Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


16. Spectrum

Emma's P.O.V

Rage along with sadness mixed in once I saw Zayn standing before me. Harry's outburst caused the neighbors to call the police and eventually they both were separated from each other but not without receiving several injuries. Harry had a busted lip along with a few bruises around his body, but Zayn was sent to the hospital to get his eyebrow stitched up and wrist put into a cast when he fell. I was interrogated by a tall policeman with a thick brown mustache along with thick eyebrows.
"So no charges?" I questioned and mustache man, with the badge saying Higgins, shook his head
"It was a disturbance of the peace, but I'm letting this one slide Harry." He stared straight at Harry who had his pants on now.
"Thanks." Harry mumbled with his eyes burning at me
"But this will be the last fight with you involved or you'll be locked up! Understood!" Officer Higgins rose his voice more
"Yes sir." Harry was so formal with him, how unlike him.
"Alright, well I hope I won't see you anytime soon Harry." He stood towering over Harry and slapped his back making Harry jump up from the couch, "Miss." He nodded to me and left with his partner. The room entered an age of silence, neither one of us spoke and frankly I didn't want to. Strolling over to the kitchen I began washing the cups we left and the ones the officers left as well. I could hear Harry's movement from the the living room to the kitchen and I could feel his presences behind me. I finished cleaning the last cup and placed it on the drying rack near the sink. Though I couldn't see Harry I sensed his gaze burning a hole into my back.
"Are you okay?" He asked me and I stilled.
"Of course I'm okay. You're the one that's all beat up." I sighed and rested my hands on either side of the sink. His body pressed onto my back and his arms cloaked around my body.
"I'm fine, it's you that I was worried about." He nuzzled into my hair tightening his grip.
"But nothing happened to me, he didn't hurt me. I'm just a bit shaken up. I've never seen such a brutal fight." I leaned my head on his chest and took in his scent. He snorted and I turned my body to face him.
"You seem to know the officer well." I stared up at him and he laughed
"Who Paul?" I nodded, "Yeah, I don't have the best rep at the station." He smirked and I found myself curious.
"How many fights have you gotten into?" I asked and bit down on my lip
"Umhm, too many to count." He snickered and I stared up at him.
"Have you done time?" I pressed on
"A few months, not much." He shrugged as if it was nothing
"For what?" I wrapped my arms around his neck
"Well if you must know, just for some minor offenses. Mostly fights." He said and pulled me closer to him
"Remind me not to get on your bad side then." I giggled and his eyebrows furrowed
"That's mostly where you always are." He muttered and pressed his injured lips on my forehead wincing when they made contact.
"Emma! What's going on?" Cara bolted through the door, horrible timing as usual.
"What?" I stared at her puzzled and her eyes widen once she saw me wrapped in Harry's arms, he only had his trousers on.
"There were policemen outside, what happened?" Lou said less dramatically and closed the door, "Jeeze lad, what happened to your face?" He stared at Harry and I looked up to see his swollen lip.
"I should help you clean up." I muttered and took his hand.
"Em, what happened?" Cara asked in concern
"I beat up Harry." I laughed taking him into bathroom. Once inside I closed the door and gestured him to sit on the counter as I pulled out the Emergency Kit behind the mirror.
"This might hurt a bit." I whispered pouring some peroxide onto a cotton ball and dabbed it on the small cuts first. He kept flinching slightly and hissed in pain when I placed it on his lip. I couldn't help but just stare at his beautiful face, though now it was all scratched up but still hot.
"Like what you see?" He smirked and I pressed more peroxide onto his lip making him hiss again.
"So I'm always on your bad side?" I mumbled while packing up the supplies
"Most times yeah, you're just so...stubborn. But." He paused
"But what?" I pushed on
"But, I enjoy your rebellion. It's interesting. You're interesting." Part of my stomach fluttered with thousands of butterflies.
"As are you, you're very uhm...mysterious." I smiled and felt my cheeks redden. He raised an eyebrow up at me and cocked his head to the side.
"Am I now? How so, please enlighten me!" His grin widen and my legs felt like they were going to give out.
"Oh well you know, with all those things..." I blabbered on and he stared at me with interest, "Uhm, are you hungry? Because I am." I muttered wanting to change the subject.
"Want to go back to my place? I'll cook you up something." He took hold of my hand and stroked it gently.
"Uhhh, sure?" I said in almost a whisper and he jumped off the counter standing in front of me. Within a second he took hold of the shirt I was wearing and pulled it up and over my head.
"I'm going to need this." He said putting it on himself and opened the door exiting the bathroom. I quickly grabbed a towel and made a risky dash from the bathroom to my room.

Harry's flat was just as I remembered from last time but it seemed more lightened up now, perhaps because it was daytime. It was calm and I watched Harry prepare brunch for us, he moved so gracefully around the kitchen. I was in awe, his smile seemed to be a bit brighter than usual.
"What?" He smirked and I turned away quickly with red cheeks.
"Uhm, may I use the bathroom?" I quietly asked
"Yeah, it's uh upstairs first door to your right." He replied and focused back on the stove. I made my way upstairs, the walls were bleak no sign of any family pictures or anything. I open the door to the bathroom and peak around inside the cabinets, just normal guy stuff.  After a minute or two I flush the toilet to make it seem like I actually used it and turned on the water. My curiosity got the best of me and I began roaming around the second floor, peaking in his room and a spare room. The spare room had a bed but also a bunch of boxes in the closet and around the floor. I gnawed at my lip but looked into one of the recently opened boxes setting it on the bed and I sat adjacent to it. Inside there were plenty of photo albums and some slipped out of the album pouches. One picture in particular caught my eye, it was a picture of a young Harry gathered around with what seemed to be his family. It was such a beautiful picture I don't know why he would frame it up on the walls or something.
"Curiosity killed the cat you know." I raspy voice said from the entrance of the door making me jump up.
"Harry, I umm, I was just umm..." I didn't know what to say.
"It's not polite to snoop around someone's house." His voice was serious now, he passed me and folded up the box placing it in the closet along with other boxes.
"Is that a picture of you and your family?" I muttered staring down at my blue socks, he lets out a sigh and ignores my question.
"Come on." He stood at the door and gestured me to exit the room, I complied without hesitation. Behind me he closed the door and the sounds of locks engaging rang through our silence. Without a word to me he strolled by and walked down to the stairs and disappeared from sight. Steadily I make my way down the stairs and back to kitchen where Harry leans clenched on the sides of the counter.
"Harry." My voice is low but audible
"What?!" He's mad
"I didn't mean to go through your stuff." I crept closer but kept away from him
"Yet you did!" He spat out clenching harder onto the counter
"I know, I'm sorry." I paused, "Was that a family picture?" I asked shyly and his body tensed up.
"Just drop it Emma." His voice was stern as if commanding me rather than just recommending it to me.
"You looked happ-"
"Dammit Emma! Drop it!" Anger filled his mouth and came out in his words. Slamming down on the counter with his fists I took a step back. Slowly he turned his frame standing parallel to me, my legs felt like noodles with fear blowing through my body. My head dropped as soon as his eyes met with mine, I felt stupid for searching in his things.
"Whatever, let's just forget about it. Okay?!" His commanding voice echoing in the quiet kitchen, I nodded slightly.
"Good, the food is on the table." I stepped toward the table and he sat down in front of me. My hunger ran away with my nerves, again the sweet kind Harry had left converting into the commanding, rude, angry, hot-headed Harry.
"Aren't you going to eat?" He said irritated and I clumsily took hold of my fork stabbing at the fruit on the side.
"Emma, stop that. If you don't want it just go throw it away!" He hissed and his jaw clenched.
"It's just that, ummm I'm allergic to strawberries." I mumbled and he stop midway with his fork, dropping it and taking my plate. I shifted uneasily trying to see what he was going but with his body in the way I could see anything.
"Here, no strawberries." He said sweetly and placed a new plate in front of me. I turned up to him and he gave me a small brief smile then originated back to his food.

"That was good." I mumbled plopping down on the sofa
"Glad you enjoyed it baby." He grinned taking a seat next to me and wrapping his arms around me. He was a really good cook and I give my props to him. We fell into silence only our breathing and the low sounds coming from the television in the back. I stared up at him and his green eyes connected with mine making me turn a light pink. He leaned down and I cocked my head to the side and our lips were about to meet with the doorbell rang. We groaned in unison.
"I'll get it." He said unwrapping his arms from my waist.
"No, I'll get it. Baby." I winked at him and he chuckled in return but released me. I jumped up and he playfully slapped my bum making me jump forward but I giggled to myself on the way to the door. I wasn't tall enough to see through the peephole so by blind sight I unlocked the door and opened it. Again I felt a surging rush slam into my face as I hit the floor loudly and violently. My face ached and everything seemed to fade away quickly, with only the spectrum of the brightness outside and a pair of black stilettos were in sight before my rebellious eyes closed on me.

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