Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


19. Chapter 17

    Chapter seventeen

        Calista P.O.V

    Staring at the mirror in the bathroom I traced down the silver line that had taken residence on my back. Slowly the silver lines were poking out of my skin, hesitantly touching it, I felt the wings twitch beneath my skin. Squirming at the feeling I shivered only turning around to the sound of laughter.  

    “Oh you think this is funny?” I question looking straight into a pair of mystic blue eyes.

    “Well of course.” Alex said a smile playing at his lips, his black hair a mess from sleep

    “They feel weird.” I exclaimed.

    “Once they are not in your back anymore you won't be saying that.” Agreeing I left so that he could get ready for the day. Laying down on the bed I closed my eyes for just a second waiting for Alex to come out.

    I awoke to a slight tickle on my nose, fluttering my eyes open I saw Alex with a feather in hand, a devilish smile across his face.

    “Time to get going sweetie.” Taking my hand he lead me out the door. Alex was taking me out for the day, just a normal date day. Driving in the convertible my brown hair was caught in the wind and no doubt tangling it but I didn’t care. We drove down the winding paths around the mountaintop, gazing at the views it appeared we were in the middle of no where.

    “So where are we going?” I asked with a slight innocence Iaced in  my voice.

    “Well..” He dragged out the word dramatically causing me to laugh. “I thought I would take you for appetizers at one place, then lunch at another, and then dessert at another and then go for a hike.”

    “Sounds great.” I admitted. Intertwining our hands together as he drove I looked out the window taking in the different looks and smells.  


    After what seemed forever we arrived at a little place called Jerry’s Kitchen. It was a cute little dinner, we walked in and were immediately  greeted and seated by a frail elderly women who couldn't be more happy at our arrival. Alex ordered for us and within moments three plates of food were placed on the table. The first plate looked like mozzarella on a pita bread with some sort of sauce, the others I could not even tell what they were.

    “So why don’t you tell me what we're eating.”

    “Well the first dish is an upside-down pizza, with the toppings inside the cheese and the sauce on top. The second one is, well honestly I don’t know what the second two are I told them to surprise me.” He admitted with a wicked grin.

    “Well mr you will be trying everything first. So I know I’m not eating cat or something.” Shivering at the thought he just laughed and nodded his head saying they would never feed us cat.

    “How about we try them at the same time?”  

    “Hmmm okay.” I said and picked up a forkful of the second dish.

    “Uh huh you just wait there missy. How do I know you won't just pretend to eat it?”  

    “Well I don’t know.” I said laughing because he had known exactly what I was going to do.

    “How about you feed me and I will feed you?” He stated, after contemplating the idea for a moment I agreed.

    “Okay on three.” He counted to three and we shoved the food into each others mouths trying to contain our laughter as we did so. After a moment we both swallowed the food now knowing it doesn’t taste as bad as it looked.  After eating the appetizers we paid and headed off to our next destination.   

    Our next destination was a fancy restaurant called Paislies. The whole place was lined in velvet red fabric, soft candles illuminated the  room. The small mahogany tables were covered with glass designs and each place setting was accompanied by a single red rose. Alex had pre ordered our favorites as well as one surprise dish before we arrived. Once again we were seated and each poured a glass of red wine as our meals arrived. We fed each other our meals and stole kisses between  bites. Everything was absolutely perfect. Within a few hours we retreated to our final destination

    Alex had ordered three desserts for us to take and eat at the mountain. A chocolate cake, baked Alaska, and three slices of coffee cheesecake. With a bottle of wine and two coffees to go he placed everything into a basket.  We drove through the back roads for a while before arriving at a small clearing.  Holding my hand once we got out of the car he carried the basket and we began to walk up the mountain. After a few moments we found a rock near the waterfall, after settling in and draping a blanket over the rock we laid out the food.  

        “Ugh no more food you're going to have to roll me home!” I exclaimed throwing myself down on the rock. Laughing he held the last bite of cheesecake to my lips.

    “Are you sure not one more bite?” He smiled.

    “Yup.” I laughed covering my mouth. He slowly began to  bring the fork to his mouth.

    “Last chance.” He teased, getting up I sat in his lap placing a kiss to his lips causing him to drop the fork in on the ground. Laying me back down on the rocks he intertwined his hands into my hair as we kissed.  Chucking he held my hands captive in his. “Much better than cheesecake.” He smiled.  

    “Hmm I'm not so sure.” I laughed. “Cheesecake is amazing.”

    “And my kisses are not?” He wondered. “Maybe I'll just have to kiss you again.”He smiled.

    “Maybe.” I agreed as he started to close the distance between our lips.  Sneaking away I bolted behind a tree giggling. “You have to earn your next kiss.” I said in a sultry voice.  

    “And how will I be doing that?” He smiled amusement in his eyes.

    “Close your eyes, count to ten and then come and find me. No peeking I warned. Laughing he closed his eyes and began to count. Removing one shoe I left a trail of my clothes from the tree to my hiding spot behind the falls. Once I was just in my undergarments I dove into the water and hid behind the falls.  

    “Calista.” I heard him call. “You better not be fully unclothed wherever you are, no one can see that much of you but me.” He growled possessiveness laced in his voice.

Within a few moments Alex came into view carrying all my clothes, thank goodness I wore layers today I giggled.  Removing his clothes until he was just in his boxers he then dove in the water after me. Screaming when  a pair of strong hands pulled me under the falls.

    “Caught you.” He stated with an lopsided smile.

    “Yes, yes you have.” I laughed.

    “You know, if I remember correctly you once told me I would never see this much of you.” He reminisced his gaze traveling down my body causing me to blush crimson.   

    “Well, if I remember correctly you also told me that you would one day, looks like you were correct.” Crashing his lips into mine  I wrapped my legs around his waist. His large hands traveled down the length of my body causing me to giggle.  Lightly splashing him I swam away and back into the safe haven of the falls. Taking a seat in the small cavern he pulled my body flush against his, watching the waterfall in each others embrace. Relaxing against him as he whispered sweet nothings into my ear.


    Staring at our reflection at the water I realized I could not longer feel my back anymore. Pins and needles replaced the feeling on the rest of my body. My face fell and turned pale white. Alex seeing my distress tried asking me what was wrong, but I could not speak. Panic flowed freely through my body. What was happening? Allowing him in my mind he searched through my thoughts and the look of panic on his face instantly faded.

    “Alex what’s going on?” I cried.

    “Your wings are coming in my dear, your body numbs itself so that you feel no pain when they come in.”

    Sighing in relief I continued to look at my reflection in the water. Slowly I could see my wings coming out, the tips were an emerald green, the inside was an sky blue lined in silver. They were translucent except for the pigment of color that stained them. Reaching out to gently touch them I was surprised at how light they felt.

“Wow.” I exclaimed my voice cracking at having not spoken for a while.

    “Their beautiful.” Alex said mesmerized by the new addition to my back.

    “Can I fly?” I asked excitedly. I wouldn’t go to high as I was afraid of heights but, I mean, it would be pretty neat to fly. Chuckling he nodded his head yes.

    “Come on, it's getting light do you want to head home?” Nodding my head no I continued to lay on my stomach. Laughing he started to rub circles on my back I closed my eyes as he hummed a soft tune that I did not recognize.  

    “Alex?” I questioned sleepily.   

    “Yes love?”

    “How do vampire weddings work?”  

    “ They are very much like a human wedding, we say vows, exchange rings, but a few things are different.” He said his face Turning a crimson red. Oh god if he was embarrassed I would be too.

    “Oh just spit it out.”

    “I have to mark you and you have to mark me.”  


    “I have to bite your neck and drink some of your blood, and you have to do the same with me. This is called a blood letting, it will permanently leave our scents tangled with one another so every other male will know you're taken, it will also leave a mark somewhere on the body. The mark is a tattoo of sorts that forms after blood is shared. The marks will be mirror images of each others except yours will contain attributes more feminine than mine.

    “Wait so, let me get this straight. I have to bite you hard enough to draw blood, in front of your parents?” I questioned embarrassed at the thought.

    “Oh god no! That part is done in private.”

    “Oh thank god.” I exclaimed with a slight laugh. “Is there anything else I should know?”

    “Yes, during the wedding, we will say a verse together that will bind our souls as one. I will be able to find you anywhere, feel what you feel, see what you see, and tap into any of your memories and you will be able to do the same with me. But if at any time you want to block me, or I you, all we have to do is imagine a wall.”

    “Oh good.” I said with a yawn.

`    “Are you ready to go home now love?” He asked in a teasing tone. Nodding my head we swam back to the edge. Yawing he dressed me in his shirt and carried me to the car. Leaning my head against his chest taking in his alluring scent.

    “I can walk you know.” I giggled.

    “Yes I know, but I do enjoy having you close to me.”

    “Oh okay.” I said threw another yawn. Before we even got back to the car I was asleep in his arms listening to him hum a soft lullaby.


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