Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


12. Choices

Emma's P.O.V


I woke up to the quiet snores released next to me. My eyes fluttered open exposing a muscular torso in front of me slowly moving up and down. My eyes traveled down examining his abs and then trailing up to his collar bone and eventually to his gorgeous face. It was strange that I didn't see him too well at the club last time, I knew he was hot but I didn't see him as breathtaking as he was now. His beautiful thick eyelashes laying gently on his face and his beard stubble seeping through, I found that most attractive. I couldn't keep my eyes from staring at him, he was just amazing. I gently slipped through his arms trying not to wake him and made my way to the bathroom. I glanced at him one last time watching him sleep serenely like a baby.
The morning air was cold out from under the duvet, hitting my bare legs as I tip-toed to the bathroom. I peeked in Cara's room to see if she had woken up already but just as I suspected, she was wrapped in Lou's arms fast asleep. I giggled to myself while walking to the bathroom and stepping on the cold tile floor. Splashing water onto my face I vigorously brushed my teeth and with just the thought of going back to Zayn gave me thousands of butterflies in my stomach. He was a sweet guy and it was nice to have someone like him act like a proper gentleman. I strolled back to my room and opened the door to see a sleepy Zayn roll around in the bed. I walked over pushing some of his hair back and placed a kiss on his forehead, and then on his lips.
"Morning." I mumbled and his eyebrows furrowed trying to adjust to the light gleaming in from the curtains. He only hummed and slowly started opening his eyes little by little. I grabbed more of the duvet pulling it over his bare torso and ran the back of my hand on his cheek feeling the roughness.
"I'll make some coffee." I mumbled kneeling down in front of him and he smiled at me nodding. He pursed his plump lips forward while leaning his head up and I lowered my head placing a kiss on his lips. Pulling away he smiled then snuggled back into the duvet as I left the room to make some coffee.
"Morning Em!" I heard a sleepy Lou say while walking out of Cara's room
"Morning, want some coffee?" I asked and he nodded as if thankful for the offer.
"So, you and Zayn?" He asked walking with me to the kitchen, I guess he was wide awake to be asking questions.
"Yes?" I said trying to hide the smile that kept creeping onto my face
"The date, how was it?" He asked jumping onto the kitchen counter
"Terrible." I muttered burring my face into my hands as my elbows rested on the sink.
"But you guys came back so happy!" He said throwing his hands up into the air
"Lou, I dumped my ice cream all over him!" I sheepishly confessed as put water into the coffee maker.
"But you guys clicked right?" He questioned trying to read my facial reaction
"Well, yeah. I mean thank God he doesn't hate me for ruining his clothes!" I laughed and Lou joined in
"That's good! I'm glad you guys hit it off!" Lou jumped off the counter and grabbed the grounded coffee bag from the cabinets.
"So, you and Cara?" I asked giving him a quick wink and he bit his lip
"What about us?" He said giving me the coffee bag yet not meeting my gaze.
"How are things?" I questioned nudging at him with my elbow
"Well um you see they're um-" He began
"They're great, he won't shut up about her." A half asleep Zayn mumbled from the doorway of my room.
"Shut up mate!" Lou called out only to make Zayn laugh and Lou turn a light pink
"Aww you're blushing!" Zayn teased walking toward the bathroom
"You should shut up before I tell her what you've been saying about..." He nodded towards me and I furrowed my eyebrows confused
"Alright alright! I take it back!" Zayn argued while walking down the hall and disappearing. We stayed there silent for a few minutes hearing the sounds of the toilet flush and water running.
"About me?" I whispered to Lou and he smiled
"So how's that coffee?" Lou asked avoiding the subject
"Lou!!!" I hissed but he stepped around me
"Suddenly I feel sleepy! Nighty nighty!" Lou called out walking down the hall and a now more awake Zayn appeared out of the bathroom. I narrowed my eyes at him and he did the same as he walked closer to me. He was still just in his tight boxers making him seem so irresistible. I felt my face heat up and I turned away pretending to find coffee cups in the cabinet. Cara had placed my favorite cup on the top shelf and as I stood on my toes trying to prop myself up with the counter I still couldn't reach it. I felt a pair of strong hands take hold of me by the waist pushing me up just far enough to take hold of it. I slid back down felling his hands run up from my hips to my ribs pulling up my shirt slightly in the process.
"Thanks." I muttered a bit incoherently and I felt him spin me around to face him.
"No problem." He whispered feeling the warmth of his body pressed up against mine. I set the cup down in the sink trying to avoid his gaze but meeting with his eyes made me turn a hot red. His hands once again fell upon my hips pushing me up to sit on the counter, I locked my arms around his neck trying not to fall. I could feel my body heat up as he stood between my legs and wrapped his arms around my waist.
"Did you know how adorable you look when you blush?" He sweetly asked trying to meet my gaze and making a smile slip onto my lips. I tugged him closer to me pulling his face to meet mine and make our noses touch.
"I want to kiss you." He whispered quietly and I could feel his warm breath fall on my lips.
"Then what's stopping you?" I asked making both him and me smile. He slowly leaned down pressing his soft lips onto mine, I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him closer to me and deepening the kiss. Our lips moved in unison and I could feel his tongue slip into my mouth. My body kept heating up as his wandering hands moved up my back inside my shirt.
"Hey!!" Someone yelled and I pushed him away from my quickly in shock
"We put food there!!" Yelled a laughing Cara making me turn a bright red.
"You should have let them continue!" Lou pouted and Cara slapped his arm.
"I uh-um think the uh-mm coffee is ready." Zayn shyly mumbled and grabbed a cup from the cabinet above my head.
"Mate I'll take a cup!" Lou called out and I jumped off the counter and strolled into my room followed by a nosy Cara.
"Well that was embarrassing!" I muttered laughing
"Well I had to do something or who knows how far you guys would've gone!" Cara admitted and took a seat on the floor as I sat on the bed.
"We were in the kitchen how were we suppose to do anything!" I argued
"So you admitted you wanted to do something!" She winked
"Shut up!" I hissed throwing a pillow at her, she hugged it tightly then stared at the ground for a moment.
"What?" I asked Cara who stared at the floor.
"There's something under your bed." She mumbled crawling over to my bed
"What is it?" I asked curiously
"It's an envelope." She said pulling an envelope out from underneath my bed, "It says: 'Emma'."
"Give it here." I extended my hand and she handed it to me. The writing on the front of the small white envelope seemed to be a guy's writing. I shook it and felt something rattling inside.
"What is it?" Cara asked standing up and jumping next to me
"Its a..." I said opening it and pulling out a note along with a key.
"A key?" Cara questioned taking it into hand, "What does the note say?" She asked looking over my shoulder.
"It says: Em, I'm sorry I left but I want you to come over so we can have dinner this afternoon at my house. The address is on the bottom and here's a spare key please let yourself in. I want to see you there at 7 sharp! So don't be late or I'll drag you here! See you soon baby, Harry xx ." I read and stared at Cara who's face was still in shock.
"What?!" She yelled
"WHAT?!?!" I repeated in her same tone of confusion, we stared at each other saying nothing yet our eyes screamed and shouted out.
"So that's what he meant by you being late." Cara mumbled to herself
"T-this changes nothing! I think..." I gnawed at my bottom lip nervously
"Well he wanted to be with you and you ditched him." Cara trailed off in her thoughts
"Why was it under my bed though?" I said to myself trying to think how it would have fallen down, "OH! When I folded the sheets!" I yelled
"What are you talking about?" Cara asked staring at me dazing into space
"When I came back to my room I ended up just fixing my bed and THAT'S when it must have fallen off and under the bed." I put the puzzle pieces together.
"So what now?" Cara asked putting her hand on my back
"I don't kno-" I began before I was interrupted
"Hey I umm made french toast!" Zayn said poking his head into the doorway
"Yeah, we'll be right there!" I excitingly sang and he gave me a warm smile then walking away
"Em," Cara began and placed her hand on mine, "let's just stick with the guy making you french toast in the morning. I can tell you're head over heels for him." She whispered before standing up and gesturing me to follow her.
"You're right." I said getting up from the bed as well and following her out my room. She was right, I was so head over heels for Zayn and he made me forget all about Harry. However Harry did the same thing to me but more aggressively. I had no idea what to do; if to choose the amazing gentleman who respected me and gave me butterflies whenever we were together, or to choose the aggressive guy who brought out the beast in me and made my flesh cave into his every touch. I didn't want to hurt either of them but I couldn't be selfish and try to keep them both to myself; being with Zayn in the daytime enjoying life and then running from Harry who brought the recklessness out of me. All I knew at the moment was that I was falling for both guys at the same time, but for entirely different reasons.

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