Harry my love

This is my(fantasy)adventure i had with Harry styles. Read to be entertained with love,romance,x-girlfriend jealousy, drama, fun, and more!:) thanks guys-xx,mariah


4. The next day...:)

Harry's P.O.V

"Good morning beautiful." I said as we woke up. And it really was a good morning, great actually maybee the best one ive ever had. I could finally call her mine. And I will NEVER let her go. Never. "Good morning" she said back smiling. "You hungry?"
"Of corse!" She said. "What would you like?"
"Idk surprise me:)" she said. And with that i got up and made her favorite breakfast, pankakes. I know every favorite of hers. From her favorite color (pink) to her favorite bird (cardinal). Everything. And the best part is i can trust her. And that's very important.

Mariah's P.O.V

Mmmmm.. Pancakes. I thought as i ate them. Iwas as happy as could be. That kiss completely changed how i feel about him. It just. Felt. Right. That's the only way i could put it...I think, already, i was in love. Maybe i was all along. Well im happy now and that's all that matters. "So," Harry started "as our first day as a couple, what would you like to do today?" Hmm i thought I really had no idea... "Idk i think you should pick."
"Ok" he said "how about coffee shop, mall,movie,lunch,park,dinner,and back here, for the night?"
"Sounds absolutely positively like a perfect day to me!" I said smiling he gave a big smile back.
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