Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


20. The Way It Was

Emma's P.O.V


The drive was quick, Harry weaved through the slower cars with ease as I gripped onto the sides of my chair. With the windows open wind blew threw like a tornado leaving my hair a mess at every stoplight. He would laugh at me when he looked over to see my hair flying all over the place. I didn't mind the wind, actually I enjoyed it. It seemed to blow away all my problems and separate me from this world leaving only a laughing couple. With one hand he drove insanely back to his flat and with the other he held my hand. It was a sight to see, that sex god was actually enjoying life beyond the walls of the bedroom.
"Finally!" He growled as we came to a stop in his large driveway. He unbuckled his belt and ran over to my side while I fiddled to get free from the chair.
"Here, let me." He chuckled replacing my hand with his larger hand, the contact his hand made with my thigh gave me goosebumps. I could feel my cheeks redden and looked away as he aided me out of his Audi. We walked hand in hand to the door and I could feel the anticipation running wild through my body. As we entered the house I noticed that he had a picture frame on the wall, it was alone on the bleak wall but it was there. My thoughts were interrupted by his warm kiss that began on my neck and worked up to my chin until he finally placed a long kiss on my lips. His arms wrapped about my waist pulling me tightly to him as my arms snaked around his neck.
We stumbled to the bed and I could feel him leaning to lay me down on the bed so I moved with his body. He peeled off every piece of clothing I had on and then did the same himself. He looked like a sculpture made out of rock hard stone, but when you stared into his eyes you were lost into a world that was impossible to escape. Those wonderful green eyes that captured your soul while pinning you to the floor with lust. His pupils were dilated and I would suspect mine were as well but while staring into them I hadn't noticed he was ready. I nodded and closed my eyes ready for the impact.
Our bodies were in sync, his lips never left mine as we moved like a beach wave. The bedsheets were scrambled while the duvet hung at the foot of the bed. My nails dug deeper into his soft warm skin when he buried himself further inside me. Our loud moans echoed through the halls filling the house with our own music. That's when I noticed that we weren't fucking, but he was making love to me. For the first time he was making love to me, giving me that opportunity to return it with just as much caution. 
"You're so beautiful." He whimpered as he grounded his hips into me. Those sweet dripping words sent me off the edge and I could feel my body shattering underneath him. A smile crept onto his lips as my walls began to pulse until I squeezed him tightly and he found his release as well. He laid his body on top of mine engulfing me in an loving embrace. I couldn't ask for anything than to be in that of Harry's strong arms, my own safe haven.
* * * *
The sun was setting and there was just a dim lighted room and us laying quietly on the bed. I lay on his toned chest while he played with a strand of my hair wrapping it around then unwrapping it and repeating. My hand ran up and down his abs tracing the muscles with my forefinger. He was humming a soft tune and I listened joyfully to his beautiful deep hum.
"Hey Harry?" I mumbled tracing over his navel
"Hmmm." He hummed
"That picture you put up, who are they?" I finally whispered
"Curious as always." He lightly laughed and took a pause, "That was my family." He sighed
"Was?" I questioned
"Yeah, they died in a car accident." I could hear his voice crack
"Oh Harry, I'm so sorry." I squeezed onto him tighter and he wrapped his arms around me.
"It's okay it was a long time ago anyways." He was low with his words and I couldn't find a way to comfort him. Instead I intertwined my legs with his and held firmly onto him.
"Was that your mum in the middle?" I asked and he deeply exhaled
"Yeah." His answer was short and prolonged a sense of torture.
"You look just like her." I kissed his chest and stared up at him, he was chuckling lightly with a sad smile on his face.
"Everyone use to say that." He stared down at me and I nuzzled back on top of his chest. There was a period of silence and I laid just listening to the beat of his heart, it was steady like that of a slow Frank Ocean song.
"How old were you?" I bit down on my lip trying to figure out what were my boundaries and how far he was willing to answer.
"Ten." His muscles squeezed and released
"So young." I blurted out
"I know." His answers were so brief yet they held so much pain and agony inside them.
"Do you ev-"I began before he cut me off
"I think that's enough questions." He sternly said and made an attempt to leave the bed but I hugged him tighter.
"I'm sorry I didn't mean to." I was scared that he'd be angry with me and then all that happened not too long ago would disappear. He only sighed and sat up bringing me up with him.
"What would you like to eat?" He happily changed the subject
"Cara was making me spaghetti before I ran out." I laughed and released him to reach over to my phone.
"Do you want me to make some for you?" He offered and I froze in place.
"I should really get back home, she's probably worried about me." I chewed on my lip
"Stay the night." He paused and reached over placing his hand over mine, "Please."
"Umm, let me call her first." I shyly said and he nodded, I took the duvet wrapping it around my body and walked out to the hallway with my phone.
"EMMA!" Cara screamed over the phone
"Hey, sorry I'm with Harry right now." I quietly mumbled
"Seriously! Em, please don't. He's wrong for you!" She was angry
"That's a lie! Cara I know what I'm doing." I calmly replied and I could hear her sigh.
"Fine, are you coming home for dinner?" Damn she did cook the spaghetti after all
"I-I don't kn-" I began before she cut me off
"It's cool, I'll just call Lou over instead." She seemed calm but I knew she was ticked off.
"Sorry Cee, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon though." I was trying to be as sympathetic as possible
"Yeah see you then." She coldly replied and then the line went dead. I hung my head in defeat, taking a breath of air I walked back into the room where Harry was putting on his boxer shorts.
"I left your clothes on the bed." He slightly frowned
"Kicking me out already? Geeze." I muttered and his face shot up
"NO! I just meant that if you're leav-" He began before I barged in
"I'm kidding, I'll be staying the night if that's not a problem." I walked toward the bed putting on my underwear first.
"Really?!" The excitement blasted through his voice
"Yes, unless you want me to you know, leave." I smirked at him and his smile faded.
"No." He responded in a serious tone before walking over to me, "I would never want you to leave." His arms wrapped around me.
"If you cook me some good spaghetti I would never want to leave." I lightly bite his arm and he planted a kiss on my cheek
"Coming right up!" He chirped and released me, I could hear his footsteps going into the hallway and down the stairs. Laughing to myself I continued to put on my bra and then strolled over to his closet looking for a good shirt to wear. I stumbled across a gray t-shirt with a shirt pocket that had a heart and the word 'lover' inside. It was pretty cute and I liked it a lot, so I took it off the hanger and walked out the room putting the shirt on in the process. Tip-toeing down the stairs I could feel a cold breeze hitting my naked legs making me shiver. The floor was cold as well, but it wasn't that bad since I still had put on my socks. 
"Need help with anything?" I peeked into the kitchen
"Oh no, it's okay." He smiled at me and went back to putting the water to boil.
"Can I help, please?!" I pouted and he stared down at me.
"If you really want to then you can get the sauce and meat out." He replied and I clapped excitingly, I was glad he didn't make a fuss about it.
"So tell me something, that bet, it was over me?" I began trying to act cool and collect even though the subject pissed me off.
"You really gonna start?" His tone sounded angry, yet annoyed and sad at the same time.
"Yes, I want to know." I replied sternly and stood still in front of the stove
"Fine, I've always been the competitive type. And Mali-Zayn has been too." He began and I walked back to opening the meat package but still listened to him. "I just thought that you were going to come back to me if anything happened," He slammed a pot down on the counter, "but I was so stupid to think that you would if I scared you so much. And then when I found out you were with him it just-" I placed my hand on his shoulder to relax him
"That's enough. I get it." I reassured him
"I'm sorry, I was being an idiot and didn't think that you'd grow to like him more than me..." He choked on the last few words and I stood still again. When I looked over to him he was gripping tightly onto the pot, he looked like a frustrated little boy.
"We all make mistakes, we just gotta learn from them." I mumbled still fiddling with the package
"But that's the thing I've made bets with him since we were kids and no-" I stopped him
"Since kids? How long have you known him?" I asked and peered at him from the corner of my eye
"Since we were like like 7, we were best friends."He half smiled as if flashing back into the past
"So he knows about your family and stuff?" I don't know why I was asking this if we had dropped the subject of his family before.
"Actually, his umm family adopted me after the accident." His jaw was clenched and it seemed hard for him to talk about it and difficult for me to process it all in one day.
"So umm the spaghetti?" I changed the subject knowing that he'd get frustrated if we continued
"Yeah we should really get started."

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