Every knows Harry from 1D as the heartbreaker. but what will happens when him and the rest of the boys are force to spend a year with the girls whi cause harry to be how he is today on tour.


10. this just got intresting

Peyton pov

When we were walking down to the starbucks in the hotel, Liam grabbed my hand. l stopped and stood there he looked at me he let go of my hand and grabs my waist he pulls me up to him and the next thing iknow he making out with after a few seconds of struggle l get out of his grasp and slap his face."I'm sorry I shouldn't do that it just i don't know it woon't happen again!"  he said looking so sad and sorry"It fine Liam just don't to it again.I don't normally get kindness from guys inless if they won't to sleep with me you just took me by surprise." I said it was true all my realtionships have been because they think I am a slut and they get some, but im not. we walked to the starbucks in silence keeping his distance trying to aviod me l think.


Liam pov

after she did that I was hurt she told me about her past she looked so scare that I wanted to hug her and tell her I would never do that but I thought she could use her spacee . When we got there the boys and emma were having some converstation I really wasnt paying attention. Emma looked at Peyton then she gave me a death glare. She smiles and says "LETS GO FOR A SWIM!" everybody agree and the girls run up to go change. when me and the boys started going to our rooms Harry came up to me and said, "what did you do to Peyton she looked so sad did you force her you force her didn't you. you little dick i'm goign to kill you!" harry said with anger right before he jumped on top of me Niall grabbed his waist when he was in mid air.


Niall pov

I grabbed harry right before he sprang on liam l  new Liam would win he was so much bigger then Harry.God l hated them right now they think they could get any girl but l sware l'm going to get the girk this time.


Emma pov

Me and peyton were in our room I was sitting thier rubbing her back trying to make her stop crying. "he kissed me he just kissed me he wanted more he going to to hurt me." She was in hystrics she had a bad past.


-peyton flashback-

I was walking back to my house from some party l was sixteen Harray and l were still together. l was in an allyway when a man came up behind me. He slammed me up to the wall and start making out with I tried to fight tears escape my eyes thinking I was going to die he threaten to kill me if l scream law order show were flashing in my head and l was picking which way he'll leave me. he was down to my bra and underwear when a figure came running towards me it was Hary he punch the buy in the face the guy collaps to the gound Harry gave him some good kicks so he couldn't get up. I was up against the wall crying my eyes out me and harry both new what would of happen ifil the he wasn't going down that allyway to the party l just left. he came next to me took his jacket of guy stf and put it on me he then sat down next to me and hugged me for the longest time intil the guy started to wake up.Harry made me get on his back. He started into a sprintwhen l turned aroung the man was up now chasing after us.l notice l stilled had my heels on and he was catching up he was about a food away. l took off my heel and threw it at him the point hitting his leg he collasp to the ground and me and Harry got away. That was the night Harry promise me he would never let anyone hurt me again he even brought me a promise ring.

end of flash pack

peyton pov 

l got up from sister arm dried my tears. l waked over to my bag and dig threw it intil l found it the promise ring. "you aren't going to wear that rember what you said once the relationship ovr the promise is still strong but once the ring come off it can never be put back on and have the promise inside." emma said with concern. but when l looked at the ring it makes me feel safe.

emma pov

l got Peyton out of her crazy mode and got her and me ready. i took off her make up and undid her hair letting it flow l did the same with mine. she wore a hot pink bikin that complemened her tan hispanic skin. l but on a lighter pink but when were in the water you can't tell us apart becuase her suit looks lighter. our brown hair just went past are tops. we looked in the mirror and l said,"l think niall likes you so you should hang around him for the day but act like your getting away from liam. I'll talk to Liam for you." she said," this plan will be great l love being back ohh and don't leave Louis and Zayn out," she said this giggling but l know she was still sad.

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