Every knows Harry from 1D as the heartbreaker. but what will happens when him and the rest of the boys are force to spend a year with the girls whi cause harry to be how he is today on tour.


5. The hot head

Emma and Peyton pov
We went to the bathroom and Emma wore her hair to the side with a loose fish tale and her bangs swooping over her forehead. She wore a purple v neck shirt that had the eagle wing sleeves a black mini skirt with leopard prong heels, Peyton wore a sweet heart neck line leopard print dress that went mid thigh with a black leather jacket and black heels, she had her hair in a half up half down that had a cute bump in it. They both wore some light mascara because they already had full lashes and some lip gloss in and headed out the door. When they got in the car they said " hey sexy never thought I would see another Beauty," they stared busting out laughing when they got there they decided to pull the seeing double trick.
Peyton pov
Emma went to the lady room and hide I walked over to the boys and said hey they kept staring at my boobs I said " hey if you want some you have to look into my eyes first!" I was to allying flirting with them I was trying to see Harry's reaction we he saw my face his dace went red put of anger. "You slut what are you doing here!" He screamed. Normally I would be upset but I fought fire with fire and said "coming here to meet one direction I hear they are all really sweet well except you I hear you been having a lot of one night stands. Shame in you Harry I would never use you like that!" I was smirking rage was fighting inside of me I wanted to slap him so hard. "Well I learned from the best." He said and I knew he was talking to me. My sister heard the argument and came running by my side the boy look confuse but Emma start going full out on Harry thank god nobody was there. "You are such a little fag you are a dick head you ruin your reputation of being a ice boy a long time ago and it was not because if Peyton. You should be ashamed of herself she broke up with you because we had to moved to America not because a bet was over. And when you call her a slut you broke her to a million pieces. That was your first strike she really did like you but you were being to much of a dick to realize it." Her eyes were full of hatred towards Harry.

Liam pov
Anger hit me " who the hell do you think you are calling are mate a fag your not even suppose to be here!" I screamed the boys were shock but the girl came fighting back. " we are the free lifers we have to go on tour with you and Harry the one who started it ow and by the way fag fag fag yall are all fucking fags." Whoa I was not expecting that to happen. The girl she was comforting said something in Spanish they stared having a conversation and the girl who got fussed at by Harry said " I'm sorry my sister is a bit of a hot head she doesn't mean wait she says and Harry and I had a thing back In school. But it was a bad break up Harry changed me forever. " she told us everything. " and I would like to say I'm sorry for this mess and I'm sorry for hurting you but that was years ago Harry. I didn't realize you hated me when I did nothing but break up because I had to move to America." She looked sad and her sister was nibbling something in Spanish and the girl said " Emma how dare you say that they might be able to understand you." " what she say oh nothing" I'm Peyton by the way I'm Liam and we schooled hands.
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