Harry my love

This is my(fantasy)adventure i had with Harry styles. Read to be entertained with love,romance,x-girlfriend jealousy, drama, fun, and more!:) thanks guys-xx,mariah


10. Back at the flat (also short)

Mariah's P.O.V- as we walked through the door Harry Louis and niall all sprang out to check out there dressed up girlfriends. When Harry saw me his jaw dropped. I blushed and smiled he came closer (kenzie and niall were kissin and Louis was smirking at elenor) "wow" Harry said stunned hes never seen this much of my skin (besides bikini season). "You like my outfit?" I said. I already knew the answer. "I love it!" He said giving me a semi-long kiss. "Ok guyz let's gooooo!!!" Kenzie said throwing her hands in the air. She was definitely a party person! Then we headed off all couples hand-in-hand.(:
-to kenzie- i seriously cAnt see you in my mind like this!!! Haha!!
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