Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


33. chapter 31

Chapter thirty one

    Calista P.O.V

Rooming around the yard in my nightgown I looked at the night sky.

    “I love you Alex, I’m doing just as I promised.” I said tears falling down my face. Placing my hand on my stomach I looked down at the blue nightgown that covered my round belly. “your daddy loves you very much.” I told them. “He can't wait to meet you, I’m going to wait to name you though I want him to name you guys.” I smiled. Walking around the yard I made more flowers grow in random places. It was around two in the morning and the moon was starting to set. My bare feet touched the soft green grass as I walked, my shadow following me through the yard.  

    “Princess what are you doing outside so early?” Amir asked walking out in sweatpants and no shirt. His ice blue wings glowed in the moonlight.

    “Talking. "I answered holding the necklace Alex had given me.

    “To whom?” He inquired.

    “My babies.”

    “What are you telling them?” He asked placing a jacket over my shoulders.

    “That their daddy would be here if he could and that he loves them.”

    “Calista, what would you do if Alexander never came for you? What if he died?” Jarred back by the questioned tears glistened my eyes.

    “I-I don’t know. I guess I would stay here, raise the babies on my own.”

    “Would you ever remarry?”

    “I don’t think I would. Alexander is the love of my life. How could I love anyone as much as I love him?” I asked. Nodding his head he walked over to a bench and sat down. Looking down at the ground I continued to make flowers grow in my wake.

    “Calista if you make any more flowers there will be no grass left.” Amir chuckled.

    “But I like making flowers.” I pouted.

    “Come here.” He ordered.


    “Just come here.” Sighing I walked over to him.

    “Yes?” Grabbing me by my waist he pulled me into his lap, letting out a small squeal I glared daggers at him.

    “What are you doing!” I whispered harshly.

    “Holding you.” He said with an innocent smile.

    “Why are you holding me.”

    “Because I can.”

    “ Amir I’m married.”

    “I know, but can't I just hold you? I wont try anything I promise.” Sighing I nodded my head. Bringing me close to him I laid my head against his chest.

    “Why do you like holding me so much?”

    “Because I like having you close.” He admitted.

    “But why?” I questioned.  

    “I have my reasons, that maybe one day I will tell you.” Nodding my head knowing I wasn’t getting anywhere with my questions I fell asleep thinking about Alex and names for our babies.


    Waking up I realized I was in my bedroom, remembering last nights events I stretched and was about to get out of bed when I heard a gentle knock on the door. In walked Gabriel with a tray of food.

    “Good morning sister, we all thought today might be a good day to eat in bed.” he said with a smile.

    “Well I won't object to that.” I said with a laugh.

    “How did you sleep?” He asks while sitting in the chair at my desk.

    “Good how did you sleep.” I lied.

    “Good.” He answered “Now aren’t you going to eat your food?”   

    “Yes I will.” I said eating a piece of fruit.  

    “Don’t forget to drink your tea, it has all sorts of good things in it for the baby.” He said while walking out the door.

    “Okay, thank you!” I called after him. Taking a sip of the tea it tasted strange at first but after a few sips it tasted like rose water. After I finished eating I took a quick shower, putting on a long tan skirt and a backless pink top I threw my hair in a braid and walked downstairs. Waiting downstairs was a girl in her late twenties with long black hair and piercing blue eyes.

    “Um hello.” I said with a smile.

    “Are you Calista?” she asked.

    “Yes, why?” I questioned ready to run at any moment.

    “I’m a friend of the families, I just came by to say hi.” She said with a smile, walking over to me she hugged me whispering some words in a language I did not know.

    “Um what did you say?”

    “Oh just how beautiful you are, I was speaking the Fae native language.”

    “Oh I see. Well thank you.”

    “You are quite welcome dear, I’ve brought you some homemade chocolate.” She says handing me a small green box.

    “Oh thank you that was very sweet, would you like me to go find my father for you?”

    “Oh no no that’s alright I just wanted to stop by, i'd best be going now. it was nice to meet you.” She said quickly leaving, she didn’t even properly introduce herself. Oh well. Walking through the hall I saw Amir and walked over to him.

    “Good morning princess.” He greeted with a smile.

    “Good morning, would you like some chocolate?” I offered him a piece once I opened the box.

    “Sure, where did you get these?” He asked once he took a bite of the chocolate.

    “Some family friend stopped by and gave me these.” I said taking a bite of the chocolate. Once I did my head started to spin, Amir and I fell to the floor with a thud. All the memories of Alexander and I, of his family and my new friends rushed through my mind, and suddenly was gone in one clean slate. I watched as the memories were being replaced with ones that I didn’t remember, ones of Amir and his family. What was happening? I questioned. As soon as that question was asked I couldn’t remember a thing that just happened. I was being helped to my feet by strong gentle hands.

    “Are you alright sweetie?” Amir questioned placing his hand on my stomach. “Are our babies alright?”

    “Yeah I think were all just fine.” I said with a smile.

    “Good.” He said leaning down to kiss me. Intertwining his hand with mine we walked down to greet my father.

    “So what are the plans for the day?” I asked.

    “ Well I plan on spending the day with my wife” He teased. “But if you have other plans..” He slowly started to let go of my hand.

    “Oh come here you big oaf, of course I plan on spending the day with my husband, endless I have some secret boyfriend you don’t know about.” I teased, laughing he grabbed me by my waist pulling me in for a kiss.  

    “I love you.” Amir said gently moving a strand of hair from my face.

    “I love you too.” I smiled even though something felt off, I felt like I was forgetting something. Was I?


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