Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


34. chapter 32

Chapter Thirty two

    Thayer P.O.V

    It was all going as planned, the little which drooped off the chocolates this morning To Calista and made sure that Amir was near her when she did, hopefully she would share them with him like we have planned but if not we will find other ways to get them together. Once we do, she won't know who Alexander is, everything she has done with him she will think she did them with Amir, and as for her vampire friends those faces will be replaced with that of some Fae royals that we want her to be friends with. Anyone who questions their relationship will be put under a spell or killed so no one will ruin our plan. As far as they know, Calista and Amir are husband and wife. Laughing I walked down the hall to greet my son, thinking how well this was all turning out. Yes yes it is all going as planned. A smirk formed on my face, even the plan for the babies has been put into effect, after all the which did spell him to give Calista the tea..  


Calista P.O.V

    Walking through the halls Amir and I walked to the dining room for lunch.  

    “Hello Calista, Amir, how are you this afternoon?” My father questioned with a smile.

    “We are very good, as are our little babies.” Amir answered placing a hand on my slightly round belly.

    “I’m so glad to hear that. I also have some good news. We have built you a new room to stay in, this one has accommodations for Amir your children and yourself.” He said with a smile.

    “Sounds great.” I smiled taking the seat next to Amir. Gabriel came down shortly after and sat across from Amir at the table.

    “Have you two picked out baby names?” Gabriel asked.

    “Not yet, we want to wait till they get bigger.” I answered.

    “Oh Calista, Maryann and Elizabeth have asked to have your presence for the day, I said that would be alright as you haven’t seen your best friends much since you were married.” He said giving Amir a look.  

    “Well sir you cannot blame a man for wanting to spend some time with his wife especially one as lovely as mine.” He said affectionately nuzzling my neck.  Giggling I gently pushed him aside swatting at his arm playfully.

    “No I most certainly cannot.” My father said smiling watching the banter between my husband and I. I can assume he is happy, this was an arranged marriage after all, we just happened to fall in love along the way. Looking over at my brother I noticed that his eyes were glassy and his skin more pale.

    “Gabriel are you alright?” I questioned.

    “Yes of course sister, why wouldn’t I be?”

    “You just seem not like yourself is all, are you sick?”

    “I regret I may be a little under the weather, i'm afraid I will have to retire to my room for the day. I shall see you all later.” He said leaving the room in a hurry. Well that was odd I thought.

    “Maybe we should send the doctor to take a look at him?” I asked.

    “No no I’m sure he’s fine don’t worry about him.” my father said all too quickly.

    “Oh, okay.” I looked down at my food.

    “But I’m sure if Calista is worried about it we can get the Doctor too look at Gabriel, right sir?” Amir asked while taking my hand into his own using his other hand to draw circles with his fingers.  

    “Oh coarse, ill send the doctor on it right away.” He looked at us with a pained smile before walking out of the room leaving Amir and I alone.  

    “Well my dear I guess you better get to your friends. Ill see your for dinner.” He said kissing my cheek and leaving me alone with the two girls who stood in the doorway.

    “Calla” Elizabeth screamed running to hug me, calling me the nickname that Her and Maryann had painstakingly made me agree on.

    “Hey Lizzy! Hey Annie!” I smiled and went to greet them with a hug. Annie immediately placed her hands on my tummy with a smile.

    “So twins huh? How is this world going to handle two of you and Amir mixed together! I mean these babies are going to be the most beautiful babies in the world!” Annie chimed in enthusiastically.

    “Oh Annie, Calla barley has a bump! You can go all baby obsessed on us when she has a huge belly.” Lizzy said with a laugh.

    “Or how about we all go swimming?” I offered. Both girls looked at me with giant smiles.

    “Perfect!” they both screamed running up to my old room to get changed. Amir and my new room would be ready later this week I thought with a smile. Both girls were changed in record time. Lizzy had a red bikini on that made her blue wings and her black hair stand out. Lizzy had long black hair that came down to her lower back along with a pair of aquamarine eyes she was stunning. Annie had on a white bikini which made her look all the more angelic with her white blond hair, her grey eyes and see thru wings we were all polar opposites of one another, and I on the other hand were a mix of the two. With my silver bikini on it made my green eyes and the sliver in my wings stand out. My long brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail. Both girls smiled approvingly at me and rushed us all out to the pond.

    Once outside the humid air hit my skin leaving a sticky residue on it. The sun was hidden behind the clouds. In the fae castle the weather was always warm, it was never winter. Our wings do not fare well in cold weather. But always warm weather didn’t mean that it didn’t sometimes rain or get muggy out. But I happened to like it when it rained the best.  

    “Calla!” They yelled bringing me out of my thoughts. “Come on in!” They screamed splashing me. Flying over above them I hesitantly placed a toe in the water. Evil grins crossed their faces before I could fly out of their reach they grabbed hold of my leg pulling me into the warm water. Staying under the water I swam below them hoping to worry them enough to dive in after me, and that is when I will strike my plan. A few moments later just as I suspected a blond head of hair bobbed down under the water. Closing my eyes and staying still she swam in after me, I waited, just one moment longer. As soon as she touched me I grabbed her arm. Fear crossed her face as she let out a shriek under the water. Swimming up to the top I started to laugh so hard I couldn’t breath. A few moments later a mad blond head bobbed up with her arms crossed.

    “So not funny.” Annie complained.

    “Well it kind of was funny..” Lizzy added. Annie looked over at Lizzy raising an eyebrow, a few moments later a giant wave ran over Lizzy. Laughing even harder I was gasping for air.

    “OH DO YOU WANT A WAVE?!” Annie threatened.

    “Now-you-can't-do-that-to-a-pregnant lady.” I breathed out between fits of laughter. Huffing Annie pouted as Lizzy surfaced the water.

    “Is anyone in for some desert?” Lizzy offered with a shrug of her shoulders. As if on cue my stomach growled, both girls started laughing.

    “I'll take that as a yes.” Lizzy smiled flying back to shore.


    Dressed in a floor length white gown, we all walked into our favorite restaurant. They only served desserts, they had every kind of desert known to man, and even some not known. Lizzy sat down first holding her red gown in her hands so she didn’t fall, like last time.

    “Hey Lizzy wait up!” Annie cried.

    “Yeah come on! don’t ditch us!”

    “I want my cake!” she yelled sticking her tongue out at us she fell to the ground tripping over her dress. Annie and I fell to the floor in laughter leaving a steaming mad Lizzy on the floor with a ripped dress and a frown on her face.

    Laughing at the memory we all took our seats and ordered our usual. Lizzy ordered her strawberry ice cream with kiwi sauce on angel food cake. Annie got the chocolate cake with mint drizzle, but I got three deserts because after all I am feeding three, well that’s the excuse I used anyway. I ordered coffee cheesecake, white chocolate mousse and some ice cream. I also added a white chocolate raspberry cheesecake to bring home to my husband and a chocolate soufflé for my brother hoping it will cheer him up. We all ate and talked about making plans for the weekend. I had spent too much time away from my girls I missed them. By nightfall they reluctantly dropped me back off at home, having missed dinner with my father the girls and I had eaten out instead. Walking back to my room I was surprised to see Amir laying in my bed reading a book.

    “Hey sweetie what are you doing here?” I asked taking off my shoes.

    “I thought I would spend the night with you because you spent all day away from me.” He complained resting his book on his chest.

    “Oh don’t pout, I brought home your favorite.” I said showing him the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake. Not moving an inch he went back to his reading. Fine then be that way I thought. Walking to my bathroom I had laid out my nightgown for the night earlier this morning. Changing into the soft blue fabric I braided my hair walking out of the bathroom.

    “So much for not wanting the cheesecake huh babe?” I mocked leaning against the doorframe. Amir stopped mid bite looking like a deer caught in headlights.

    “Well uh, you see-” He stammered on. Laughing I walked over to the bed getting under the covers. After a few minutes he laid next to me wrapping his arms around my waist.

    “You know what I was thinking about today?” He asked rubbing small soothing circles on my belly.

    “What?” I murmured half asleep.

    “Baby names.” He said with a smile that I could hear in his voice. Turning around so I was facing him I saw his blond hair all a mess from laying in bed, he was wearing black pajama shorts and the necklace I gave him on our wedding day. It was his family symbol connected with mine and in the middle was the Fae word “aligha” meaning love.

    “Oh really now?” I asked snuggling into his chest.

    “I thought of the perfect boy name.” he said proudly.

    “What is it?”


    “That is the perfect boy name.” I said just before I fell asleep in his arms.  

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