Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


17. Ears To See And Eyes To Hear

Emma's P.O.V


My heavy eyes were too much to open but my ears could here the things going on around me.
"Styles this is all your fault!!" Someone screamed
"I know, I'm sorry." Harry's voice was near me, it was quiet and pained.
"Ever since you've been in her life she's been a mess!" I think Cara was screaming. I wanted to talk but my voice seemed to be drowned by my exhaustion that slipped me into another sleep.

Again I awoke with my tired eyes still closed but the faint murmurs of voices surrounding.
"God Em, I knew this guy was wrong for you since the start." Cara's voice was low but near my ear.
"That's not true!" I wanted to scream but my voice was weak
"It's all his fault. You won't be seeing any of him anymore." She whispered again and I tried opening my eyes but instead my tiredness from my body knocked me out again.

This time I fluttered my eyes trying to peak but I was blinded by the lights in the room and closed them once more.
"Harry isn't good for you anyways." Someone mumbled and they took hold of my hand. Who was it?
"It's okay. I'm here for you, I'm better for you." They said and my body shut down once more.

I could feel my body when I woke again, my eyes didn't seem as heavy as the past times. I could actually open them with my lashes covering most of the surrounding area but I could still see. I was in a hospital, the bleak walls held a white-board with my name written on the top in big green letters. To my left stood all these monitors and machines making strange noises, and to my right rest a tired-looking Cara wrapped in one of the blankets from home. My head ache along with the rest of my body. Still drowsy, probably from the medication they've embedded in me, I fully opened my eyes and turned my head slightly. Positioned in the doorway Harry leaned his tall frame on his side staring at me with pained eyes, but when I blinked he was gone. My hand reached up aching for him to return to me, to be by my side. Soon an aged nurse steadily walked into the room, clipboard in hand, and smiled when she saw I was awake.
"Good afternoon, still feeling a little drowsy?" She asked me and checked on the monitors next to me, I nodded and she smiled once again.
"Well you're vital signs seem to be good. That was quite a scare you gave us, you lost so much blood." She paused staring at something then turned her eyes back to me, "A tall young lad has brought you plenty of things in the past days." Smiling back at me she motioned with her chin to the right of me and I saw the abundance of flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals flooded the small table in the corner. Words wanted to come out of my mouth but it was more like gargling sounds rather than anything audible.
"Well, I should let you get some rest. I'll let the doctor know you're awake and he'll be here in a bit to fully check you." I nodded weakly and she slowly left the room. I turned my head back to the montage of gifts and wondered if Harry was behind it all.
"She's awake!!" I heard someone yell from outside of the room
"Sir, she needs to rest!" Someone called back and when I slowly turned my head resting it on the pillow my eyes connected with those same green eyes. He looked like he hadn't slept in a while, his shirt was half tucked in and wrinkled, hair going in different directions, and in his arms he held an arrangement of tulips and a stuffed animal; but they fell to the ground when a small smile formed on my face with my weak muscles.
"Emma." He mouthed and paced to the my side of the bed, kneeling down next to me he took hold of my hand. I loved the feel of his warm skin, his soft smooth texture spread around the large lean hand. He brought it up to his face and leaned into my touch, I would have enjoyed it more if the drugs weren't pulling me down. Still feeling exhausted my eyes began to close until Harry's beautiful face was covered by my lashes and I drifted away.

The sound of a voice near my ear woke me from my slumber, but the soft warm skin of a pair of lips made my eyes open. I smiled waiting to see my prince charming before my very eyes.
"Hey sweetie." Said Zayn who smirked down at me. In my eyes he probably saw how my face went from extreme excitement to utter disgust.
"Don't make that face, you'll get wrinkles." He poked at the center of my forehead. Slowly lifting my right arm I moved his finger off me and he smirked again.
"Aren't you happy to see me?" He laughed
"Go away." With a small yet stern voice I spoke
"No, I'm going to stay here with you." His smile grew wider as he sat down on the chair next to the bed.
"Get out, I don't want you here." I gritted through my teeth
"No." He crossed his arms and leaned back on the chair
"Harry's gonna kick your ass, AGAIN." I spat out and he snorted
"Oh, you trust so much in Styles. If only you knew." His smirk seemed to be permanently pasted on his face now.
"What are you talking about?!" I questioned, what the hell did he mean?
"Now you don't want me to leave, do you?" I clenched my teeth, I wanted to strangle this guy but I needed answers.
"Zayn what are you talking about!" I ordered with anger mixing in the curiosity and confusion I already had.
"Our little deal."
"Dammit Zayn just tell me!" I commanded
"Well if you must know, it was more like a bet rather than a deal." He winked at me
"What do you mean a bet?" I asked
"What are YOU doing here?!" A voice bellowed from the doorway
"Just chatting." Zayn stood and patted Harry on the back, "Sweetie, you should ask this lovely creature what it was." 
"Don't touch me." Harry flinched and only the sounds of Zayn's laughter echoed through the room. My eyes soon fell on Harry's who had guilty written across his forehead.
"Good luck trying to get out of this Styles." Zayn muttered waving his hand back as he left
"Harry? What is he talking about?" I asked narrowing my eyes at him
"It's nothing. Just forget it. I'm glad you're awake." He smiled slightly and walked over to the chair where Zayn had been in.
"Cut the bullshit Styles, what's this bet about?" I growled
"Em, it's nothing. Just drop i-"
"No I won't drop it! Not this time! Now tell me!" Anger filled my veins and pulsed quickly.
"Emma stop. Now." He gritted through his teeth
"You have two options Harry. You can tell me or leave..."The last part of my sentence seemed to kill me inside, of course I didn't want Harry to leave. I could hear him sigh loudly and grip onto the back of the chair in front of  him. Eyes studying the seat of the chair he took a deep breath and finally looked at me straight forward.
"I know I've treated you badly and I always question why I'm here, but I am here because I care about you." He mumbled, he was opening up.
"Harr-" He lifted a finger to silence me
"But that bet means nothing to me now."
"But what's the damn bet!" I was so anxious
"It was about you!" Zayn exclaimed by the doorway
"Leave Malik!!" Harry hissed eyes filled with fire
"Styles you ain't got the bloody balls to tell her, let me do it." He cleared his throat and walked to the foot of my bed sitting silently on the edge.
"Well, sweetie, if you must know what this bet was a about then let me tame your curiosity!" I turned to Harry who had his fists balled up, "It was to see who'd you end up seeing after that little scene at the club."
"What are talking about?" I asked
"When I walked in on you and Styles here doing the dirty deed. We made a bet before that."
"God Malik! Explain yourself!"
"Ugh, well remember how we were suppose to go to a club and then I switched it and went to a different club. It was one of Styles' and actually..." He stared up at Harry, "this lovely guy here was the one that thought of the bet. Am I right?" Zayn smirk grew like a wildfire in a lush green forest.
"What was the prize?" I mumbled
"I've said too much already, I 'll leave the rest to him." He nudged at Harry and strolled out of the room calmly. The room collapsed into silence, part of me hid behind a sofa somewhere not wanting to know the answer but the other part of me sat upright and waited patiently for the response.
"Alright it's time to give you another dose." A nurse blabbered and walking in with a needle, she pushed aside Harry and injected it into the IV.
"Harry what was the prize!!" I called out and his head kept down
"Alright you'll feel it affecting in a few seconds." She smiled warmly at me and my body began to feel a bit numb after about a minute. I stared viciously at Harry until his eyes met mine, I was lost in his green eyes. My eyes were beginning to feel heavy and my vision began to motion in and out. Harry still kept quiet but he mouthed a word that seemed to be 'you' before my eyes closed and I drifted away again into a deep sleep. 

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