Every knows Harry from 1D as the heartbreaker. but what will happens when him and the rest of the boys are force to spend a year with the girls whi cause harry to be how he is today on tour.


2. proluge

peyton pov

I am so happy right now I mean I kindva feel bad for dumping Harry but its not like he worth anything right. I mean who should really see it coming when we started going ot that it was only a bet,but who cares I am finally a free woman again. my twin sister was laughing her head off today she going to watch behind tone of the lockers and listen. then when i'm done she going to pay me the $50. I walk up to Harry and ask to talk to him in private we waited intil the hallway was empty. He is such a geek I can't belive I dated him,but he was cute to.



Emma pov

omg she was doing it me and her always do the kind of things bet the other one to date somebody it just so funny and mean. But hey everybody knows what we do so they should think before they decide to go out with one of us.


Harry pov

I was so excited it was only a couple more days intil are 3 month annivarsry. She calls me over to talk to her.

"Hey harry I know us have been going good but I don't think its really meant to be," she said this with saddnes in her blue eyes but they also sparkle and I realize I was part of the bet."You think this is funny hurting my heart like this don't you?" I said in the verge of tears. "no of course not it's really not going to work out Harry and I hope you do amazing on x factor.I know how great of a singer you are Harry." she said this with tears but the sparkle was still in her eye. Something changed in me that never made me the same ever again it was pain. "FINE YOU SLUT I DON'T NEED A tGIRL WHO SLEEPS WITH BOYS BECAUSE OF A STUPID BET ANYWAYS." now there were tears rolling down her eyes lots of them I had tears to and all there was was pain and that little sparkle maybe the sparkle came naturally in her eyes. "yeh this might of been aq bet but I actually began to like you but now you just made me feel like a piece of shit and the worse part is you thought I already lost it but im still a virgin maybe im not the problem in are relationship anyway maybe youare. IM glad as fuck that I broke up with you." She says this and walks away, her sister comes from behind the locker glares at me and starts rubbing her sister back. she stops gives me a death glare and said "FUCK YOU," and flicks me off. God her sister was a bitch.I never saw them againbecuase of like fame and stuff.

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