Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


27. chapter 25

Chapter Twenty five

        Calista P.O.V

    Lilly looked me in the eyes after a few moments grabbing me by the arms her face turned stone cold.

    “You cannot tell anyone Calista are we clear? No one can know.”

    “Why not?!” My voice rose with a slight quiver. Lilly turned away from me tears streaming down her face.

    “Damn it Calista do you want to die! Do you want Alex to die? Do you want your baby to die!?” She was now yelling and pacing threw the small white bathroom.

    “Lilly I don’t know what your talking about will you please tell me?” Shaking her head no she dragged me out of the room.

    “No I cant, he has to tell you. I cant.”

    The drive home was quiet, you could practically smell the fear radiating from the car. As we drove up to my house Lilly gently but forcefully pushed me into the house. Alex was sitting in the living room.

    “Tell her, tell her right now!” Lilly stated with a hand on her hip. Alex stood up from the chair with a confused look on his face.

    “What do you mean?” He questions.  

    `“The law, tell her about it now she needs to know.”

    “And Since was it your choice to tell her.” Alex said through clenched teeth.

    “Alex I didn’t tell her, but you have to and if you don’t I will.” She said walking out the door slamming it shut her blonde hair trailing behind her in a force of wind.  

    “Calista..” Alex started.

    “No you tell me what’s going on right now Damn it! You promised me no more secrets!” I yelled. Sighing Alex stalked towards me taking a step back I put my hands up. “Now.” I said with such force he flinched.

    “Vampire law says that once a shadow marked is pregnant she will only be allowed to live her life until the baby is born and then she must be killed. B-but I don’t want you to worry.” He stammered out moving close to me.   “ We filed for a law change and the council is looking it over now, and you're not pregnant so I don’t want you to worry about it okay?” Looking at him the room seemed to be moving slowly at first but then it gradually got faster and then I fell. Before I hit the ground Alex caught me.

    “Baby what’s wrong?” Alex said worry laced in his every word.

    “Alex I-i'm pregnant.” I said then I started to cry. Alex sat there frozen holding me close to him. His eyes were as big as saucers staring into space.

    “Y-you're pregnant.” He stated numbly.

    “Yes, I am.”


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