back.

    “Listen here buddy, I was not raised the way you were, I do not belong to any man! Do you hear me! Thank god I see the real you know before I stuck around!” I screamed setting fire to a few trees I flew away listening to the protests of my husband while he stood on the ground trapped in a cage of fire.



    Flying for what seemed hours I stopped at a giant gothic looking castle. Not knowing how I even got their I flew onto the ground stumbling as I walked to the door.

    “What are you doing here miss?”  A man with jet black hair and blue eyes yelled from behind me before I could even reach the door.

    “I’m sorry to intrude but I seem to be lost. I’m Calista.”  

    “I’m Thayer, come on dear lets get you inside. Would you like some tea?”

    “Yes please, thank you.” I said with a smile. Wow he is being really nice to someone he doesn’t know.

    Calista where are you? I flinched hearing Amirs voice in my head.

    No where you can find me. Leave me the hell alone. I screamed at him and then put up a mental wall.

    Calista? a strange but familiar voice asked in my head.

    who are you and how did you get in my head?

    Thank god you're okay I have been so worried, wait you don’t know who I am? Calista I’m your- the voice said before it was suddenly cut off. Oh well I thought.

    Quietly sitting in the dark house I took sips of the tea.  

    “would you like some cake?” Thayer asked. Nodding my head I said thank you and ate the sweet lemon cake. After a few moments my head started to feel lighter and lighter before everything went black, falling out of the chair I could feel someone catch me and carry me someplace. What was going on? I thought before I was claimed by the darkness.

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