Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


11. Sweet Embraces

Emma's P.O.V

At that moment I felt a rush of emotions come over me; anger, frustration, sadness, excitement, but mostly anger. I gripped my phone tightly staring at the message for what seemed as an eternity. This was not fair, he can't keep doing these sorts of things to me, I'm past his changing behavior.
"Uhm Em, do you know what you want?" Zayn asked lightly tapping my shoulder, I shoved my phone into my pocket and turned to smile.
"Yeah, I want Old Fashion Butter Pecan!" I clapped and he covered his mouth but I could still see him chuckling.
"What's so funny?" I asked him and he turned giving his back to me yet his shoulders kept shaking.
"Oh nothing," He chuckled, "I'll go order now!" He turned giving me a light wink. I narrowed my eyes at him but I could feel my face beginning to heat up so I quickly turned walking to the nearest table. I found myself staring at him as he ordered and I could not keep my eyes off of him. He was such a sweet guy, under that bad boy looking appearance he was just a big sweetheart. His soft eyes along with his thick eyelashes that seemed to bring out a little more of his face. The fact that he seemed to grow hair quickly and had stubble drove me insane, he was absolutely breathtaking.
"What?" He asked narrowing his eyes at me as he approached with two ice cream cones in his hands.
"Oh nothing." I repeated in his tone of voice making him laugh lightly. He handed me my cone making my eyes widen as I stared at the large scoop. I pressed my lips together staring away from him because of my childish behavior.
"You're adorable, did you know that?" He whispered placing his hand on top of my free one that lay on the table. I could feel myself blushing and began enjoying some of my ice cream instead. My eyes wandered up to catch him glancing at me but then focusing on his cone, with his hand still on top of mine.
"What did you get?" I asked shyly nudging his thumb with my own
"Mint Chocolate Chip." He muttered after a lick and I stared at it making a face that said 'Yuck'.
"You don't like mint chocolate chip?!" He asked astonished
"Well I never wanted to try it cuz it sounds nasty!" I truthfully mumbled
"Here, take a lick. It's good!" He offered sticking his cone out to in front of me. I hesitated a bit bobbing my head forward a bit then retreating in fright. He kept nudging it forward until it was directly in front of my lips.
"I'm going to sneeze on it so you can stop!" I mumbled avoiding the ice cream
"Just a lick!!" He insisted making me sigh but lean in a lightly licking the side. He waited in eagerness biting at his bottom lip on the corners as I surveyed the taste. Staring awkwardly at the table my eyebrows furrowed together and I made another face of disgust.
"It's okay." I muttered thinking of the cold flavor of mint roaming around my mouth.
"You don't like it, do you?" He chuckled licking it
"Honestly, no." I pouted and licked my cone instead staring at him
"What's so great about yours then?" He argued and I stuck it in front of his face but only to have the scoop fly out of the cone and land on his clothes. My eyes widen and my face went into shock running to panicking mode.
"Oh crap! I'm so sorry!!!!" I yelled running over to his side of the table with a hand full of napkins
"You know Em, if it was good you should have let me taste it not shower me in it!" He jokingly said laughing as he scooped the ice cream off his pants.
"I'm so sorry! Please, I'm sorry!" I began
"Relax, it's just ice cream." He said cleaning his shirt with the napkins and I stared at his face.
"Okay." I mumble quietly and helped him clean it off of his jacket. We went through a whole box full of napkins that were at the table and then the tabletop was filled with ice cream filled napkins.
"I think I should wash it before it gets all sticky." He muttered standing up and throwing away all the napkins.
"Yeah just come over and you can take a shower there." I blurted out without thinking
"Well I do have to pick up Lou, so that'll be a good idea. Thanks." He said smiling at me, "Now shall we?" He said opening the door. We drove in silence, I felt bad because I probably ruined his clothes; and on the first date. However it didn't seem to bother him, he took the initiative and took hold of my hand while driving. I was thankful that it was dark or he would have seen the red pouring onto my cheeks.
"So uhm Zayn, what do you do for a living?" I shyly asked and he glanced my way smiling then turned back to the rode.
"I own a music store near here." He said and I nodded, it was interesting. "And I DJ on the weekends." He added
"That sounds pretty cool!" I said
"Thanks, I enjoy it a lot." He chuckled and pulled up into the parking lot letting go of my hand to open the car door for me. I enjoyed being with him, he was a guy with a great personality and just adorable as well. I know it was the first date but as a first impression it was a pretty damn good one.
"Damn, I forgot my keys." I muttered searching my pockets
"Just knock, I'm sure they're still up." He nudged me and I lightly knocked on the door. He stared at me and started to laugh.
"Stop laughing!" I hissed but laughed myself
"No one is going to hear that!" He chuckled, "You gotta pound on it!"
"I can't help it, I'm not one to pound on a door." I replied and stood my ground
"Alright alright! I'll do it then!" He offered and lifted his arm back to pound on the door but then it swung open making Zayn stumble forward. I stared at him trying to hold in the laughter erupting in my body but couldn't help it and held myself on the doorway for support.
"Don't laugh!" He growled and ran to me but I still kept laughing
"Looks like you two had a good time!" Lou teased and I could only nod trying to compose myself. Zayn pushed me out of the doorway closing the door on me and I stayed in shock staring at the door. I began to pound on it as hard as I could and then it creaked open.
"Yes, Mrs.I'm-not-one-to-pound?" Teased Zayn and I pushed the door open moving him out of the way.
"You should go wash up!" I muttered wiping away the tears that came with the laughter.
"Yeah I think I should, where's the bathroom?" He asked and I tugged him over showing him where the towels were and everything before closing the door.
"Em, why didn't you answer my messages?? Harry's been looking for you!" Cara whispered pulling me into her room.
"I could care less!" I said annoyed, I was done with him.
"But Em-" Cara began before I cut her off
"It doesn't matter, because honestly Cara I don't care about him! He's a jerk and is using me so I want nothing to do with him!" I whispered harshly feeling anger building up and boiling in my blood. I stomped out of the room and to my room picking up the dropped clothes that I had left laying around. It wasn't that late into the night but I was still tired and wanted to sleep. The light coming from my lamp was the only thing on and I stripped out of my jeans putting on a long baggy shirt instead. I finished putting all the stuff away when the door opened.
"Uhm Emma, do I just walk around in my boxers?" asked a dripping wet Zayn and my eyes widen as I examined his toned abs and strong arms.
"Uh, uh, umm, y-yeah." I managed to mutter out directing my eyes somewhere else to keep from staring.
"Alright, I'll take the couch then!" He said walking out of the door
"Wait!" I yelled without thinking, I hated being impulsive. "You can sleep in my bed, if umm you want?" I mumbled quietly
"Well if you don't mind?" He asked still being considerate
"Yeah, you're a guest and I can't let you sleep on the lumpy couch." I said fiddling with my thumbs
"Alright, I'll be right back then." He winked and left the room, I sighed deeply slumping onto the bed and laying back; I was a crazy person. A bit later he came back in his tight Calvin Klein undergarments drying his hair with the towel and sat next to me.
"I'm exhausted." I muttered trying to break the silence, I glanced up at him to see him chuckling lightly.
"Yeah, dumping ice cream on people is hard work!" He mocked me and I lightly slapped his arm only to feel his hard muscle tense up.
"You're so mean!" I said narrowing my eyes and pouting a lip out.
"You're just too silly!" He honestly muttered placing a his hand on top of mine and rubbing circles with his thumb.
"We should um sleep now." I insisted crawling over to the side next to the wall.
"Yeah, should I turn off the lamp?" He said standing up and I nodded not because I was lazy to do it myself but because he looked amazing standing near the dim light. I could hear him rush over back to the bed and slip under the duvet and move around until he was comfy.
"It's kinda cold tonight." He whispered to me and I felt chills running down my back
"Come over here," I tugged at his arm and he scooted over with his breath just inches from mine, "this is stupid but can I uh lay on your arm?" I sheepishly asked
"Yeah, here just move this way, okay." He said and I settled laying on his warm bare arm inhaling his scent.
"I had a great time, well besides the whole ice cream incident." I whispered
"Are you kidding, that was the highlight of the night!" He chuckled and I could feel the vibration of his laughter on his chest. I moved my hand placing it on his chest and moving it up behind his neck. I didn't know where his face was but I leaned forward hoping for the best. My lips crashing into something that seemed to be his nose and he laughed.
"Sorry, that's uhm. Never mind!" I muttered pulling away quickly hiding under the duvet. I could feel his hand rest on my cheek and push the covers away. His thumb skimmed my lips and he gently pulled me up by the chin. Lightly pressing his lips to mine I began to smile in the kiss.
"That's the highlight of the night now." He whispered and I giggled lightly pressing my lips to his again this time eagerly, but then stopping after a bit. 
"We should sleep now." I mumbled and pulled the covers over my arms. "Goodnight Zayn."
"Goodnight sweetie." He whispered and pressed a kiss on my forehead making me sigh. I felt good to have a guy innocently lay next to you with his arms wrapped around you, that's just something you don't see everyday. And I enjoyed every second of his embrace until I slowly fell asleep.

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