Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


3. Overpowering

Emma's P.O.V


We were face to face, lips just inches from each other, I could feel his warm breath on my lips as he exhaled. I had goosebumps running up and down my body and I could feel myself warm up quickly. I could see a grin seep onto his face as my cheeks turned a light pink and then blushing a cherry red, this was embarrassing I was suppose to take charge but I couldn't.
"You're not going anywhere." He whispered in his deep raspy voice that made shivers run down my back and speed up my breathing. His face inched closer to mine just one more movement and his lips would be pressed on mine, I began staring at his plump pink lips actually wanting to feel them again. I found myself gazing at them unconsciously bringing my bottom lip between my teeth nibbling at it on the corners, another smile crept onto his lips and I quickly turned my face to the side.
"Like what you see?" He chuckled
"Get off." I hissed trying to take control of myself once more but instead of obeying me he leaned his body up against mine standing between my legs.
"Stop fighting it. Just embrace the attraction." He whispered chuckling a bit
"There is no attraction get off of me jerk!" I spat out pushing him off of me and he took a step back leaving a bit of space between his tall frame and me.
"There's not?" He said tilting his head to the side as his hands moved from the door to my waist pulling me into his body.
"Now come on don't tell me I don't turn you on?" He was trying to seduce me from the start.
"N-no." I stuttered then feeling like an idiot for stuttering.
"What if I do this?" He whispered leaning to my right side and pressing his warm lips on my cold skin, I felt my skin burn wherever he placed his lips. I let out a deep breath trying to relax my body, I could hear him laughing against my neck at my pathetic action to calm myself. My body was forcefully moving to his actions, my toes curled, my head kept tilting, my back started arching, and I was pressing myself against him.
"Stop fighting it." He mumbled in between every nibble on my neck making my legs feel weak and I held onto his arms for support. My body kept fighting back against my instincts, which were telling me to push this jerk off and storm out the door. I could feel him biting onto my skin and I let out a quiet moan without knowing making him chuckle a bit. My skin kept caving in wanting him to keep going, wanting his strong arms to wrap around me and squeeze me close to his body. I snaked my arms around his neck knowing that I'd regret letting my guard down like this and giving him an opening to go further, but my body kept overpowering my instincts. And just to my exact thoughts Harry pulled me even closer to his body lifting my leg as his large hand slipped underneath my short dress. Low moans escaped my mouth when he continued to play with the strings of my thong slipping it off little by little. I could feel his growing boner pressing up between me through my dress making me smile a bit for some reason. I planned on taking charge now and slipped one of my hands off his neck trailing down his chest and tracing small circles with my thumb over his crotch. He stopped for a moment then moving my hand off of him and back around his neck, he lifted me off the floor wrapping my legs onto his waist and slamming me on the door. I groaned in pain as my back pressed up against the door and kicked off my heels.
"I'm taking care of you first baby." He growled as he held me by the bum and walked up the stairs to what seemed to be his bedroom. He threw me onto the bed landing on top of me as I fell making me wince in pain, he was being so rough on me. There was nothing intimate about what was going on here, it was just a guy wanting to have sex with me nothing else. Inside I knew I had to put it so harshly because if I let someone take hold of my heart again it'd be destroyed completely deteriorated. Preoccupied by my thoughts I was unaware that he had come to a stop, he rested still on top of me with his head on my chest.
"What are you doing?" I harshly asked
"Your heartbeat slowed for a moment. You're not focused." He pouted in a bit of an annoyed tone.
"I'm umm sorry?" I said a bit confused
"Am I not turning you on anymore?" He asked a bit angry, "This is no fun anymore. I want the feisty one!" He muttered slowly removing himself off my body and sitting on the edge of the bed.
"So can I leave?" I asked out of no where feeling excited to get away from this, his head turned slightly looking at me from the corner of his eye and looked back down to the floor.
"Just leave already." He groaned leaning on the large brown bed frame. I clapped excitingly ready to get my shoes downstairs but as I jumped off the bed Harry's face seemed emotionless making me want to make him happy. I got off the bed hearing him sigh and walked over to the door holding onto the side of it. I bit my lip trying to do what my head told me to do instead of what my body wanted, I looked back at him and closed the door in front of me. His head shot up as I locked the door and stood directly in front of him, I removed his tangled hands straddling myself around his waist. I pressed my forehead onto his wrapping his long curly hair around my fingers and pulling his head back exposing his neck.
"My turn." I whispered as I leaned in lightly kissing his neck, then biting it roughly leaving a bright red mark.
"Wait what are you doing?" He hissed pushing me away touching the hot mark on his neck.
"Are you fuckin serious?!" He yelled loudly scaring me, I slipped one leg off of him touching the floor to get off of him but he roughly pulled me back and slammed me onto the bed.
"Fine, you want it like that?!" He spat then quickly going back to work at my neck biting at my skin violently, his hands moved quicker pulling up my skin-tight dress to my waist. His fingers looped at the strings and pulled off my thong with a diligent tug leaving me bare from the waist down.
"Wait don't be s-so rough!" I cried out at the sounds of his belt unbuckling.
"Rough aye?" He muttered as the sounds of plastic wrapping came from his fingers and he leaned on top of my body with his hand covering me, he played with me feeling around inside making me gasp as his long fingers came in and out.
"You're so wet already?" He chuckled in such a lustful voice making my body feel hot from embarrassment. His plump lips pressed against my chest and neck trailing up until he reached my chin then staring into my eyes he slipped himself inside of me. He thrusted once making me gasp then sealed my mouth with a rough kiss finally merging his lips with mine, I felt the sense over overcoming ecstacy filling my body. As sudden as it came was as fast as my vision went, only the quick thrusts he made inside me were felt, floating in and out of consciousness until finally blacking out.


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