Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


8. Meaningful

Emma's P.O.V


(A Week Later)

I needed to go on with my life, it was obvious that Harry was never going to come back around and I had to accept that. I knew it would be to good to be true finding a mysteriously overpowering person like him. It felt good for once to have someone that wasn't scared of me trying to take control. My past relationships were like that, I was the one calling the shots in the relationship. All this talk about guys and all the bullshit they give makes me want to stay alone forever.
I sat up on my bed staring at the clock, I had to work again in an hour. I trudged out my room and into the bathroom wanting the day to be over already. Splashing cold water on my face I began wrapping my hair in a tight bun but then decided to let it flow naturally. I applied a bit of make-up here and there then strolled over to the kitchen to make toast. Cara had already left for work so I it was just me walking around the house in my panties and t-shirt. I propped myself up and sat on the counter spreading Nutella on the bread and eating it joyfully. I stared down at my bare thighs examining them side to side, I needed to get back to the gym.
Starting the car I drove to work dressed a bit casual and a bit more wild than my usual tight bun. I got a few stares when I walked into the library and sat at my desk, on time. Everything seemed at bit brighter today, the sun rolling by with few clouds lingering every now and then. Rebeca called in sick so that made my that much better. Eventually another boring day at work had ended and I grabbed the usual cart to restock the books. Making my way into the romance section once more the same book caught my eye, it had been popped out slightly as if someone had read it and put it back.
There was also a book next to it by the same author and with 'Part Two' written on the spine. I picked up the book and once again got lost in my own world full of romance and fiction. This time the guy realizes that he only wanted to be with the girl he left all along but now she has moved on. My eyes began to fall little by little and I rested my head on the cart just for a while, I felt sleepy all of a sudden probably from reading the entire book. I kept fighting the tiredness from my body and stood up wobbling back to the desk. After a few waking pinches and slaps on my leg I finally finished the restocking and locked up the library. It was already past midnight when I got home and the lights were off except for the light eminenting from the television. 
"Late again Emma?" Cara asked from the couch
"Yeah, I got caught up in a book again." I groaned letting out a long yawn
"You want to go to the club tomorrow?" She suggested eagerly
"Nah, I think Ima sit this time out." I said exhausted and walking down the hall
"Alright, I'll just go with Lou." She called out as I made my way to my room
"Kay." I muttered then closing my door and collapsing on the bed, time to get a good night's sleep.

Cara was all dressed up and ready to go with Lou to the club. I didn't want anything to do with that club anymore, it was too late I shut him out of my life. I laid on my bed for a while listening to the sounds of the door close then the a car start and drive away. I rolled over hugging onto my duvet and began to drift into a peaceful slumber. What seemed to be a few minutes later I awoke to the sounds of rattling on the doorknob. Cara came striding in absolutely drunk out of her mind.
"So Em," she began "I think I'm drunk."
"Sorry Emma, she had way too many." Lou said pulling her by the waist and out of the door.
"It's okay, but uh what time is it?" I asked him trying to pull Cara off the doorway
"Just past 2." He replied throwing her over his shoulder and patting her bum
"Oooo Lou, do that again!" Cara slurred and let out a giggle
"I'll try and sober her up!" He said closing the door and I nodded, joy Cara was drunk so I'm gonna have to deal with her hangover tomorrow morning. Rolling over in the bed I kept hearing her throw up into the toilet making me feel a bit sick myself. There was a slight opening in the door which let a strip of light in brightening the room just a little bit.
"What happened now Lou?" I asked being too lazy to turn around, there was no answer but the door closed and I could hear movements inside my room.
"Lou what are you doing?!" I wailed out turning around trying to adjust my vision to the darkness.
"You weren't at the club baby." mumbled a deep voice on the side of my bed, I stayed silent. The words broke through the room making everything else seem silent, I couldn't breath. I could feel the sides of my bed move and the pulling of the duvet by the other side. Frozen in place I could only hope that I was just imagining all of this and or it could just be a bad dream.
"Why didn't you go?" He whispered now by my face, I reached out bumping my hand into something hard then moved my way up to familiar soft curls.
"H-Harry." I gasped
"The one and only." He said touching my hand and running up my arm to my neck. I was trembling now, I felt so defenceless and weak around him. Half of me hated the way I became when this jerk came around me, but the other half was filled with excitement and recklessness making me feel happy. I kept caving into this guy and with every little touch I could feel my body heat up.
"You're shaking." He laughed making me feel uneasy inside
"W-why are you here?" I managed to mutter and I felt his hand slide down my neck to my back and pulling me over to him.
"You're so stupid!" He hissed pressing his forehead to mine and wrapping his arms around me. Did he just call me stupid? What the hell?
"Excuse me?!" I spat out pushing him by the chest away from him but he gripped on tighter to me.
"That was a stupid question to ask." He said annoyed
"And how?!" I asked feeling angry all of a sudden
"There goes another one." He mumbled in a serious tone, I was pissed now.
"Get out!" I bit my lip in anger and I could feel him shake his head. I wanted to slap him to hard but my arms were trapped between his body and my own. This was ridiculous, first he comes to my room, then jumps into my bed, and now he's insulting me?
"Just leave me alone." I mumbled sighing and turning my face away from his, I didn't want to start anything anymore. I just wanted him gone. We stayed quiet for a while with the occasional sounds of footsteps going around the apartment. I felt stiff and turned my head back to face him but I kept my eyes closed.
"Tell me what you're thinking." He whispered lowly but calmly
"That I want you gone." I harshly said and I could hear him inhale and exhale loudly
"Anything else." He asked
"Nope." I lied. I was thinking of plenty more things that revolved around touching him and kissing him and even having sex with him but I held my tongue.
"Do you want to know what I'm thinking?" He chuckled lightly
"Not really." I said quickly
"Harsh, I'm going to tell you anyways." He mumbled, "I was thinking about a book I read today." 
"What book?" I asked without thinking
"It's about a guy that chooses a quote whore instead of a girl he was with. Then he ran away with the whore and left the girl behind an emotional wreck." I felt my body tense up
"You looked sexy today with your hair down by the way." He mumbled
"How did yo-" I began
"I've seen you, you've been everywhere." He said pulling me closer to him and moving my arms from in between us.
"You have a problem, you're stalking me." He whispered then laughed, I could feel his nose touching mine making me feel a bit light headed. Everything went so quickly the last time, maybe I should take it slow this time.
"Tell me something." I began
"What?" He said and I could feel his warm breath on my lips
"Why didn't you let that blond kiss you?" I put it out there, no turning back now.
"Next question." He groaned and I could feel his body stiffen 
"Okay, why wouldn't you kiss the blond?" I rephrased
"That's the same thing!!" He hissed
"Answer it!" I commanded
"Because I didn't want to!" He harshly whispered, "I don't just go around kissing girls that are meaningless to me!" I could hear he was getting angry.
"Can I ask you one more thing?" I shyly said and bit my lip
"What." His tone changed to harshness
"Why did you let me kiss you?" I gnawed at my lips
"Uh cuz, wel-" I didn't let him finish his blabbering before I forced my lips onto his, he lips stayed still for a while but then eagerly pressing to mine. His tongue slipped past my lips roaming around in my mouth playing with mine. I tangled my hands in his hair holding his face closely to mine making him press on the small of my back. It seemed all too good to be true, it was a good moment and I felt that maybe just maybe I meant something to him.

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