Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


5. Crave You

Emma's P.O.V


My body froze as he held my gaze, he stood up on top of the counter walking to the edge then winking at me. My chest rose and fell quickly and I stumbled backwards bumping into a cute blond guy with blue eyes.
"Are you alright?" He asked and I backed away from him walking towards the way we came.
"Emma!" I heard Cara scream
"Emma! Wait?" She called again but I ignored her descending the stairway and frantically searching for the exit. Few people stopped, staring at me probably thinking I was some sort of deranged drunk. I saw what seemed to be a girls bathroom and charged inside not caring if I made a scene, I pulled the door opened and barged inside; it was packed. Girls stopped applying makeup and turned my way to see who was making all the noise, I ignored them as I walked to the nearest stall. Pulling my legs up on the toilet I hugged myself leaning on the side of the stall, why was I so scared?
There was a loud blast of music and then it faded signaling that either someone left or someone else came in. I could hear murmurs of female voices along with light giggles, I felt uneasy all of a sudden. I held my breath a bit trying to calm my trembling body and a shock ripped me when there was a knock on my stall. I felt like bursting into tears but I didn't want to make a sound. The stall door rumbled a bit with the next knock and I stared down under seeing a pair of red heels.
"It's busy." I mumbled loud enough for them to hear and the sounds of heels wandered off, suddenly I heard someone clear their throat a bit away from my stall followed by the sounds of numerous heels exiting the bathroom. That sound either came from a girl that's been smoking way too much, or by a guy. I looked down staring at the space under the door and a pair of white converse appeared, I hugged myself a bit tighter burring my face into my knees.
"Baby just come out." A deep raspy voice said from the other side of the door, I stayed quiet.
"Em, I know you're in there." Spoke the voice again, I held my breath as the converse disappeared. Out of no where there was a loud bang and the stall door broke open slamming into the wall shaking all the stalls. I wailed out in fright not only because the door had burst open, but because it was Harry who had done it. He hovered in the entrance of the stall holding the swinging door to the wall peering down at me.
"Are you insane?!" I yelled still a little shaken up
"You didn't have to run." He said back annoyed
"I didn't want to be with you!" I hissed making him laugh
"Yes you do, and you know it." He mumbled entering the stall and closing the door behind him.
"Get out! This is the girl's bathroom!" I screamed and he smirked at me
"I can do whatever I please. I own the place." He said in a cocky tone and my eyes widen, no wonder he was so comfortable here. My body kept trembling but I managed to put my feet down and struggled to get up, I stared him straight in his eyes; just looking at him gave me mixed emotions of hatred along with attraction. We stood in the stall for a while just looking at each other, thoughts jumbled in my head of what to do next. Would I knee him in the balls and run out or would I stay and pay the consequences of trying to escape. I took a deep breath and rose my stronger leg as fast as I could to hurt him as much as possible, but just in the moment when my knee would touch his body he stopped it in place. He slipped his hand behind my knee squeezing my calf tightly only to pull the rest of me to him.
"That was hot." He growled frustrating me, I pulled my hand back and slapped him clear across the face. He stood there still gripping me and turned his face back to me, I left a large red mark on his cheek. I could feel my hand pulsing in pain but it didn't seem to affect Harry at all, he only smiled devilishly at me.
"You're so stubborn. Someone needs to teach you to behave." He whispered in my ear then pushing me up against the wall of the cold stall. His large hands running up and down my body moving my hair exposing the purple bruises he had left. He chuckled as I squirmed to get free trying to push him off of me but he took hold of both my hands in one of his pinning them above me. I felt his soft lips press against my neck making their way up to my earlobe then down to my chest. I could feel him grinding his hips into mine brushing against my naked center, I pressed my lips together trying not to make any type of encouraging sounds. He nibbled behind my ear grinding his hips into me as well and a small puff of air along with a quiet moan slipped past my lips. I relaxed my arms trying to hold the rest of me from caving in to him again, as I relaxed my arms he released his grip on my wrists. With one hand still holding onto my calf wrapped around his waist he used his now free hand to slip under my dress trailing up my inner thigh.
My arms fell upon his neck gripping his long hair from the back as he fondled my center parting my legs more with his. I pulled on his hair and rested my head on the wall trying to keep myself composed, he was pumping his fingers inside of me curling them. I couldn't handle it anymore, the gratification he was giving me was too much. My lips parted letting low moans and puffs of air escape, my eyes closed shut as he continued to push in harder.
"You're so sensitive." He whispered seductively
"Don't. Stop." I said lowly and then gasped at what I had just said aloud.
"Baby I don't plan to." He growled slipping his fingers out and tampered with his belt unbuckling it and the button of his trousers at the same time. He unwrapped my arms from his neck and took hold of my wrist bringing my hand down his chest and setting it on top of his length.
"I give you permission this time." He chuckled and pushing my hand inside his boxers, I could feel it pulsing and growing at my touch. My hands trembled as I began sliding it down rubbing it entirely from base to tip, I could hear him grunting. Moving my hand faster I slipped it out of his boxers exposing the huge length in front of me.
"Keep going!" He ordered and I did as he said squeezing it with every pull
"Oh Emma, harder!" He muttered between his moans and letting go of my leg as he held on to the top of the stall with both his hands. I took a deep breath and slid my body down the wall placing his length in front of my lips, he stared down at me with eyes full of lust. I pressed my lips gently on it trying to tease him but he pushed his hips forward entering it in my mouth and hitting the back of my throat. His loud moans echoed inside the empty bathroom as he moved his hips back and forth, I held his stomach still with my hand and took hold of him with the other. I slowly moved my head and hand back and forth making him moan even louder, I could feel his hands resting on top of my head tangling his long fingers in my hair. Each time I pushed him inside my mouth he groaned a bit louder, I looked up at him to see sweat dripping down his forehead and his bottom lip between his teeth.
"I'm cumming!" He roared and I felt the warmth oozing in my mouth overflowing it. He let out short heavy breathes as he leaned his forehead on the wall of the bathroom stall, his hands gripping my hair tightly then slowly loosening it up. He stared down at me satisfied and wiped my lips with his thumb, he smiled at me but this time it was different it was more of a sweet smile rather than a lustful smile. I licked my bottom lip slightly as it still dripped and his sweet eyes began to turn dark and hollow once more. He pulled me off the floor, zipping himself up, then pulled me out of the stall he opened the door and the large security guard stood in the entrance.
"You can go now. Thank you." He commanded the man and a rush of women pour into the bathroom, probably waiting for the okay to get in. He strolled through the crowd with ease having me stumble behind him trying to keep up with his pace. We walked to the other side of the club, up a narrow staircase and into a private room of some sort. Still blinded by the lights from the dance floor I crashed into him thinking we were walking. I blinked a couple of times before actually viewing the entire room, it was dimmed with couches and a private bar on the side. He walked behind me locking the door and swoop me up throwing me on the plush sofa.
"I-I should get back to Cara." I muttered and he turned glaring at me.
"No, I told her already you won't be home tonight." He said and winked
"I really should go." I managed to say
"But she said to take care of you, and I plan on doing so." He said smirking
"Wasn't back there enough?!" I complained
"It's never enough." I whispered and placed himself on top of me running his hands up my dress
"Harry stop!" I barked
"Oh baby, say my name again." He growled unzipping his trousers once more then rolling a down the protection on his length, I tensed up seeing his size and squeezed my legs together.
"Fine, I'll just make you say it." He said pushing his body between my legs until I could feel him at my entrance, he pressed his body down on top of me with his lips just inches away from mine. There was no fighting it any longer, I craved Harry just as much as he craved me.

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