Inevitable (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Emma, age 19, lives in the UK and recently moved in with her best friend Cara. One night they decide to go to a popular club with a few friends to celebrate Cara's, now age 20, birthday; there Emma meets a tall mysterious guy named Harry Styles which who she dances and spends her night with but only to wake up at her place thinking it was all just a dream.
(Caution:Will contain many sexual scenes and a lot of cursing!)


13. Bad Timing

Emma's P.O.V

A few weeks have already passed since my date with Zayn and things have gone smoothly ever since. We've kept in contact constantly and had a couple more dates here and there getting to know each other more. It was great dating such a wonderful guy like Zayn and I didn't want to do anything to screw this up. Cara and I have seen him DJ on the weekends at some pretty popular clubs, he was  incredible.
"So what club we going to tonight?" Cara asked as she pressed her dresses to her body to see which one would look better.
"Je ne sais pas!(I don't know)" I muttered shrugging my shoulders
"What time are they picking us up?" She muttered staring at her heels in the closet.
"In about an hour and a half, I think I should go find a dress." I said sitting up from Cara's bed and strolling over to my room. I already decided to wear my loose black dress that flowed to my knees but something made me change my mind. I stared at my shorter dresses that were mid-thigh length and eventually settled on a pearl colored strapless dress with gold beading decorating the bust. I showered and prepared myself trying not to make my face look like my makeup had raped it.
"Hey I'm ready!" I yelled over to Cara who was applying a coat of cherry red lipstick
"I am too." She called back but I knew that meant another 10 minutes. There was a knock on the door and I peered though the peephole on the door to see a stunning Zayn ruffling with his hair. I still kept my eyes on the peephole as I unlocked the door seeing him close his eyes and let out a breath before putting on a smirk.
"Hey you" I winked staring at him from head to toe, dazzling as usual.
"Hey sweetie." He said stealing a kiss from my lips before entering.
"Where to?" I asked still a bit astonished about the kiss.
"About that, I canceled on them and took up another offer at a different club." He muttered biting on his bottom lip.
"Uhm okay, which club?" I asked as I closed the door and gently smiled at him.
"Uhm, it's uhm popular." He trailed off into low mumbles
"Then I should know which it is, right?" I questioned his words trying to figure out where he was going from here.
"Uhm, maybe." He paused, "Can I use the bathroom?" He asked and I stood in confusion but nodded watching him walk off down the hall. He was acting really strange making me over analyze his words and wonder if I should really go tonight.
"Where's Lou?" Cara said from her doorway and I only shrugged but walked over to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. I took a deep breath hearing the unlocking of the bathroom door and the slow footsteps approaching the kitchen. I kept my body still trying to relax my tense muscles that seemed to tighten to his touch. His arms snaked around my waist pressing his chest on my back. I could feel my body begin to heat up and I clawed at the sink felling his warm lips pressed against my naked shoulder.
"Alright I'm ready!!" Cara exclaimed clicking her heels into the kitchen and Zayn swiftly pulled off of me walking to the door.
"Bad timing, as USUAL." I whispered to Cara as I passed by and she giggled to my comment. Once in the car Cara took the back seat leaving me with Zayn up front. We drove down strange roads before pulling up to a high club who's lines reached up to the end of the parking lot. Cara and I stared at each other in amazement seeing the enormous amount of people waiting to enter.
"Alright I'm working till 3 but I'll be taking plenty of breaks to spend some time with you." Zayn said to me before we exited the car. I smiled and leaned over placing a sweet kiss on his lips then opening the car door. The evening breeze flew upon my legs crashing like waves on a cliff, it was freezing. I hugged my jacket tighter to my body squeezing next to an also trembling Cara. Zayn motioned us to him and we both wobbled like penguins to his side, he laughed at us but took hold of my hand. Entering from the back of the club he nodded to a security guard who did the same and opened up the door for us. We walked in and up a small staircase to reach a VIP booth overlooking the entire club.
"Lou!" Cara squealed as we reached a middle booth filled with some people I've seen before.
"Alright, just stay here and I'll be back in about 2 hours." He whispered to me squeezing my hand gently.
"Okay, I'll be here." I mumbled next to his ear and pecking a kiss on his cheek.
"You should enjoy the atmosphere, BUT save me a dance!" He chuckled and I nodded before he pulled me into his arms smashing his lips to mine. He pulled away leaving me wanting more and waved as he descended down the stairs to the DJ platform.
"Hey! Come sit over here!" A voice yelled and I turned around to see an adorable blond swooshing his arms around, clearly he was already drinking. I strolled over taking a seat next to him and across from Cara and Lou.
"Emma right?" He mumbled and I nodded sticking my hand out to greet him
"Nice to meet you!" I kindly said as he shook my hand
"Likewise! By the way I'm Niall and this is Liam, Luke, James, and you already know Lou." He said gesturing to those who sat in the booth.
"Nice to meet you all!" I waved and smiled to them
"Em, let's go get some drinks!?" Cara asked with an eager smile and I stood up nodding and fixing the bottom of my dress. She took hold of my wrist then waltzed over to the bar like she owned the place.
"Let's do some shots!" She exclaimed over the loud music and I could hear Zayn on the microphone, "aye aye it's DJ Malik bumpin' the beats!" which made me laugh. I didn't notice that Cara placed a shot glass in front of me and I gladly took it cheering with her to a good night. Swallowing the burning alcohol I slammed the glass down ready for another. After an hour or so and what seemed to be 5 shots I felt my body reacting to the alcohol and Cara had stumbled back to the booth with me trailing behind. Pushing my way through all the people was the most difficult part, everyone kept tugging and grabbing at me making me feel uncomfortable. 
I could see the narrow staircase and a wave of relief came over me knowing that I wasn't lost. I had finally pushed my way out of the tough crowd when a pair of hands covered my eyes. I tapped the hands feeling the familiar watch that Zayn was wearing and giggled to his touch. He pulled me back into the crowd until we reached what seemed to be the center. With one of his hands still covering my eyes the other ran over and around my body. I leaned my head back resting it on his chest as we moved to the heavy beat. I could feel his other hand moving off of my eyes pulling me closer to his body.
His touch burned my skin everywhere he moved, keeping my eyes closed I threw my hands back grabbing his neck but something got in the way. I felt around his neck feeling long soft hair slip through my fingers. My eyes flew open and in front of me was a sweating Zayn still on the DJ's platform. Panic along with shock hit me like a never ending hangover in the morning. My body stiffen and I placed my arms back down to my sides as if I was a plank. 
"What happened baby?" HE whispered in my ear sending goosebumps down my back. I slowly turned my head peering in the corner of my eye a grinning Harry who only winked.
"H-h-harry?" I mouthed and his grin turned into a devilish smile showing part of his teeth. He took hold of me from the sides and spun my body to face him entirely.
"Missed me?" He chuckled and with his finger ran up and down my bare arm, I shook my head rapidly and he threw his head back in laughter. When he came back down his face had turned hard and his eyes felt like he was looking into my soul.
"Come with me." He ordered and yanked at my arm walking effortlessly through the crowd. He had made it past the swarm of people quicker than I had. My legs wobbled as I tried to keep up with his long strides down a few steps and into a dim lighted room. He cruised through the few people pushing me behind him and then stood on a chair towering over everyone else.
"Alright, get out." He commanded and without any questions the room emptied in a matter of seconds. Shooing the last of the people out he closed the blinds and then the door. I felt so defenseless just standing in the center of the room like a lost sheep.
"I'm angry with you." Harry harshly muttered as he turned to me making me take a step back, "You didn't show up at my house last time and now I find out that you've been seeing Zayn." He spat out in anger
"I-I'm not YOURS!" I yelled out and he rushed to me standing just inches away
"Yes you are! I've made damn sure everyone knows!" He yelled back making me become more irritated.
"I'm leaving!" I hissed between my teeth and pushed him away from me.
"Oh you're not going anywhere!!" He ordered taking hold of my hand and without a second thought I swung my arm across my body slapping him. His face moved over resting his chin on his shoulder before retracting back to me. With his face full of anger and a now red cheek he squeezed my wrist tighter.
"Let go!!" I called out in pain but he pulled me to his body grabbing the back of my head and crashing his plump lips into mine. I kept pushing him by the chest away from me but his strength over powered that of mine. Everything seemed to blur and I had forgotten how passionate his kisses were. He let go of my hand wrapping it under one of my legs and his other hand doing the same to my other leg. I jumped up locking them on his waist and tangling my hands in his hair as he held me up.
I could feel him walking until we bumped into something and he threw me and himself on it. I groaned inside his mouth out of pain as his heavy torso pressed on top of me. Everything went so quickly and the next thing I knew he had already pushed himself inside of me causing me to release profanities and loud moans. His lips never left mine as he thrusted deeper and harder inside of me. I was the one to break the kiss in order to take a breath before I would pass out.
"Say my name." He growled next my ear and I clawed at his back
"H-harry." I mumbled lowly between my moans
"Louder!!" He dictated and I followed as ordered screaming out his name louder with every thrust. My eyes kept closed but the sounds around me echoed as a door opened. I slightly opened my eyes trying to see who walked into the door and then they opened wider when I saw a crushed Zayn holding onto the doorknob.
"GET OUT!" Harry yelled and Zayn slammed the door closed making the loud noise ring in my ears.
"Zayn!!!" I called to the now closed door but Harry brought my face back to his then crushing his lips once again to mine.
"I'll make you forget about him!" He hissed between the kiss and his thrusts became faster making my toes curl and my nails dig deeper into his back. I couldn't forget about Zayn, I probably just crushed his heart doing this. I didn't want to screw anything up with him because I actually liked him. I felt like a sick human, a vile creature that could just go under a rock a die. The tears began to seep through my eyes and as Harry let out a loud grunt a tear slipped past my eye streaming down my face. I had hurt Zayn.

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