Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


6. Out Of Breath

Emma's P.O.V


I hated how this guy kept bringing me back to him, every time I would try forgetting him he'd always find a way back into my mind. I felt stupid for actually falling for a guy that treated me like an object, I had to be the one in control here not him. The days passed after that club incident and I found myself trying to make an excuse to go back. If I wasn't working I would be home imagining what I'd say to him if I ever went back to the club, it was pathetic.
"Just go back!" Cara complained changing for work
"I don't want to seem desperate." I muttered sighing
"Seriously Em, he's all you've been talking about." She said pulling her hair into a tight bun
"But what if he doesn't like me back." I pouted
"Em what's not to like?! Now go on and go!" Cara told me
"It's 10 in the morning! No one clubs at 10!" I said
"Trust me, that place is packed anytime you go. Now I have to get to work or they'll start the meeting without me." She yelled as she left the bathroom grabbing her portfolios and running out the door. She worked in a good business as a secretary earning a lot of money, I worked at the library getting probably half of what Cara got. We never complained about our jobs though, it got us what we needed and extra to go out every weekend. I slumped down on the wall after she left and stared down at the floor trying to think what he'd be doing right now. He said he owned the club so he's probably there everyday, there's a possibility that if I go now I can find him.
I got up quickly running over to my closet trying to find a good outfit to wear, it was still morning so something comfortable would do. I tugged several tops off their hangers piling them up on my bed in search of that top that would really catch his eyes. I finally got to a decent strapless leather top with a zipper trailing down the middle, it had a built in bra so that was taken care of. I opened all my cabinet drawers looking for my dark blue jeans and my laced panties just in case anything would happen. Grabbing my boots I changed quickly and applied a coat of red lipstick adding the final touches to my edgy outfit.
I snatched the keys from the holder and took the BMW because Cara had taken the truck, I looked at myself in the big mirror before leaving the apartment. My thoughts juggled inside my head as I made my way down the stairs and out to the parking lot, was I really going through with this? Was I that desperate to be with this jerk? I sat in the car for a while keeping my hand on the door handle wanting to get out and go back into the apartment but instead I turned the key starting the car. I swerved out the parking lot down the familiar streets then reaching the club 15 minutes later and Cara was right, it was packed already.
I took a deep breath looking at the mirror in the car once more before slightly opening the door the closing it again. I was already here, already in the parking lot of the club fully dress, and coming only to see Harry. I closed my eyes and got out of my car, I searched out looking for his car and I noticed what seemed to be his car parked on the side. I smiled and clenched my sweaty fists together, they were trembling so bad I felt like I would have a heart attack any moment. I waited in line with the rest of the people staring at the security guard from before trying to see if he'd recognize me at all, but he didn't. Finally reaching the front of the line after an hour a tall bald man took one look at me then nodded his head and I made my way into the dim lighted club.
Standing in the entrance one could already get the vibe of sexual desire floating all throughout the club, even if it was still morning. I stepped to the side letting the others enter and I kept my back to the wall trying to avoid the multitude of people already dancing. I stood at the edge of the bar leaning on my back trying to scope out the place for Harry until I saw familiar curly brown locks sitting on the other end of the counter. My stomach began to flutter filling with butterflies as I began to take slow steps towards where he stood. I stopped abruptly when I saw a beautiful blond walking up and standing between his long legs, the butterflies seemed to die one at a time. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he laid his hands on her waist, she leaned in to kiss him but he moved his head before she could reach his lip and she kissed his cheek instead.
I was almost half way to where he was before she showed up, I held myself onto the side of the counter stumbling backwards. I knocked over an empty glass which broke really easily and he immediately turned my way locking his eyes on mine. Scared half to death I pulled the closest guy to me and pressing my lips against his, he tasted like alcohol and cigarettes. I peered over his shoulder and saw Harry's face change from arrogance to complete anger as he pushed the blond off of him. I pulled away from the guy quickly running between the crowd and out the exit of the club, thankfully. I ran to my car opening it and jumping in without turning back to see if he was following me, I turned the car on and sped out the parking lot.
Speeding through the traffic I ran some red lights not caring but only wanting to get home as soon as possible. I parked in our spot, I jumped out of the car and ran upstairs to our apartment, I finally managed to get in our room. Letting out a sigh I kicked off my boots and took off my jacket throwing it on the sofa then slumping down in it. A few minutes later there was a rattling in the door, probably Cara coming for lunch as usual, and it opened quietly with keys dropping on the table.
"Cara I actually did it, I went to find Harry at the club. But he was with some blond bitch, I'm over him now. He can have any girl he wants so I'm probably nothing to him, dontcha think?" I said then paused, "Are you even listening to me?" I complained and sat up from the couch peering over the side.
"Yes baby, I'm listening." Harry said and I threw myself off of the couch in shock, he was in my apartment casually sitting on the counter listening to me the whole damn time. I just wanted to crawl under a rock and die at the moment, how the hell did he get in? I lifted my head trying to look at the counter and he wasn't there anymore, was I just imagining things?
"You should get up." I heard a voice say from behind me and I rolled over on my bum to see his towering frame directly in front of me.
"W-what are y-you doing here?" I mumbled shaking a bit
"You were looking for me at the club aye?" He said with a cocky attitude and squatting down by my feet
"Get out!" I yelled
"And you tried to make me jealous." He said again but this time creeping closer to me
"I said get out!!" I wailed out not knowing what else to say
"You want me, don't you?" He asked crawling over to me with his face close to mine
"I don't know what you're talking about." I muttered looking away
"Your face is red and you wouldn't go looking for me if you didn't want me again." He growled slipping his arm under my back pulling me up to him.
"Let go." I whispered out of breath
"Just admit it, you want me." He whispered as he brought his lips against my neck lightly biting it causing me to moan quietly. He kept nibbling at my neck making me grab hold of the back of his neck slightly pulling at his long locks.
"Baby, just say yes and I'll make you feel good." He muttered into my neck laying his body between my legs and grinding his hips into me.
"Y-yes." I whispered under my breath
"Yes what baby?" He asked biting harder on the other side of my neck
"Yes, I-I want you." I manage to say, "I want you so bad!" I yelled a bit louder and wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him to me.
"That's my girl." He whispered into my ear as he zipped off my top along with my jeans. I yanked off his navy blue blazer throwing it across the room then pull off his shirt, I examined his defined torso as he pulled down his trousers. I don't know why I kept rushing, but there was no holding back now. I pulled off my jeans along with my panties and pushed him off of me catching him by surprise, he sat right on his bum. Propping myself up I sat with my legs on each side of him and took a deep breath as I eased him inside me. He didn't complain this time about me taking control instead he followed my lead and let me do all the movements. I stared into his eyes as I moved my hips back and forth, then I did the unthinkable; I pressed my lips against his roughly. His hands started pushing me off of him but I squeezed his face into mine and his hands pressed my body closer to his. I bit down on his lip slightly grazing his teeth with my tongue and he let a moan inside my mouth as I continued to move my hips.
I didn't know what came over me, my body wanted him again and again the whole time. I ran my hands through his hair gripping his soft locks from the back, this feeling with him made me feel so happy and complete. He held onto my waist pushing me down harder making me break the kiss and bite onto his shoulder. I was never this sexually attracted to a guy but something about him kept pulling me back for more, with him it feels like it's never enough. My nails clawed at his back leaving long scratch marks, my marks on him. He let out loud grunts and groans as we continued and I could feel myself about to reach my point, my legs began to tremble.
"Hey Em, have you seen my glasses?" Cara said as she opened the door to the apartment. My head popped up quickly and I pushed myself off of Harry.
"EMMA?!?!" Cara yelled then covering her eyes with her folders.
"Shit!!" I screamed covering myself with my jacket and Harry laid on the floor laughing .
"Umm, then again I don't need them!!" She yelled out walking out the apartment and closing the door.
"See what you did!" I yelled at Harry who was actually crying out of laughter.
"Umm Em, leave a sock on the doorknob next time." Cara muttered opening the door slightly then closing it again, I was beyond embarrassed.

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