Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


9. Falling For You

Harry's P.O.V


I was sitting on top of a large rock covered in moss over looking the tree tops in the forest. The sun was setting making the sky a light pink with colors of red and purple invading a bit. The view was amazing, being able to see the large forest extend as far as the eye could see. But there was something about that forest that kept calling me, there was an angelic voice singing my name around the trees. Making my way into the forest I scanned around catching a little bright light roaming around. I followed the light quietly trying not to be seen by it until it stopped at what seemed to be the center of the entire forest. I peered behind a tree slowly to see a beautiful girl with light brown hair draping down her back picking small daisies that grew from the floor. My heart started pounding and I could feel it in my throat as I tip-toed behind the other trees. I tried looking at her face but her hair covered it. "Harry." She whispered and I froze in place, she was calling my name. "Oh Harry where are you?" She mumbled again. I swallowed the lump in my throat and approached her out of the trees. "I'm here." I whispered and her face shot up quickly with terror in her eyes. Dropping her flowers she stood up turning to face me, it was her. Why was she in my dreams? She took a step back then moving away from me, she kept diminishing in my sight. "Wait Emma!" I yelled and reached out my hand to her but she sprinted off into the trees. No matter how fast I followed her I couldn't keep up with her, she was fleeing from me again, why did she always run? Out of breath I kept running after her feeling stuck in a mud hole, I was going no where; I never was going anywhere. It just kept sucking me down until it reached my face and I took a deep breath before it swallowed me whole... 

I opened my eyes to see the ceiling of my room, it was morning and the dim light lit the room up. I sighed heavily thinking over my damn dream that seemed more like a nightmare. Why was she there? I didn't want anything to do with her anymore, yet she appears in my dreams and as usual is running from me.
"Oh, morning Harry." Said a voice next to me and I turned to see some blond laying and smiling at me.
"Hey." I muttered and rolled over giving my back to her.
"Hey? Baby don't be like that." She whispered pressing up onto my back which was annoying me already. I didn't remember coming home or even bringing someone home with me.
"Did we kiss?" I harshly said wanting her to deny it so I could kick her out already.
"No, you never let me." She pouted, thank God too.
"Then call a cab and leave." I spat out in disgust and rose from the bed walking over to the bathroom to pee. I heard her gasp as I left but I didn't care, I had no use for her so she needed to leave. I stood in the bathroom staring at myself in the mirror, what was this empty feeling I had within me. I felt pathetic, empty, hollow, and alone.
"Damn that girl!! Why is she in my dreams!!!" I muttered to myself and gripped onto the sides of the sink. I wasn't stupid enough to develop feelings for her was I? No, that couldn't be it. I just needed to have sex with her and that was it, right?
"I'm leaving now." said a voice from the other side of the door and I could hear the knocking of her heels going down the stairs and then the front door close. I stared at myself in the mirror looking at my shoulder where she had bitten me last time, it had faded and so did the long scratch marks on my back. It's been weeks since I last saw her and everything thing was fine until I had that damn dream, I needed to see her again.
I started my car and drove off wanting to get to her house and end all of this nonsense once and for all. While I was on my way I saw her familiar BMW driving the opposite way. Without a second thought I turned around and followed the BMW a few cars behind. It drove into the parking lot of a library, this wouldn't be her would it. I parked across the street in the parking lot of liquor store and stared out my window. Soon there was a ball of hair leaving the car and as I stared closer I noticed it was Emma, my heart started to pound and my body heated up.
Next thing I knew I was walking into the library covering the sides of my face with my leather jacket. My eyes searched for her until I finally found her sitting at the desk in the front counter. Did she work here? She was stamping books and organizing them on a cart, this was unbelievable what I was doing. I hid behind the bookshelves and watched her, she stood up for a moment helping someone find a book and I pulled out the closest book to me to shield my face. I peered over the book seeing her return back to her post and let out a deep breath. This was pathetic, I was pathetic.
I stared at the back cover, soon I found myself reading this romance novel. It was insane, a guy left a girl he was with for a whore and the poor girl was left alone an emotional wreck thinking about suicide. The things people do when they are in love, it was crazy. I came to the end chapters until I noticed the sun had began setting and people were being ushered out. I shoved the book back not fully in place but left anyways hiding my face from Emma in the front counter.
"Lou it's Harry." I said as he picked up the phone
"Oh hey lad, what's up?" He asked casually
"You have any plans for tomorrow night?" I asked him a bit too eager
"Nah, why?" Good just the answer I was looking for.
"Drinks on me?" I asked knowing he'd jump to the offer.
"Hey I'm there!" He nearly yelled through the phone and I chuckled trying to slide in the rest of the plan.
"Yeah you can invite Cara and her friend if you want." I said trying to sound like I didn't give a damn.
"Oh yeah that's a good idea! I'll call them up now!" Lou squealed loudly
"Alright mate, I'll see you at 9 then! Bye." I hung up and leaned my forehead on the steering wheel of the car. My plan is going just as planned.


I was in my usual VIP booth waiting for them to get here already. Tapping my foot rapidly I finally saw him approaching the area and I jumped up excitingly greeting him with a large hug.
"You been drinking already?" Lou said chuckling nervously and I smacked his arm
"Nah! Can't a lad be happy to see you?" I asked trying to seem less excited, but I kept searching for Emma and she wasn't there.
"Hey Harry!" Cara said from behind me and I gave her a smile, "Em was being a sour puss and didn't want to come." She said shrugging and sat down casually in the booth. I felt like throwing myself off the balcony right now, being with her was the whole point of the plan.
"Oh, whatever! Whatya guys want to drink?" I asked trying not to let it affect me.
"The usual!" Lou and Cara said at the same time and giggled, they were so mushy now. Damn that Emma for not coming, I felt like a total dumbass now. Getting the drinks I invited other few friends to the VIP area and soon there was a party getting started up there. It was hitting 2 A.M and Cara was absolutely wasted leaving Lou to babysit.
"Hey mate, I think Ima call a cab and take Cara home." Lou whispered to me on the side
"Nah, I'll just take you guys." I mumbled back and he nodded. Soon enough I parked at the forbidden apartment parking lot and helped Lou get Cara up the stairs. She immediately ran into a room and slurred a few words before Lou tugged her away from the doorway. Something he said caught my attention; "Sorry Emma." and he mumbled something else and closed the door.
"Mate is that Em?" I asked shyly, my legs shaking.
"Yeah, Cara woke her up." He said setting her down and she quickly ran into another room to puke. Lou followed nearby to assist her as I strolled by to Emma's room, my hands where shaking and my heart racing. I opened the door slightly peeking in to check if she was awake or not.
"What happened now Lou?" She said and I walked in closing the door behind, "Lou what are you doing?" She said louder now with a bit of concern on the edge.
"You weren't at the club baby." I said trying to keep as calm as possible and took off my shoes and climbed into the bed now feeling the warmth of her body under the duvet.
"Why didn't you go?" I mumbled now just inches away from her. I felt her bump her hand into my chest and then run her fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, good thing she had the lights off or she'd see my ridiculous behavior.
"H-Harry?" She whispered and a small smile grew across my face.
"The one and only." I whispered back and ran my hand up to her neck feeling her pulse race and her hands trembled.
"You're shaking." I said laughing at bit feeling grateful that I wasn't the only one. I felt so happy being with her but I didn't want to let it show, I needed to stay cool and make it through the night.

When I woke up I felt so warm and comfortable laying down, I stared up not seeing my usual ceiling and looked around the room. It was a girl's room, but not any girl's room, I was in Emma's room still. I slept over, but I was still fully dressed. I looked down on my chest and noticed her sleeping soundly with her face buried and hidden by her hair. I turned my body leaning her head on my arm instead and wrapped my other arm around her. She was a heavy sleeper for not waking up then. I tangled my legs with her's and let out a long sigh as I stared at her. She looked so sweet and serene sleeping in my arms, I could feel my heart racing just looking at her.
I brushed a bit of her hair away from her face and placed a light kiss on her forehead. She sighed deeply in her sleep and nuzzled her face into my chest again but then blinking her eyes open. I followed her gaze as she stared at my chest then down and back to my face. Meeting her gaze she turned a light pink and pushed herself away from me but I pulled her back instead. She seemed to relax a bit and looked away from me, but I brought her face back to mine with my finger.
"Morning?" I whispered and gave her a small smile
"Morning to you too." She said slowly moving her face up to mine and I leaned down placing a small kiss on her lips. I could feel her smile in the kiss and pulled away turning a bright red.
"Hungry? I know a great cafe that makes amazing bagels!" She insisted and I nodded, "Great I'll get ready!" She mumbled sneaking me one more kiss and slipping through my arms. I watched her tip-toe and dance around the room before leaving with a towel out the door. I closed my eyes burring my face into the pillow and groaning loudly.
"Don't do this Harry! You can't have feelings for her!" I muttered to myself clenching my fist together. I couldn't help it, for the first time I was actually starting to like someone and I knew the feeling was mutual.

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