Harry my love

This is my(fantasy)adventure i had with Harry styles. Read to be entertained with love,romance,x-girlfriend jealousy, drama, fun, and more!:) thanks guys-xx,mariah


5. Before the date.

Mariah's P.O.V

I then got dressed for the date. It was winter time, so I put on some black leggings, a pink long sleeve sweater dress, and my black/silver sequin bailey button uggs. I then curled my hair with my wand and put on my contacts and my makeup.

Harry's P.O.V

I decided to dress fairly casual for our first official date together, so i wore a jack wills t-shirt with a jack wills sweatshirt, beigh pants, and white converse.

Mariah's P.O.V

I walked down the stairs after i got dresses and Harry was waiting for me at the bottom step. "You look great!" Harry said "thank you! So do you!" I said. We both smiled. "We'll, well, well!" Louis said. You could tell he just woke up beacause his hair was in a mess and all he had on were pajama bottoms. "Where are you guys goin?" "On a date." Me and Harry both said smiling. " I guess you made the right choice, Mariah!" He said while giving a smirk and a wink. " I guess I did!" I said. Just then all the boys walked down the stairs hungry and tired. "There together now! There going on a date!" All the boys said "Good job mate!" Then niall said, "wait! That means he can't cook us breakfast!" He looked stunned "just go to nandos, you know how long I've wanted to take her on a date!" Harry said, looking at me smiling. I smiled back "finneeee!" He said "let's get dressed, im starving!!" He said. They all went back to their rooms.
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