Harry my love

This is my(fantasy)adventure i had with Harry styles. Read to be entertained with love,romance,x-girlfriend jealousy, drama, fun, and more!:) thanks guys-xx,mariah


9. At Eleanor's flat (short short chapter)

"Oh my you have GOT to try this on!" Elenor said pulling a red skin-tight dress and res stilettos out of her closet. "I think that's a little to slutty for me.." I said with a disapproving look."oh waa try it on i need to get dressed too!" "Fine" I said back. After i got dressed elenor was waiting for me on her bed with kenzie. "Oh my goodddd!!!" Kenzie started "you look so freaking absolutely sexy and beautiful!!" Kenzie said. "Well so do you guys!" I said. "Half my boobs are like hangin out and i can barely walk in these heels!" "Oh my god your boobs only have like a little crack in that dress and at least you have some! I have to wear a push up bra and a normal strapless bra just to get this!" She said pointing at her smallish cleavage (haha love you kenzie!(:) "kenzie is so right and you'll get used those heels faster than i can blink my eye!" Elenor added. "I guess..we'll let's head back to the flat so we can pick them up and head off!" "Sounds good to me!" They both said.
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