Every knows Harry from 1D as the heartbreaker. but what will happens when him and the rest of the boys are force to spend a year with the girls whi cause harry to be how he is today on tour.


4. The heart beakers are back

Peyton pov
I was down stairs in the kitchen calling it off with my boyfriend. We met at Hollister a few weeks ago he was one of there models, but I saw him kissing this dude so I had to break up with him. After I was done i saw my sister standing there and I said," I owe you 50$" I said laughing she said he was gay the moment she met him. " she said you can add it to my tab," she said laughing. Once she stop she said with are going on tour with~ ahhh omg we r finally going on tour yes! "Well you see we are going with one direction," she said looking down. " my smile became a frown we both new who was in there and we weren't very happy about it. I looked up and said " oh well I can have some fun at least." I said we both giggle and me hiding my fear of seeing him again.

Harry pov
Me and the boys got a call from Paul saying that he found are opening act they were the free lifers me and the boys never heard of them. But Paul said they were really nice girls and that we are going to meet then today and leave with them tomorrow.
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