Every knows Harry from 1D as the heartbreaker. but what will happens when him and the rest of the boys are force to spend a year with the girls whi cause harry to be how he is today on tour.


8. Plan going perfectly

Peyton's pov

I woke up the next morning in his arms. He was so sweet to me I can't believe I was I was playing this game again the last time was horrible I just sat there for a month watching titanic and the notebook with pickets of ice cream and sad depressing Taylor swift songs. I watch his life on X factor rise I even cried when they lost. I was so shocked when he audition with isn't she lovely because I knew he said he was going to do that song for me assuming we would still be together. God I hope it won't end up like that. To be honest I still love Harry just a little. I tried to move out of his grasp but his creamy brown eyes fluttered open. "Hey love"
Liam pov

When I woke up I saw her big beautiful eyes looking at me " hello love," I said. "Hey wanna go eat breakfast?" She said with puppy dog eyes. "Yes Is someone hungry!" She nodds her head and run downstairs. I spring out and grab her waist and aligned her over my shoulder. " LIAM STOPP I DON'T HAVE ANY PANTS ON!!" Everyone was out now Louis Niall zayn was trying to get a look and Harry looked pissed off Emma was just on the ground laughing I scoop her up to over my shoulder. "Liam I'm not either!!" "Don't worry I'm not looking!" I said smirking. "NOW!!" They scream at once and they start kissing my my neck and grinding on me I end up starting to loose my grip and drop them. Right when I did theyvstartedbin a sprint holding there shirt down they went to a laundry basket and grabbed some sweats and slipped them on grab some random key to there house. "Hey that's my car!" Harry scream in the door way with only his boxers on.

Peyton pov

We hop in the car and drive away to get are stuff we also stop at a Waffle House and I got some waffle god I was starving. We drove back to the boys. We were wearing leggings and a XX large Sweet shirt that said,"ASH TROGAN (alexandria virgina)with a a bat on it we also had some Nike on mine were all different colors and hers were pink purple green and gold both were custom made. And we had are hair was in a bun with an upside down French braid into the bun and Emma's was in a five strand braid we had mascara on with light pink eyeshadow that makes our blue eyes pop we also had some gloss on. We had or sporty sexy look on and we were killing it. All the boys were falling for us and it was amazing to be back in the game Harry was just pissed every time one if them made a move on me.
~boys flat~
Emma's pov
When we got there Harry ran outside hugging me and Peyton "thank god u didn't reck my baby!" He said smiling at his car. We both laughed at him Liam came out putting his arm around me and said "hello live you ready to go!" "Um actually I'm Emma." "Peyton don't you dare try that trick right now!" Peyton says giving me the I have a plan look. So all the boys came surrounding Peyton and started flirting. I looked at Liam and said," we aren't to together were just snuggle partners at the most." I said whith sorry eyes and real easing from his grip. He looked at me sadly saying," ohh I'm sorry I didn't know it won't happen again!" He was blushing with embarrassment. I planted a kiss on his cheek and he blush new and Harry flinched up with anger staring at us. Go Dan this plan is going perfectly.
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