Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


21. I Want To Know

Harry's P.O.V


Emma seemed to enjoy my cooking making me feel like the best damn chef in the U.K. She looked so fragile and innocent that it made me want to keep her safe and with me. Her light brown hair flowed near her face bringing out her warm brown eyes. The pink she wore on her cheeks whenever I smiled at her made me happy. Her face was full of joy and I wanted to keep it that way. However I knew that Alicia would rat us out sooner or later and Malik would have my ass for being with Em right now.
"Harry! Are you listening?" I heard Emma whine
"Oh yes yes, you were talking about your pet bunny?" I bit down on my lip
"He was a dog." She narrowed her eyes at me, "You weren't listening!" Her face was serious
"Sorry I just have a lot on my mind." I stared down at my empty plate
"You want to talk about it?" She asked and looked down to meet my gaze
"Not at the moment, I'm more interested in your bunny."
"Dog!" She laughed
"Oh right, dog!" I laughed along and she stood
"Let's clear the table?" She added and took her plate to the kitchen sink. I did the same with my owe but brushed lightly against her when we passed each other.Her light giggle was drowned out by water running from the sink. I began to lather and wash the dishes and pots that she kept bringing, and after a while she stopped and stood beside me.
"A euro for your thoughts?" She said and leaned her smaller frame on me making me pull away from my tormented childhood thoughts. I only laughed, I didn't know how to respond.
"Let me." She said nudging me to the side and taking the spot of washing and drying the dishes. The silence ended when she turned the water off and turned to stare at me.
"What?" I asked
"I'd love to know what you're thinking right now." She said almost at a whisper and wrapped her arms around my neck.
"Nothing you should be worried about babe." I replied and pulled her close to me, she rested her head on my chest and sighed.
"Will there be a day where you will tell me about your life?" I held my breath for a bit, I was puzzled.
"There's nothing to tell." I coldly responded
"You can trust me Harry, I hope you know that?" Again she stopped my train of thoughts, "You have to understand that I care about you, that I want you to trust me, and that I'm not going to leave you." She lifted her head to stare at me and I was losing myself in her eyes. They were capturing my heart, mind, and soul all at once. There was no helping it; my lips fell upon hers and we moved together. I never felt this way, as cliche as it was, I was helplessly falling in love with her.

Emma's P.O.V

Haven't you ever just laid on your bed to think the events of the day over. Well that's what I was doing, just laying on Harry's bed and rethinking what I'm doing and what I did. He was showering and I was thinking. I had no one to talk to at the moment and Cara was probably in the midst of her evening with Lou. So that just left me and my thoughts. I stood up from the bed and went downstairs to take another look at the picture. They all looked so happy, especially Harry; I've never seen him smile so innocently and full of joy. And now this picture that once captured the contentment of the family hangs to bring the dreadful memories.
"Come on." Was all I heard from the middle of the stairs startling me.
"Where?" I asked from the bottom catching a glimpse of a shirtless Harry walking back up the stairs. Without a second thought I followed this beautifully sculpted guy up the stairs and into the room he once kept locked.
"What are we doing here?" I questioned as I took in the massive amount of boxes around the room.
"You said you wanted to know about my life." He said and sat in the center of the bed pulling out some photos from the box adjacent to him.
"This was my third grade school photo." He laughed and placed it back in the box.
"Wait I want to see it!" I eagerly squealed and jumped over to grab it.
* * *
After hours of pictures and soccer uniforms Harry had reached his limit and slept as I continued to look through his album. We skipped over the accident and I could understand why. The pictures could say it all; from the picture on the wall to the one I held in my hand of him staring out  his bedroom window. He didn't need to say it, his emotionless face said it all. I looked over at him and he was already in a deep sleep. Laying down next to him I ran my hand through his curls and he sighed loudly. My body slowly began to shut down and I could feel my eyes getting heavy. Harry's long arms extended and he reached over grabbing me and pulling me to himself. His mumbles were incoherent making me lightly laugh, but my laughter stopped when he spoke, "Em, I love you."

(Woah I havent been here in what seemed to be YEARS! Pinky promise to update more often. & sorry this chapter was short! Love you guys xx )

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