Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


14. chapter 12


Chapter twelve. Calista P.O.V

    Waking up to a light tapping sound on the door Alex quietly got up to let the maid in.

    “Good morning prince, princess.” She formally addressed us. Getting up and rubbing my sleep deprived eyes I smiled lightly. She was a girl around her twenties. Her long blonde hair fell in ringlets to her waist. Her caramel colored eyes shone with happiness.

    “I will leave you to get ready love.” Alex said before walking into the living room that was attached to the room.

    “Good morning-um.” I said awkwardly knowing I didn’t know her name.

    “Aurora your highness.” She said with a curtsy.  

    “Its very nice to meet you, and please don’t do that whole bow and your highness thing it feels weird.” Nodding she took my request and went into my closet. Coming out with a green floor length gown with no back she laid it on the bed.

    “Very well, now I am here to get you ready for breakfast with your father. Is this gown suitable?”

    “Uh yes thank you.” I said waiting for her to leave. She just stood there and looked at me with a facial expression that was saying she was trying not to laugh.

    “This is your first day as a royal isn’t it?”

    Laughing I looked to the ground. “Yes, how can you tell?”

    “You're not used to having a maid, or you would know you could never lace this gown up by yourself.” Chuckling she backed away from the bed. “Now lets get you dressed.” Awkwardly I took off my nightgown feeling weird having this stranger seeing me half naked. Stepping into the dress I noticed the dress felt like it was made from leaves and it smelled like the forest. The dress was a deep green and fell to the floor. It was laced from the bottom of my hips to a few inches above that.

    “Um may I ask, what are these clothes made of?”

    “Plants of course, anything but natural fibers are harsh on our wings. Only royals are allowed to show their wings, but if something unnatural touched the wings they would become very irritated.” She said while lacing up the dress.

    “Why can only royals show their wings”

    “Because that’s how rank is shown, royals always have their wings showing endless there dealing with human affairs, royals always have clothing that shows there back, while everyone below them must cover up their wings and there backs. it’s a sign of respect, to cover our wings shows that we respect our leaders.” Nodding I was slightly confused by all this newfound information, but I guess I have to know it, its my kingdom after all. Sitting down on a chair Aurora braided some flowers into my hair bringing out the color of my eyes. Stepping out of the room for a moment she came back with a small tiara in hand.

    “Your father had it made for you when you were born, he thought it would be appropriate if you started to wear it.” A smile formed at the tips of my lips, the tiara was beautiful, and it shows that even though he did leave me when I was a child that he actually did care. Looking more closely at the design, it was all silver, delicate flowers and vines were made from the silver every centimeter or so was a gem. The gems were mostly green and blue but the one in the center flower was purple. Nodding I allowed her to place it on my head. Looking in the mirror I saw she braided my hair in such a way that it only added to the beauty of the tiara. The reds and gold’s in my hair only stood out more with the new addition to my outfit. My hair fell in soft waves down to my waist, I had to admit I looked like a princess.

    “I do say that you are now ready to go to breakfast, you look perfect.” Smiling I said my thanks as I went to go find Alex. Sitting in the living room he was dressed in a brown suit that made his blue eyes stand out. Smiling he offered me his arm, taking it with a blush he looked at me with a smile and a hint of lust in his eyes.

    “If I dare to say the look of a princess really suits you, you look absolutely stunning.”

    “Why thank you.” I smiled as we walked out the door to meet my father in the dining hall.

    Walking down the marble stairs I received respectful nods from everyone we passed each person whispering something to someone when we were out of sight. Paintings lined the walls, some of people others of breathtaking landscapes. Finally reaching the dining hall my father stood up in respect as we entered. The room was huge, the entire room was covered in windows from top to bottom. Standing next to my father was a man, around the age of 21 with ash blond hair and bottomless black eyes. He was tall and tan, his rose colored lips curled into a smile when he saw me. His wings were an ice blue color that stood out against his black clothing. He was indeed a royal if his wings were showing.  

    “Calista I would like you to meet Amir, he is a duke, I thought it would be lovely if you two would become acquainted.” As we reached the table he took my hand placing a kiss on it bowing at the waist.

    “It is lovely to meet you princess, if I may say you look exquisite this beautiful morning.”

    Nodding I sat across from Alex, who was seated next to Amir my father was at the head of the table. Alex was shooting daggers with his eyes at Amir  as breakfast was brought in by waiters.   

    “I trust that you slept well?” My father inquired.  

    “Yes very well thank you, and yourself?”

    “Well thank you.” The rest of breakfast was filled with polite conversation, as we all finished my father brought to our attention that he had something he would like to share.

    “I would like to throw a ball tomorrow night to welcome Calista to our world. You will need to be fitted for a gown today as well as Alexander for a tux, but after that the rest of your day is yours to spend as you wish. Dinner is at six tonight I expect to see you  there, I trust Amir will accompany you for the day if you do not mind.”

    “No not at all he is most welcome to spend the day with us.” I replied as Alex held his breath in anger.  

    “Wonderful, I shall see you all at six sharp, have a splendid day.” He said while leaving.  Looking to Amir and Alex who both wore a look of pure hatred on there faces I knew today was going to be a long day.  


    A few hours later we were walking the grounds when a maid came up to Alex saying my father requested his presence.

    “What do you mean my father wants to speak with him, speak with him about what?”

    “ I am sorry miss but he did not say, only that Alexander’s presence was needed immediately.”  

    “ Well then I will just come with you then.” Shaking her head softly the curls on her hair bounced around her pale face.

    “ I am sorry but he said only the prince, I will return him as soon as I can, have a good day.” She stated dragging Alex off leaving me with Amir.

    “That was rather unfortunate I was looking forward to getting to know him, I guess it will have to wait for a later time.” He said with disappointment in his eyes.

    “Yeah I needed a second opinion on the fabric for my dress” I said sadly, I was also looking forward to spending the day with him. But we have the rest of our lives for that I suppose.

    “I would be glad to accompany you if you need a second opinion.” He said with a gleam in his black eyes.  

    “Alright, I suppose that’s okay, do you know where I need to go for that?”

    “Yes I know where to go, follow me my lady.” Smiling he held out his arm, taking it awkwardly we walked to the far buildings.

    As we reached the far building he held the door open for me, if I didn’t know any better I would say he liked me. But I mean, I don’t know if its just some polite Fae thing. Smiling as he held the door open we were greeted by a short round woman with graying hair. Smiling she rushed over to me..

    “Your Father was right when he told me you would be easy to make a dress for, your absolutely sunning. I’m Marley.” She said curtsying, blushing at the compliment I smiled.

    “Thank you Ma’am.”

    “You are quite welcome. Amir a pleasure as always, I assume you are here for a second opinion?” She assumed.

    “You are correct.”

    “Wonderful, its always good to have a mans opinion on these things dear, now lets get you measured up follow me please.” Following her to the back room Amir stayed in the front I assume to give is privacy. Leading me to a stool she had me stand on it while she measured me. Time passed very slowly feeling like it had been months before she brought out what looked like a million different fabrics all with a different aroma. I could get used to these clothes I thought silently, they smell and look great.

    “Oh wow that’s a lot to choose from.” Laughing she brought the cart out to the front.

    “How about you let me and Amir choose the color and you can be surprised.” Nodding feeling overwhelmed I sat in the back room waiting for them to choose.

    For what seemed forever she finally bobbed her head in saying they picked and she was very excited to  make my gown. Leading me back to the front of the room I couldn’t help but feel worried about what my father and Alex were doing.


    Alexander’s P.O.V

    “ I will not let that happen!” I shouted my voice echoing through the room.

    “How do I know that! She is my only daughter I will not let her die.” Calista’s father yelled back.

    “ Oh you mean the daughter you abandoned.” I said harshly. Sighing I looked to the ground. “Look, I am going to get the law changed, I won't let her die I love her, I will always love her and want what’s best for her.”

    “What would be best for her would be for you to leave her and let her be with a Fae, what would be best for her would be for you to disappear and never come back.” He said with a snarl.

    “That would never happen, she is MINE.” I growled my eyes glowing red.

    “That may be, but, if she dies I will insure you will live the rest of your life in hell.” He said storming off into the dining hall. Calista would be here soon and she could not know about that law or about her father and I fighting. She will never have to know.


    Calista walked in with Amir her arm looped threw his innocently, I new she thought nothing of the action but I knew he knew better. I knew that he was pining to be with her and the first chance he got he would attempt to steal her from me. Getting up to kiss her cheek I took her hand and lead her away from him, sitting next to me we enjoyed dinner quietly. We only started to talk once desert came.

    “How was your day love?” I asked.

    “It was good, Amir picked out my dress with Marley I cant wait to see it.” Her voice beamed of happiness and her eyes sparkled; She really enjoyed it here. I only hope she will like my place as much as this one, because once we marry she will be queen of the vampires and princess of the Fae, I wonder what they all will think of that. Plastering on a fake smile I told her that was great but in reality I was fuming with anger, I should have been the one to pick out her dress, and I knew very well that her father most likely planned that affair to make me want to leave Calista. That was never going to happen.     Leaving dinner we said our goodbyes to her father and Amir we walked up the stair to our room. Changing into some night clothes I waited in bed for Calista. Walking out of the bathroom smelling like fresh rain she looked as innocent and beautiful as ever in the white floor length night gown. Snuggling her close to me I kissed her cheek looking out the window.

    “Good night Calista, I love you.” Feeling her blush I smiled, she blushed so easily it was cute. A smile spread across her face as she replied, “Good night Alex, I love you too.” She said pecking my lips and snuggling into my chest. Soon her breathing evened out and I knew she was asleep. Looking at my beautiful soul mate my last thought before I fell asleep was how much I loved her, and how much I wanted to keep her safe. I will do everything to keep her safe, absolutely everything…  

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