Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


15. The Firsts

Emma's P.O.V


The morning air groggy, clouds seemed to roll by with ease covering the Sun's beams. Though the birds still chirped in the early morning the atmosphere seemed to be more sedated rather than chirpy. My face laid on Harry's naked chest, nuzzled and wrapped in his arm. We didn't have sex, not after I poured my tears out on him last night...

"YOU'RE a weirdo! Get out I need to change." I crossed my arms at him and waited
"I'll cover my eyes." He gestured and left giant gaps between his fingers
"Harry, get out seriously. I want to change." I said walking over to my cabinet and pulling out my PINK yoga underwear I got when Cara and I visited the U.S.
"Promise I won't peek." He covers his head with the duvet looking like a nun.
"Harry please?" I plead facing away from him and slipping up my underwear.
"Here, put this on and you'll be fully dressed!" He rumbled around until finally throwing something at the back off my head. I took hold of it and brought it in front of me, it was a shirt; his shirt. Without a second thought I walked out of the bedroom and into the hallway slipping off my robe so that it pooled at my feet. Staring at the shirt I pulled it up and over my head feeling the warmth that still lingered on it touch my body. Walking back into the room Harry was slipping off his trousers and kicking them to the side by his shoes.
"What are you doing?" I asked picking up his clothes and shoes
"I hate wearing clothes to sleep. It's irritating." He stared at them with disgust and sat on the bed, I sighed and placed all the items on the chair by my desk and sat next to him.
"Come, tell me what's wrong." He offered his arms yet I kept still not wanting the memories to flood back. Motioning me into his arms I hesitated but awkwardly crawled over to him.
"Now, wanna tell me what's buggin' ya?" Pulling me closer I rested my head on his shoulder. He's been acting strangely since that day at the club, wanting to be with me more often. I had no one else to talk to at the moment, Cara was all wrapped up with Lou which blows because now she's so jumpy and cheerful when I feel like crap.
"Harry, not to be mean but why are you here?" I asked trying to avoid eye contact, he sighed loudly and his muscles tensed up.
"Cee called. She said you went to Zayn's and came back in a bad mood." He gritted through his teeth, "Why would you go Emma?! I told you that you were mine!" Anger filled his voice and I hugged my body.
"Harry I'm not property to own! I can do what I want when I want to!" I hissed in anger but more in frustration, I was old enough to make my own decisions.
"Yeah and look at where that has gotten you! You went to Zayn's house and came back feeling like shit! Am I right or not?!" He held me at arms length waiting for my facial expression. I could feel it, I could feel the tears swarming inside me like a tidal pool. One more word and I knew I would burst into tears right here with him.
"Emma, look at me." His gaze was distressed, "Did you fuck him?" I felt my body being swallowed up by the ground, then the tears started escaping. I couldn't face him anymore, I turned my head trying to avoid his green orbs yet they followed me. He sighed loudly and closed his eyes, when they reopened he pulled me into his chest cradling me.
"Oh Emma, I knew this would happen. He's not what he seems." My tears poured out like an open faucet, "Come on, shhhh. Stop crying, you're letting the ice cream melt." He's worried about the ice cream at this moment. I looked through my eyelashes to see him smiling and chuckling a bit.
"What's so funny!" I asked annoyed
"You are, you eat ice cream with a fork?" His laughter rumbled in his chest vibrating on my arm.
"What type is it?" He's changing the subject and brushing the fact that I'm crying in his arms right now, oh this guy.
"Chocolate, but it's mine for crying purposes so don't touch it." I growled taking hold of the tub and hugging it to my chest.
"But I wanted some." He pouted and I found that very childish making me laugh.
"Sorry, it's made for me and just for me. I don't share." I giggled taking some ice cream on my fork and placing it in my mouth.
"That's how I feel about you." He mumbled quietly, but I still heard him. His eyes were closed and he rubbed his temple with his fore finger. I took some ice cream on the fork and poked his lips with it again and again until they opened. He bit down on the fork not giving it back until I let go of it and he took it in his free hand.
"My turn." He smiled dipping into the tub and feeding me a bit of ice cream. I playfully giggled, this was a side of Harry that I've never seen and to me it was a side I enjoyed.
(End of Flashback)

The unfinished and melted ice cream tub sat on my desk with the fork still inside. I laughed to myself, it was a Sunday morning and I was off today; thankfully. The clock said it was 8AM yet it felt more like 3AM to me. The exhaustion from last night's tear fest and emotional conversation seemed to overwhelm me. But I was surprisingly happy, happy to see that Harry still was in my bed partially dressed and sleeping soundly with me.
Unwrapping his arm from me I stood in my comfy yoga underwear and Harry's Beatles t-shirt. The cold wooden floor ran chills from my feet to my neck as I walked to the kitchen to boil some water for tea. After setting the pot on the stove I skipped to the bathroom to wake myself up a bit. I inspected Cara's room once I was out of the bathroom and she wasn't there, she probably slept over at Lou's for all I know.
"BOO!" Harry pulled me by the waist scaring the crap out of me. I yelped in fright and slapped his arms as they snaked around my waist.
"Not funny! That was scary movie status!" I giggled pulling his arms off my waist, his infectious laugh still invading my own will.
"That shirt looks mighty fine on you." He smirked
"I know, better than it did on you." I stuck my tongue out at him making him laugh again. He was a different Harry recently, he seemed to care more and show more emotions rather than just lust.
"So what's for breakfast?" He questioned and turned around showing me his back.
"What are you doing?" I laughed as he bent down popping out his bum a bit.
"Hop on!" He smiled and I stared at him, he was crazy I know that would be one hell of a piggy-back ride.
"Nah, I'll just walk." I strolled over passing him and swatting his bum as I went.
"Oh Em! I didn't know you had it in you." He winked at me and I ran out Cara's room to the living room where Harry tackled me onto the sofa. We both laid on it laughing until the whistling sounds of the teapot rang in the kitchen.
"Tea's ready!" I lightly pushed his body off of mine, I was getting use to his roughness already. He followed me to the kitchen pulling out two cups from the cupboard and the teabags from the counter. We sat on the sofa flipping through channels and quietly sipping at our tea. His arm rested over my shoulders and my body leaned on his side, it was peaceful.
"Hey let's go grab some breakfast, I'm too lazy to cook." I muttered staring up at him
"You want to? I know I good cafe around here." He smiled down at me
"Alright, we'll leave at 10 then." I said looking back at the television and nuzzling closer to him. After a while the show end and my tea disappeared from my cup. I didn't want to move but it was 9:25 and my stomach was already crying out for some kind of food.
"Hey is it cool if I take a quick shower before we go?" Harry asked rubbing my arm with his thumb.
"Yeah go right ahead. I'll get ready." I stated and rose from his arms. I took a step suddenly feeling him pull me back down into his lap. He took my cup from my hand and placed it on the coffee table in front of us then re-wrapping his arms around me so I sat sideways on him.
"Harry we should really get ready!" I laughed but made no attempt to get off.
"You said 10 and its 9:28. We have time!" He moved my chin so that I would face him directly. I hesitantly leaned forward stopping when our noses touched, cocking his head he leaned up the last bit and our lips met. It was an explosion of fireworks like on New Year's Day as we moved in unison. This time it was a kiss of sweet dripping passion not a lustful rough kiss. My hands cupped his face continuing our passionate kiss; then the doorbell rang making me spring up quickly.
"Go shower, I'll get ready." I laughed and he stood up, nodded, and kissed me one last time before skipping off to the bathroom. There was a loud pound on the door and I rushed to my room putting on some sweats I found on the floor and took a bra from the drawer. Clipping it on the pounding on the door kept ringing, it was probably Cara and Lou hungover from last night.
"Coming Cara!" I yelled out and the pounding stopped. I swiftly walked over to the door unlocking the top of the door then the knob and opened the door. I felt like a car just crashed into me as I was scooped off the floor and into strong arms.
"Hey! What the hell?" I called out pounding on the person's back. They set me down and I gasped in terror; he had reappeared it was Zayn.
"You left yesterday!" He shouted, his tone angry like that off Harry's.
"You fell asleep!!" I yelled back pushing him off of me angry as well.
"You didn't have to leave!" He was still shouting at the top of his lungs
"Well YOU didn't have to fall asleep!!" I stood on my toes trying to tower over him.
"Em!! What's going on?!" A dripping wet Harry exclaimed from the hallway wrapped in a towel.
"What the hell is HE doing here!" Zayn pointed at Harry whose face went from concern to sheer anger.
"The real question is why the fuck are you here?!" Harry called back, shit this isn't going to turn out good. Soon I'm stepping back and Harry is charging over to Zayn securing the towel around his waist and throwing the first blows.

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