Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


4. Recognition

Emma's P.O.V


The sun shined extremely bright upon my uncovered face blinding me as I blinked my eyes open. My eye wandered around the room settling on a picture of Cara and me, I looked at it then bolted up to see I was in my own room back at our place.
"CARA?!" I yelled out and her footsteps came quickly to my room
"Emma what's wrong?!?!" She screamed bursting in
"So I'm not dreaming!" I clapped and jumped up to squeeze her
"Em you still feeling bad?" She asked
"No I'm perfectly fine!" I said joyfully, I was glad that all those things happening with Harry was just a dream, well more like a nightmare.
"You sure?" She asked grabbing hold of me by the shoulders and staring into my eyes
"Yeah I'm fine!" I said in a bit of an annoyed tone
"Alright I'm making breakfast, you should wash up cuz you got morning breath sweetie." She exaggerated and took hold of her nose running out of the room.
"HA. HA. You're too funny! I'm gonna shower!" I screamed out and tip-toed into the bathroom a bit happy. I walked into the bathroom slowly closing the door and undressing myself by the shower as the hot water prepared. I opened the curtain stepping in right foot first feeling the warm water hit my back and run down my body. I took the light pink soap scrubbing it against the washcloth and began scrubbing myself from my feet then working my way up until something caught my eye on my stomach. I stared down quickly seeing a multitude of hickeys on my stomach trailing up to my chest and on my shoulders. I left the water running as I got out of the shower and examined my torso in front of the mirror, they were everywhere.
"CARA!!!" I wailed out running down the hall and into the kitchen dripping wet
"Emma! What the hell?!" She shrieked as I stood in front of her naked
"Cara what the fuck are these?!" I shouted pointing at the hickeys
"Emma! Put some clothes on!" She said covering her face with a dinning plate
"Cara why are they on me?!" I said ignoring her comment
"I was gonna ask you how things went with Harry but I guess they went real well!" She muttered behind the plate and I stepped back sitting on the edge of the couch.
"Get your ass off the couch and put some damn clothes on!" Cara called out and I did without a second word, I couldn't believe it; the things I did with Harry wasn't a dream but how the hell did I wake up in my bed. I turned off the water just sitting on the shower floor thinking over all the possibilities he could have done when I knocked out.
"Em you done?" Cara said knocking on the door
"Yeah I'm getting out." I yelled out and wrapped myself in a towel
"Alright food's ready." She yelled a bit away and I stepped out of the shower and walked to my room to dress myself. I walked in the kitchen to see Cara already digging in and I plopped myself on the other side of the table taking a sip at the tea in front of me.
"So, how was it?" She asked and winked at me
"With Harry? Horrible." I groaned
"What? I heard he's amazing." She said chuckling
" Well, I blacked out." I sheepishly muttered
"Yeah he told me." Cara said
"What?! How?!" I urged
"He brought you back here around 3." She told me, "He said you had passed out cuz you were feeling 'sick' but seeing all those hickeys when you barged out here tells me another story." She laughed and I blushed a light pink.
"Oh." I managed to say
"Alright now I want deats! Dirty and all!" She stated and propped her legs on her chairs hugging them excitingly.
"Well, I umm I don't know what you're talking about."
"Fine then Em, we'll just ask HIM tonight." She muttered and stood up from the table taking her plates to the kitchen.
"What do you mean?!" I yelled out at her
"We're going clubbing again tonight, Lou invited us I'm sure Harry will be there." She said as she washed her plates
"Well I'm not going! You can go by yourself!" I said annoyed
"You skipped out on my party halfway through Emma! You're going!" She complained
"But Cara I don-" I started
"Fine Em, be that way." She hollered out and stormed out of the kitchen without another word to me.
"Shit." I muttered under my breath.
Seven o'clock hit and I could hear Cara rummaging through her closet frantically trying to find something to wear. I walked into her room and sat on her bed crossing my legs under me just watching her search for her outfit.
"So I was thinking of wearing my black dress with my leopard pumps." I said to her and she turned to me jumping on top of me and kissing my cheeks.
"YES! Clubbing with my best friend!" She said squeezing my neck
"Alright Cara, can't, breath, here." I managed to mumble
"The black dress won't due, it's too long!" She said jumping off me
"What? It's above my knees!" I argued
"It's not suppose to pass your fingertips!" She hissed back
"Cara I'm not trying to expose myself like last time!"
"Too bad! I got scissors, let's shorten up that dress!"
"Wait don't! I like it that length!" I pouted
"Fine, then wear this!" She said skipping to the closet and throwing one of her black dresses that seemed to be more of a shirt.
"Okay, so do I wear jeans with this shirt?!" I asked astonished
"No, you wear nothing but this dress, no thong you can see it clearly." She said in a serious tone as she began to undress herself to wear her beige dress with gold pumps.
"What? Cara you're insane!!"
"It's either that or the scissors."
After two long hours of fixing ourselves up we finally got to the club around 9ish, we stepped out into the cold crisp air with blowing wind at us. We walked/jogged through the parking lot and into the back entrance where apparently Lou told Cara to go once we got there. I could hear the loud booming sounds of music since we got out of the car and now it seemed to drown out everything else around. My heart followed the beat of the DJ's mix as we followed the large security guard down the hallway and up the stairs into a more secluded part of the club, it was still as packed as last time.
"Lou!" I heard Cara squeal once we got to the booths
"Hey babe!" Lou said standing up from his seat and embracing Cara, since when was he calling her babe?
"You guys remember Emma?" She said gesturing me over and I walked to awkwardly wave hi to the group.
"Hey aren't you Harry's?" A guy asked and my blood started rising.
"No, I belong to no one!" I spat out then withdrew from the crowd in anger, I stood at the balcony overlooking the swarm of people moving against each other. I let out a loud sigh, what was I expecting to see? However, my eyes kept searching for that tall frame and those curly brown locks.
"You don't want to dance?" Ask someone from behind me and I turned to see a guy with a jet black hair.
"No, umm I can't dance." I laughed
"I don't either but who really can?" He asked and I couldn't help but giggle
"All of them." I said gesturing the people as he leaned on the balcony with me.
"No look they're just humping each other. I mean look at those two." He said pointing out a couple where the guy was practically grinding his crotch into her bum.
"Eww" I said and he chuckled
"So can I buy you a drink?" He asked and gave me a gentle smile
"Yeah I'd like that umm..." I said
"Zayn." He said sticking his hand out and I shook it softly
"Hi Zayn, I'm Emma." I smiled back and he left to retrieve our drinks, I watched him trail down the stairs and through the crowd to the bar on the side. Suddenly a familiar mop-headed tall frame appeared behind the bar and jumped over sitting on the counter and started talking to Zayn, my heart started racing as they playfully hit each other. Once Zayn got two drinks in hand he gestured up my direction and I stood frozen as they both stared at me. Even from a distance I could recognize Harry's face, his smiled faded into a hard line and he whispered something to Zayn making him nod once and turned leaving the drinks on the counter. He turned to me once more then left in the other direction and disappearing in the crowd of dancers. With my eyes searching for Zayn they traveled back to the curly guy still sitting on the counter with his eyes locked on mine. I held his gaze for a moment hearing the sounds of my own heart beating rapidly, I swallowed the lump in my throat as a sly smile formed on his lips.

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