Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


7. Stuck

Emma's P.O.V


I sat on my bed staring at my phone waiting for it to vibrate, ring, or move at all. Everything around me seemed lifeless, I was focused directly on my phone lighting up. For hours each day I would just sit and ponder what I did wrong, if I was too straight forward with Harry and scared him off. After that incident Cara was avoiding me out of embarrassment, which was acceptable for seeing our little scene. Harry too was avoiding me, he told me he would call me and half of me fluttered with excitement while the other half saw through what seemed to be a lie. But still past my better judgment I wanted with all my heart for Harry to call or message me in any way saying at least something to me.
"Em, you should leave for work or you'll be late." Cara said standing in the doorway of my room watching me stare at my lifeless phone. I turned my face giving her a small sad smile and she returned the look. Sighing loudly I rose from my planted spot and strolled away to the bathroom without another word. Wrapping my hair up neatly into a bun I observed the now disappearing marks Harry had left on my neck. My fingers lightly brushed against them all as I examined my entire neck. From the corner of my eye I saw a thoughtful Cara leaning on the doorway of the bathroom.
"Em?" She mumbled softly and her eyes traveled down to the ground. My tired eyes stared down until finally meeting with her's half way giving me a small smile once again.
"You like this one a lot, don't you?" She said losing contact with my eyes and staring at her newly painted nails.
"Yeah." I managed to mumble staring into the mirror and applying a bit of make-up on the fading marks.
"Just...please be careful with him." She said clenching her jaw and exhaling loudly
"Cara, I know you're tying to look out for me." I began and placed my hands on each side of her shoulders, " but I'm a big girl now, and I think I can handle myself." I reassured her and she stared at me with worried eyes nodding her head then pulling me into a tight embrace. I know she cared about me, and I know she thought of my as a younger sister but I'm capable of handling my problems. I appreciated her concern and took it into consideration as I left the apartment to work.
The traffic to work was unbearable, a crash on the side had held up the cars making everyone merge into one lane. I sighed seeing the stream of cars slowly passing the stoplight then stopping again for the next batch of cars to pass. My fingers tapped on the radio until plugging in my own phone to hear decent music. There was still one more line of cars before it was my turn to pass but something caught my eye, an expensive sports car zooming past me. I stared at it uncertain if it was Harry's or not but I think he was the only one with that car around here. I nibbled at my lip and my leg began shaking  as I pulled up to the light for my turn to pass. 
I turned my head and the car made a sharp right turn showing me brown hair swaying by. I was never reckless when it came to driving but this time I stepped violently on the pedal and made the small turn instead of driving forward to work. I don't know why I was doing this, I was insane with adrenaline pumping through my veins. Keeping my eyes on the car I followed it until it came to a stop near a music store and I drove past it. I drove a few streets away until making a U-turn and driving to see an empty parked car. "Em, what are you thinking! Go to work!" I muttered to myself and let out a long sigh before driving to work.
I was only a few minutes late to the library and my boss Rebeca glared at me as I walked to my desk. I could feel her eyes burning a hole into my back. I dared not turn around, that was just suicide for a lecture. Instead I began my work as if nothing was wrong and a while later she casually passed me without a comment, thank God. I knew eventually though that she would be on my ass for being late twice this week. I kept trying to preoccupy my mind with the books in front of me but every little thing got to me and I ended up working through lunch to finish organizing.
It came to closing time and a sigh of relief came over me as the last person left the library. I could still see Rebeca staring at me as I took the book cart around placing them in their original spots. I traveled through the massive shelves holding books around the store lingering once I came to the romance section. Letting my fingers trail over the spines of the books a book caught my eye and I took it out reading the back cover.
"Be sure to lock up Emma." Rebeca called out from the end of the isle and I nodded at her sticking my tongue out as she turned her back on me. Sometimes that lady could get under my skin, she was biter probably living alone with a bunch of cats, and making people's lives hell. I rolled my eyes at the thought of her and continued to read the book, surprisingly I found myself a few minutes later leaning against the cart reading the dramatic novel.
"He left her for someone he could use anytime?" I muttered to myself, "HA! Sounds relatable." I said sighing. I finished putting the books back in their original spots and locked up the library for the day. It was dark out and the wind was blowing madly making the trees sway furiously. I hugged my coat closer to my body as I jogged to the parking lot trying to escape the cold. Stepping inside the car my hands I immediately turned it on and then the heater as I took off out the lot. My eyes scanning the cars until an open spot came and I sped home. My head still wrapped around the fact that I followed a stranger that could have been Harry around for a while. I laughed at myself for a while thinking it was absolutely pathetic.
I tapped to the beat of the song as I quietly arrived home without a sound. It was still early into the evening but I felt exhausted for some reason. Maybe it was that ridiculous love story that I got hooked on spending my time finishing it. I climbed the dreadful stairs to the apartment and opened it to Cara and Lou on the sofa watching some cartoons. They didn't notice me until I placed the keys and my bag down.
"Hey Em, you're home later." She said giving me a small grin
"Hey Emma!" Lou said waving at me slightly
"Hey Lou. Yeah I got caught up at work." I groaned making my way into the kitchen to grab something to eat.
"Sorry, I forgot to go shopping today." She sheepishly muttered hiding behind a cushion, even though she was older she was still irresponsible.
"It's okay, I'll just go buy out today." I said taking the keys into hand and left, I was somewhat angry but I didn't care I know how she is. I slid down the stairs on the railing catching myself before I could fall off and onto my face. I laughed at my childish behavior but you have to make yourself happy one way or another, like an old professor of mine said 'You are in charge of your own happiness'. It was true, the only one that could make yourself feel happy or better was yourself and that's how it is. I smiled to myself thinking about how I would go stock up on ice cream after dinner.
I drove to the nearest take out place and sat to eat my food alone but peacefully. After I strolled by the nearest ice cream parlor to get a scoop of Old Fashion Butter Pecan and ate it peacefully. Not one moment passed when I thought at all about Harry which warmed me, I could do this; I could be an independent person standing by myself. Somehow that pep talk I gave myself in my thoughts when the same sports car was parked a few cars away from mine. I closed my eyes and slid into my car, I placed the key into the engine wanting to forget I ever saw the damn car but my hands kept trembling.
Peeping over the steering wheel of the car I managed to see the lights flicker, my heart started pumping. I couldn't see to clearly but I managed to roll down my window enough to hear them. I felt so weird about listening in on two strangers who I can't even see, they just appeared as shadows. I pressed my head closer to the slight opening in the window and tired listening in.
"I had fun." I heard a high pitched voice, that of a female for certain.
"Glad you enjoyed yourself." Replied a deeper voice, probably the guy.
"So now do we go to your place?" She giggled
"Yeah, I got what I needed." He chuckled and I froze, was that Harry? He said to the security guard the exact same thing the time I was with him. My heart stopped and I could feel the tears seeping through my eyes, I leaned my head forward hitting the horn on the car making me jump. I began to panic as I heard murmuring coming from the side and I started the car backing it out and speeding away. The possibilities that it was Harry there was extremely high, out numbering the odds that it could have been someone else with an amazing car and the same quote. I drove home angry, frustrated, and most of all torn up inside. 
I stormed into the apartment to see Cara jumping off of Lou but ignored them because I was more preoccupied with my own problems. I threw myself onto the bed like a child about to throw a tantrum, how could such a small conversation ruin my night entirely when I was in charge of my own happiness. I couldn't believe I was so stupid to believe that he would actually try to contact me after all this time. Rolling over on my bed I stripped down to my undergarments and threw the warm duvet over my cold body. There was a knock on my door and I grunted for her to go away, I wanted to be alone.
"Em? You wanna talk about it?" Cara crept in closing the door behind her
"No." I harshly responded
"Come now, Lou left so now it's just you and me!" She cheerfully spoke, which was annoying me at the moment.
"I'm just going to sleep it off." I muttered
"I'm here when you need to talk." She softly said and rubbed my arm slightly before leaving. I hated being this way with Cara but I didn't no what to do. If I should let my mind go crazy and impose that it was Harry with some other girl or if I should forget it all happened, I felt stuck.

(P.S. That quote from the professor IS actually a quote my literature professor said to us! Just a little commentary. xx)

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