does she love him

harry falls in love with a girl but she doesn't love him back.


1. isn't she lovely?

It was a rainy day, while Miriam,Timmy and James were at Rachel's house. Timmy and James were going to friends house, while harry was riding his bike looking for Miriam. Miriam didn't like Harry, so she hid in the bushes. Harry ran up to Rachel asking for Miriam. "WHERE'S MIRIAM!" Miriam didn't want him to know where she was so Rachel didn't say anything. Harry looked everywhere even in the house. Harry couldn't find her, he got his bike and rode off crying. Miriam gets out of the bushes, and Rachel got really mad. Miriam started crying then Rachel started crying then they hugged. Timmy and James get back and they start crying. Miriam goes running after Harry when she see's him at a stop sigh. Harry looks up and see's her. They both gaze into each others eyes, lean in and then kiss. 

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