Harry my love

This is my(fantasy)adventure i had with Harry styles. Read to be entertained with love,romance,x-girlfriend jealousy, drama, fun, and more!:) thanks guys-xx,mariah


7. Date cont.

A/N: hey guys thanks for reading!! Just so you know there will be at least three chapters or so beacause it is too long and it won't let me write any more in one chapter. Thanks guys!!!;)~xx mariah ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mariah's P.O.V "So you ready for the mall?" Harry said while getting into the drivers seat. "Always!" I said. Nialls P.O.V Mackenzie...shes so beautiful! Inside and out!! I would ask her out but i hardly ever see her and i won't do it over text beacause she might think im a coward...hopefully ill see her soon so i can make a move! Mackenzie's P.O.V Oh. My. Gawd. All i can ever think about lately is niall! He is oh so sexy and i realllyy like him!! He always flirts when were texting and such but never makes a move! Man i wish he would though!! Im not going to make a move on him beacause i think the guys should ask US out NOT the other way around! Harry's P.O.V We've been at the mall for a while now and its been a great day so far! She has about 10 bags on each arm and were still shoppin... What can I say i love spoiling her! She wanted to pay but i just wouldn't let her. Mariah's P.O.V It's been an awesome day and Harry has bought me so much stuff!!! I can't believe how much stuff i have!! I don't think I've ever bought this much stuff in one trip to the mall! Harry is such a spoiler. "I think I've spent enough of your money, so lets go get lunch! This time ILL pay!!" "Sounds great but NO WAY im gonna spoil you so much today!!" "Alright!" I said with a playful smile. He responded with a peck on the lips. "And off we go to nandos!!" He said driving put of the mall parking lot. "Sounds great!" I said, and off we went. ~~~ We were in the middle of lunch when something crazy happened...taylor swift. "Oh gosh" Harry said as she walked through the door. "Dammit" i cursed under my breath followed with a "obsessive ex-gf, here we go" Harry don't look at her one time. She saw him, gave him a dirty look, and left the room... "Oh my" i said getting in the car after lunch "i hope she doesn't call me later askin who i was with..." "Me too" i responded "so, what happened between you guys anyway?" "Oh my um.. Well where can i start... We met..." 


"we met in New York one day, and me and the boys were getting ready for a concert, and she was just visiting family or something. we saw each other in starbucks one morning and i sat down where she was and started flirting with her...well after a couple of months without anybody knowing, but thenit got viral...after a couple more days of dating, an ex came to me and kissed me out of nowhere, and she saw. thats where her song 'knew you were trouble came from'. we havnt spoke since then."

"wow" i said. "yeah and now she hates meand even had the nerve to make fun of me at the Grammys during we are never getting back together."

"WHAT A LUNATIC!' i responded. "ikr" he said.  we then arrived at the movies.

A/N: sorry to interrupt but my friend mackenzie wanted me to introduce her to you. she is a tall girl with shortish super blonde hair. she has a literally perfect body (that i want) and she is very nice, and smart but she wanted me to make her dumb in the book...lol


anyway back to the movies... we decided to watch some romantic comedy. we purchased our tickets and headed into the theater. when we got settled and harry grabbed my hand. i looked at him and smiled. it stayed like that way through the whole movie. "that was a nice movie" i said "it sure was" he said back. "do you wanna go ahead and go home?" he said "yeah im kinda tired" i said.  "alright well go home" he said as he got in the drivers seat.

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