Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


10. Expect The Unexpected

Emma's P.O.V


After closing the door to my room I sprung quickly to the bathroom leaning on the back of the door. Harry was still here, laying on my bed, in my room, and fully dressed. I took long deep breathes trying to calm my trembling body. I still felt like I was in shock, this kind of thing just doesn't happen. I walked over to the sink staring at myself in the mirror inspecting to see if he had left anything on my neck or body but to my surprise, there was nothing.
"This must just be a dream, I'm just going to splash my face and go back to the room to see an empty bed. " I whispered to myself and brushed my teeth normally. There was a knock on the door and then it busted open, Cara came rushing in aiming straight for the toilet. I took a handful of her hair and held it up as she vomited out all of yesterday. I could only rub circles on her back and hope for the best.
"I'm sorry Emma!" Lou said rushing in and taking hold of her hair
"Hey I'm not the one vomiting so early!" I jokingly said and left the bathroom. Taking a deep breath I opened the door and as I suspected, the bed was empty. I only nodded my head knowing it was going to be this way sadly and began folding up the bed covers. There was no reason to keep my hopes for such a ruined guy like Harry to be waiting there innocently in my room. Yet still in my heart I wanted to believe that he would be laying on my bed smiling with open arms ready to embrace me. I searched around my room finding a clean pair of sweatpants and my old Coldplay t-shirt.
"Hey Lou, want something to eat?" I asked as I closed my door and walked over to the kitchen
"That would be lovely, thank you Em." He smiled and I nodded heading toward the fridge. I decided to make waffles because they were my favorite and everyone loved them. Adding a little bit of spice into it I threw some chocolate chips in the batter making it that much sweeter. I boiled some tea for Cara knowing her situation and decided that it would help if I didn't nag her about over doing it. 
"Lou I made chocolate chip waffles is that cool?" I called out to Lou
"Yeah that sounds really good actually!!" He called back and I smiled while placing a waffle on a plate while pour batter into the maker. The tea pot started to whistle and I poured tea into Cara's favorite Christmas mug for her. I left it on the counter to cool and took out the cooking waffle.
"That smells amazing!" Lou acknowledged and took the plate of two adding a drip of syrup. 
"There's orange juice in the fridge, or do you want some tea?" I asked while pouring another bit of batter in.
"Oh I'll take some tea as well if it's not too much trouble!" He pleaded and I nodded putting to boil some more for him. After many waffles later both Lou and I were filled to the top while Cara tried holding down the light tea. She only made it half way before giving up on it and laying down on the couch with an ice pack on her forehead. She stared at me waiting for the lecture I wanted to give her but I only shrugged and walked to the kitchen to wash the dirty dishes. After a few minutes there was a knock on the front door making my stomach jump a little.
"Hey mate!" Lou greeted
"Ready to go?" A manly voice said from the doorway.
"Yeah I just need to get my things, come in." Lou said gesturing someone to come as he left down the hall to Cara's room.
"Hello." Said a shy voice from the entrance making me turn around, he seemed familiar with his jet black quiff and facial hair seeping through.
"Sup." said Cara from the couch and I dried my hands walking over to get a closer look at this mysterious person, then it clicked.
"Zayn, right?" I muttered
"Yeah, have we met before you seem familiar?" He asked and stuck out his hand smiling
"Yeah, I'm Emma. We met at the club a few weeks ago." I replied taking his hand and lightly shaking it.
"Oh right." He said in a serious tone and turned away from me
"Would you like something to drink?" I offered still holding his hand and he slipped it away from me crossing his arms.
"Uhm, no thank you. We were just leaving....Lou?" He called out
"I'm coming mate!!" Lou called back running out struggling to put his shoes on, "Bye babe, I'll call you!" He said walking over to press a kiss on Cara's hand.
"Emma." Zayn nodded and walked over to the doorway
"Thanks Em for the waffles!" Lou called before exiting the door and Zayn looked at me once more before closing the door. I ran quickly to the door stopping it from clicking close and swung it open to a confused Zayn
"Wait!" I muttered, "Can't we meet up again?" I asked Zayn and Lou's eyes widen
"Emma I don't think that's the best thing to do." He whispered harshly
"But I want to." I spat out a bit angry that he didn't accept my offer.
"It's Harry, I shouldn't even be talking to you about this." He mumbled and stared straight into my eyes.
"Screw him!" I blurted out and he let out a small chuckle making me smile a bit inside.
"Well I-I don't have plans tonight." He whispered lightly near my ear
"Perfect!" I nearly squealed, "How about going out for some ice cream?" I offered
"I'll pick you at 7, kay?" He smiled and I nodded in agreement before lightly placing a kiss on his cheek.
"What was that about?" Cara asked sitting up, she was always the nosy one.
"I have a date at 7!" I sighed joyfully dancing over to Cara and placing a kiss on her cheek before prancing about.

"I don't know what to wear!!!" I yelled to Cara who lay on my bed fiddling with her phone, "HEY! Help me!!"
"Damn Em! Chill, just go nude!" Cara laughed
"I'm not you!" I said sticking out my tongue
"Ha! Good one! You should just go casually, it IS just ice cream!" Cara said sitting up and throwing a shirt at me.
"So jeans and a top?" I asked putting my jeans on and searching in my closet for a top.
"Yeah want one of mine?" She said smiling and I stared at her with a serious face
"No, it could be a damn bra for all I know!" I replied unhooking a shirt from the hanger
"Promise it's appropriate!" She pouted and jumped off the bed running to her room
"It better be!!" I called out and I could hear her laughing, I finished straightening my hair and parted it in the middle pinning the side back with black pins. 
"Alright! This is the one!" She praised holding up a beige colored silky blouse with black buttons on the front.
"It's actually cute!" I said and took it from her quickly putting it on.
"Aww Em, you look adorable!" Cara awed and sat back down on the bed, "You think Harry would get mad at you for going on a date?" She asked and I threw my slipper at her
"I don't give a damn! I'm not his so why should I care?!" I hissed only making Cara laugh
"Well that's true." She said in agreement still laughing
"What about Lou and you?" I winked
"What about us?" She blushed
"How's that going?" I asked turning to her and she bit her lip grinning
"Amazing! He's the sweetest thing and I really like him Em!" She gushed
"Have you slept with him?" I bluntly said
"No shit sherlock!" She muttered and laughed
"How is he?" I nudged in her direction
"The first time was great but I don't remember last night." She said plainly
"Good thing he babysat you or who knows where your drunk ass would be!" I chuckled and she threw a pillow at me, I was only being truthful she was a horrible drunk. We turned to look at each other only to laugh loudly echoing throughout the apartment. After a while there was a knock on the door and we squealed in excitement. Cara got up and walked over to the door bringing back Lou and sitting him on my bed with her.
"Hey Em!" He cheerfully greeted me and I smiled at him while putting on my black loafers with the silver studs.
"He's waiting in the living room!" Cara squealed and I nodded to her grabbing my jacket and bag
"So you guys take care, no drinking, and use protection!!" I called out from the doorway of my room then turned around to face my date.
"Ready to go?" He asked me while handing me a small arrangements of daisies
"Aww Zayn you didn't have to!" I blushed and took them from his hand, "I should put them in water!" I muttered walking into the kitchen and grabbing a mug filling it with water and placing the flowers inside.
"Alright now I'm ready!" I cheerfully clapped and he offered me his arm, I gladly took it and he opened the door for me. For a first impression this kid really knew how to be a gentleman.
"My lady?" He bowed and I stepped through
"Why thank you!" I said giggling a bit while waiting for him to close the door. We walked down the stairs and out to the parking lot where his black Ranger Rover was parked. Ranger Rovers were expensive and only for rich people, he seemed not too much older than me I wonder what he did for a living. He walked over to my side of the car opening the door and helping me inside before strolling over to his side and starting the car. We pulled out of the parking spot and drove away towards an ice cream shop I've enjoyed recently.
While driving I spotted a speeding silver car passing by making me double take. I gave thought to that car being Harry's but after a while the idea just seemed to fade away. The car was filled with small talk, what my favorite movies and food was, what I did for a living and so on until we reached the ice cream parlor. We made our way into the ice cream shop and as he was thinking what to get I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out seeing it was a message from Cara and opened it quickly.

From: Cara
Em, Harry's looking for you...

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