Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


14. Double Sided

Emma's P.O.V


What was this terribly overwhelming felling of despair mixed in with heart brake. My clouded mind kept the horrific picture of Zayn watching Harry and me. The waves of sadness crashed through my body, I couldn't and didn't want to see such pain in his face. Immoral was what I am. Being a selfish person and wanting both Zayn and Harry to stay in my life. I knew eventually I would have to choose, but I knew I couldn't back away from my decision after it has been made.
"Em?" Cara whispered softly from my doorway as I lay buried under the duvet.
"Em, let's talk. I hate seeing you like this." I turned my back to her and pulled the duvet over my head. I could hear her footsteps coming closer and then the clicking of ceramic on my side table.
"Drink some tea, you haven't eaten since yesterday." Her motherly traits beginning to appear
"Thanks." I mumble and my bed shifts slightly
"Talk to me. I want to help Em." Her hand tugs at the duvet revealing my puffy pink eyes swollen from tears.
"You need to talk it out. Now what happened?" She insists and clears the hair covering my face. The tears begin to build up letting them escape my eyes slowly one by one.
"I hurt him." Covering my face with my arms I begin to sob
"Who? Zayn?" She asks removing my hands from my tearful eyes and rubs her hand over them. I could only nod feeling the choking strengthen inside my throat. 
"Shhh, don't cry." She pauses wiping the evading tears from my cheeks, "What happened?" I slowly inhale an enormous amount of air letting it out and relaxing my overflowing emotions.
"H-he, he walked in on Harry and me... you know." I trailed off
"WHAT? He walked in on you two fucking?" She yelled appalled
"CARA!" I hissed, "don't say it like that!"
"Too blunt?" I nodded.
"Well what did you tell him?" Cara lifted her legs sitting cross-legged on my bed.
"Nothing, he left before I could say a word." I sighed loudly staring up at the ceiling.
"What did he say?" She tilted her head to the side catching my gaze
"His expression said it all." His face ran through my mind like a song on repeat.
"Why don't you call him? Try to sort things out, I mean never hurts to try. Right?" Her words echoed in my mind with all the possibilities of how to come about in this situation.
"Call him Em." She said again and stood up leaving me to dwell in my thoughts. If I called he probably wouldn't answer me. I unplugged my phone from the charger and scrolled down the contacts pressing call and laid, listening to the light rings in my ear.
"Hello?" He said and I took a deep breath
"Lou, hey it's Emma." I lowly said almost in a whisper
"Em! Love! What can I do for you?"

The noon afternoon skies begin to dim, scattering different pale colors around. The breeze blows gently as I step out of my car letting out a deep breath. My nerves are trembling with mixed emotions, my legs swaying like jelly. Leaning on the door of the car I push myself off and tremble with every step I take. Finally making it to a light gray door to the huge flat and hesitantly knock, quietly. There is no answer so I ring the black doorbell on the side hearing it echo inside. For a few minutes no answer comes forward, I step in front of the large gray door once more and slam the side of my hand on it.
"Geeze who is it???" He mutters annoyed opening the door and I freeze when a fresh-out-of-the-shower Zayn appears.
"H-hi." I quietly whispered feeling my muscles tense up.
"Emma." He gasps, shocked that I showed up at his front door. I pause for a moment drinking in his captivating beauty, his tousled hair, shirtless, his jeans unbuckled hanging dangerously low. My cheeks begin to flush a light pink and I stare away finding interest on the black doorbell.
"Umh-I came to apologize." I mumbled still with my gaze on the doorbell
"Would you like to come in?" He offers making my head shoot up. I nod slightly and bit down on my bottom lip as I enter the modernized flat.
"Wow." I mouthed and he chuckles at my expression, his smile seems to fade as my gaze meets with his,
"Look Zayn, I came to say I'm sorry about what happened in the club the other night." I muttered fiddling with my thumbs
"No, it's my fault. I knew Harry would be there. He owed it." He said scratching his neck.
"He did? But that's not the point Zayn! I still-we still, you know." His face of sadness came into my mind and that familiar choking feeling began to build in my throat. My fists balled up turning my knuckles white.
"I'm not asking you to forget what happened, but I'm asking for your forgiveness. The face you had tortured my insides. I couldn't bare to see you like that." A tear ran down the corner of my eye to my cheek and dripped at my chin.
"I'm sorry, I liked you a lot. And I-I tried not to screw things up but I-" I began before peering up to see his hand reaching over and caressing my cheek wiping away the tears that followed.
"I forgive you, I know you wouldn't be here if you didn't care so much." He muttered giving me a small smile. I leaned into his touch feeling relieved that he didn't hate me.
"But Emma, I know you like him just as much..." His voice tense, my eyes peeked open. There was no denying, I did like Harry but I liked Zayn as well.
"Zayn I-I still want to be with you." I managed to mutter and his eyes widen a bit as he exhaled.
"Emma, I don't know if we shoul-" Before he could continue I took hold of his hand pulling him to me. My arms snaked around his neck and I pressed my lips to his tasting the sweet mint from his mouth. For a moment he paused a bit shocked but soon wrapped his arms around my waist hauling my body to his. Grabbing a handful of his hair I tugged gently and pushed him back until he hit the wall. My fingertips and my lips burned with his touch, his lips brushed over my skin stopping at the base of my neck then trailing up.
"Seeing you with him made me realize that it should have...." He panted resting his forehead on mine.
"That it should have been you." I finished his sentence and his head slowly moved up and down. 
"Me too." And before I know it he lifted me up locking my legs around his waist. With his hand holding onto my bum he walks up some stairs and lays me on a bed. His hazel eyes dark and with the dim lighting inside the room and I barely see through his thick eyelashes. Removing my cardigan I pull off my shirt throwing it on the floor and kicking off my shoes. He crawls over me laying his lips on mine and pushing me back till my head hits the soft pillow. Reaching over to the cabinet drawer he pulls out a condom and lays it on the bed then lays his hands on my now tense body.
"We don't have to, if you don't want to." He mumbles into my neck noticing my still body
"No, I want to." I whisper as my breathing hitches when he reaches my stomach. Swiftly tugging me out of my jeans and panties at the same time throwing them on the floor along with his jeans. He grabs the condom slowly rolling it down he positions himself and brings his face to mine. I lean forward pressing my lips to his and he eases himself inside. Groaning in my mouth I could feel him pushing in deeper and deeper, my hips move on their own meeting with his. He breaks the kiss placing his hands on either side of my head and keeps moving. Soon after I can feel the reaction he's giving me and lock my arms around his neck. He shakes his head and moves my arms off of him holding them down to my chest with one hand. I stare at him confused as he finds his release and I stiffen but don't. Laying a top of me he pants wildly never looking into my eyes again. I wait for a moment then he pushes off and lays with his back to me on the bed.
"Zayn..." I whisper but the sounds of faint snores reach my ear. Peeking over his body I see he's already fast asleep and I feel ill once again. I thought with sharing something intimate with him he would pour out more of his affection, but I guess I thought wrong. Dressing once more I close the big gray door behind me and make my way to the car. Once in I feel like crying, he didn't say a word to me after I shared part of myself with him. This feeling of being alone and naked overcomes me as I start the car and speed home.
Cara is lounging on the couch accompanied by Lou and a bowl of popcorn. They both eagerly smile at me waiting for me to gush out about how things went with Zayn but I storm off to my room. I hear some murmurs behind me and a concerned Cara follows me into my room.
"Emma what happened??" She blurts out as I angrily toss my cardigan at the floor.
"He probably only wanted to get into my panties." I spit out and throw myself onto the bed
"What did he do?" She sits next to me rubbing circles into my back
"We fucked and then he fell asleep." I grunted into my sheets.
"He didn't say anything?"
"No, he didn't even let me touch him while we fucked." I was more angry rather than hurt.
"Well maybe you should hav-" She began
"I'm going to shower." I jumped up taking the towel laying on my chair and strolling to the bathroom. The intense heat of the water burns my skin but I want it to, I want to scrub off all of Zayn from my body. Grabbing the washcloth from the side I begin to rub tediously over my arms and stomach wanting the memory of him off of me. I was uncertain why I felt so angry with his response after, Harry never did that to me; he always held me after. There I go again, bringing Harry back into mind, comparing him to everything else. He really knows how to grow on a girl.
Leaving the shower the living room is abandoned and I roll my eyes at the thought of what they'd be doing. Still in my robe I walk into the kitchen and spot a note left bent up on the table. It reads: 'Em, Lou and I went out for some food. Won't be back till late so don't wait up. P.S. Enjoy your night. xx Love Cara'. Of course irresponsible Cara would appear just as fast as motherly Cara could leave. And what did she mean enjoy my night, with a tub of ice cream I would; that's damn sure. I reach into the freezer pulling out a small tub of chocolate ice cream and a fork then leave to my room. The lights are off and I couldn't really see so I put my ice cream down on the cabinet next to the door and stumble to my desk lamp, tripping over something in the process.
The light blinks on and I stare down to the floor to pick up my shoes from the floor. But looking at them I exhale deeply seeing the pair of white converse laying around along with a blue blazer next to them. I look around my room still in shock but there's no sign of him. Suddenly I feel a poke on my hip making my body jump forward and as I glare down there's a laughing Harry wrapped in my duvet.
"You found me." He chuckles lightly and I can't help but smile at his playfulness. It sure seems to be the silver lining in the shitty day I've had. He seemed surprised when I plop down next to him and lay the back of my body over his hips. I close my eyes and let out a deep sigh rubbing my temples with my fingers.
"Baby what's the matter. You're not running from me as usual." His voice tipped a bit in concern.
"Just a bunch of crap." I groan and push myself up to grab my ice cream. His eyebrows furrow as I return and sit next to him his face lightens up, he begins to laugh.
"What?" Puzzled I open my ice cream and dip my fork in.
"You're a weirdo." He laughs, and his laugh seems to fill me up with some sprout of happiness. He hasn't laughed like this since that day we got caught by Cara, and it was overjoying seeing a different side of him. Maybe there is more to this sex-craving curly-haired boy than I thought, but then again my thoughts are what bite me in the ass in the end.

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