Shadow Marked

Calista's fear is greater then she can ever imagine. Once she's thrown into this world she knows there's no going back. People, things, there after her coveting the human shadow marked. In a world where anything is possible Calista learns secrets are just a part of the territory and there are some things she will never get the chance to know.

P.S. I do own and took the photo used to create this cover, and i'm sorry for any spelling or gramatic errors, i'm not the best at it, but by the time i finish this book i will make sure all errors are fixed. Thank you

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


13. Chapter 11


Chapter eleven

.  Calista P.O.V

    What the hell was going on I thought frantically. I mean..I can't be true. But the fact I was now floating in the air now just proved his point. Clutching the lamp I closed my eyes gulping. I was deathly afraid of heights and I don’t think an unconscious floating girl was such a good idea. Feeling two hands grab my waist and bring me flush against them I now clutched onto Alex.

    “ALEX WHY AM I FLOATING!” I yelled even though he was right there. I was so scared right now. My heart was racing as fast as a plane up in the air. Flinching at my loud tone, I could already tell the look he was giving me without even looking at him.

    “I told you so. Your Fae and apparently you float when you're scared.” Chuckling lightly he picked me up bridal style and walked to the love seat. Knowing I was not going to float away I opened my eyes.

    “Yeah but I mean, how do I not float?” I ask stupidly.

    “I don’t know its your power sweetie not mine.” Frowning slightly I rested my head against his chest.

    “Its all true isn’t it? What you are, about my father..about us?” Nodding he kissed my forehead.

    “Yes its all true.” Thinking for a moment he looked me in the eyes. “I think I might know what might make you feel better, would you like to go see your kingdom?” My eyes now sparkling with excitement I nodded eagerly. Getting up and carrying me to my room he plopped me on my bed.

    “Now get dressed in a dress, wouldn’t want a princess to be seen in sweats now would we?” he stated with a wink and left me to get dressed. Walking into my closet I dressed in a blue knee length satin dress, throwing on some tights, boots and a jacket I walked downstairs. Skipping down the old wooden steps I walked up to Alex.

    “Ready?” I asked excitedly.

    “Yes, now hold on tight.” Before I could even ask why I needed to hold on tight he picked me up and started running at an inhuman pace. Holding onto him and hiding my face in his chest I shivered at the cold night air. With only minutes passing he stopped at a giant gate, pressing the buzzer the giant bronze gates opened. Taking his hand nervously I looked at the giant castle before me. How could I had not noticed this here before? It was a grey stone castle with stain glass windows everywhere, the landscape was all carefully organized with flowers and trees all filling the air with an unique aroma. It all felt strangely similar. Walking up the marble stairs hand in hand with Alex I received a few off stares from some people. Walking inside a man lead us to what looked like a living room. Chairs hung from the ceiling so they were not touching the floor, everything was colored in earth tones with plants lining every wall. Alex had turned around before I had even had the chance to notice someone was staring at me in the most peculiar manner.  

    “King I have brought your daughter to visit you, today she has found out everything I have been keeping from her about what she is. I thought it would be wise to bring her to you.” Nodding my father looked to me with pain in his eyes. Refusing to look him in the eyes knowing he would see tears in them, I looked to the far corner of the room.

    “Calista.” He said gravely. Nodding I now looked to his eyes my hands trembling. Rushing over to him he enveloped me in a hug. “I am so sorry my girl, I never meant to hurt you, I never meant for-” Pulling away I brushed my hand across my face.

    “For me to find out who you are, what I am, what I’m supposed to do.” I stated coldly.

    “Yes, and if I had ever known you would be soul mates with this beast I would have set you up with a proper Fae royal.”

    “He is not a beast, he has been nothing but nice to me, aside from a few misunderstandings. I’m meant to be with him, and no one and nothing will change that.” I said with such authority I even shocked myself. Looking to Alex he had a smug look on his face while my father had a look of betrayal.

    “Well I am sorry to hear you say that, as you will someday realize what a beast he really is. None the less I have much to show you my daughter, much that I have wanted to share with you for a while now.”

    “Like what?” I asked curiously.

    “First off I think you might want to meet your brother, Gabriel. He is only your half brother, older than you by a year or so. He is indeed very glad to meet his only sister.” Nodding I sat with Alex in one of the chairs. “I will fetch him and be right back.”  

    “Alex, why doesn’t my father like vampires?”

    “That is a very long story love, and I promise I shall tell you another time.” Nodding disappointedly he kissed my cheek. A boy around my age walked in, wearing a formal suit his hair was the color of spun gold but our eyes were the same.  

    “Calista.” He stated looking towards me without a speck of emotion. “May I introduce myself formally, I am Gabriel prince of Fae and your brother.” He said with ease walking to me gracefully he bowed gently at the waist. “I am pleased to make your acquaintance, sadly I must go attend to some business here in the place I am sure we will meet again dear sister I look forward to getting to know you.” Walking away without so much as a goodbye, his words were so formal it was almost like they were rehearsed.  

    “Well, that was-” I paused looking for the right word, “Um strange.”

    “Yes it was very strange.” Alex agreed, a few moments later my father walked in with a smile plastered on his face that I had no doubt was a fake smile.

    “I would very much like it if Alexander and yourself would spend a few nights with us here at the palace. I would like to get to know my daughter better before she leaves.” He said more to Alex then to me.

    “We would very much like that, thank you for the offer sir.” He said very formally. Funny how no one asked me what I would like to do. Oh well.

    “Splendid I will have someone show you to your room right away. You will find that it is stocked with everything you will need during your stay. Breakfast is at nine am I expect you both to be there dressed in appropriate attire, a maid will be by at eight am to help you into your corset. Sleep well.” With those final parting words he left us standing in the room.

    “Corset!” I whispered harshly. Chuckling he placed his hand on my back and guided me to follow the man that had showed up. He was dressed in brown pants and a green top both in fabric that I have never seen before.

    “Well love,” He whispered in my ear. “ Did you think that royals wear jeans and sweats?”  Shivering at the close proximity he was to my neck I shook it off and replied. “Well yeah kind of- I mean you wear jeans.”

    “Yes but not on castle grounds.”  

    “That makes since.” I admitted as the man stopped at the door.

    “This is your room miss if you are in need of anything don’t hesitate to call.” He offered quietly inclining his head before he left. Wait, where is Alex’s room? I thought quietly to myself.

    “Calista you do know I can hear your thoughts right?” My face flushed at the comment.

    “Um I do now..” I said embarrassed. Laughing he took my hand.

    “We are soul mates, but I promise not to ruin your virtue until we are married, and then I make no promises.” He said with a devilish smirk. Flushing an even brighter shade of red I opened the door to our room, well it looks more like an apartment. The room was painted shades of gold, the bed was a canopy that hung from the ceiling just stopping before it hit the ground. The curtains and the bedspread were shades of a deep green. Plants lined every inch of the room making it smell heavenly. Rushing into the room I quickly saw there was a balcony with a table and chairs on the deck, the bathroom was huge with a waterfall shower and a giant tub. Windows lined one whole wall showing the beautiful land the castle was rested on. There were two closets rushing to the first one I saw it was full of gowns and dresses of all shapes and sizes. All of which had two slices in the back of the gowns, or they had no back at all.

    “Um Alex.” I called and he quickly came into the closet.


    “Am I um supposed to have wings?” I questioned showing him the slits in the dress.

    “Yes you are, my guess is that they will come in when the rest of your powers start to, which would be any day now.” Nodding nervously  I continued to look around the closet.

    “Are you alright?” He asked noticing my sudden change in emotion.

    “Yes.” I lied.

    “Calista, remember I can hear your thoughts. There’s nothing to be afraid of I promise.” He said bringing me in for a hug.

    “Ya know this whole mind reading thing is inconvenient, how do I stop you from doing that?”  

    “All you have to do is imagine a wall in your head and I will no longer be able to hear your thoughts anymore.” He said with a hint of sadness. Thinking of a wall I could feel him trying to get into my head, smirking at the fact he couldn’t I grabbed a night gown and walked to the bathroom to get changed. The fabric of the light pink night gown was so soft it felt like it was made from flowers, in fact it even smelled like flowers too. Strange I thought as the aroma of my nightgown rested all over my body giving me a calming sense of home.

    Walking out of the bathroom I slipped into bed next to Alex. Turning away from him I looked to the window and stared at the star lit night. Snuggling close to me he breathed in my ear, “Good night Calista.” sighing happily I quietly replied, “Good night Alex.” before drifting off into a dreamless sleep.  

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