Harry my love

This is my(fantasy)adventure i had with Harry styles. Read to be entertained with love,romance,x-girlfriend jealousy, drama, fun, and more!:) thanks guys-xx,mariah


8. Suprise!

-Mariah's P.O.V-

As we walked through the door everyone was there all the girls were with all the boys. "There here!" Elenor said excitedly as we walked through the door. Everyone looked up including kenzie who was having a little make out session with niall "who's here?" Kenzie said "mackenzie" elenor said sounding annoyed "I have already explained this to you! We were waiting for them so we could go to the club tonight!" "Oh yeahhhh" she said remembering. Elenor laughed and rolled her eyes. "Wait we're going to the club?" I said surprised. "Yes and you have to go cuz me and Louis havnt been to the club in a while and we want everyone to go!" "Fine." I said huffing. " ok let's go get you and me ready to go at my flat!!" She said pulling me along. Kenzie also went.
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