Every knows Harry from 1D as the heartbreaker. but what will happens when him and the rest of the boys are force to spend a year with the girls whi cause harry to be how he is today on tour.


12. feelings are confusing things

Liam pov

''What you do to her this time" Harry said to me after he saw Peyton walk off crying. ''she told me what happen.'' ''god now l ahve to pick up all the peices. l hope you had a wonderful time playing with her heart!" he said to me before running off to the direction of the girls.

zayn pov

"um man l think you should say away from Peyton.'' Zayn said to me. ''Why you don't know anything about me and Peyton realionship!" l said pissed off. "What realionship? you just made her cry and l bet she dosen't even like you." l said regretting afterwards causing me to fall into the deep side of the pool lucky me. l heard a girl screaming my name.


peyton pov

me and my sister were changed now l wore hot pink converse jean short shorts and a bagy grey sweatshirt with n hood over the shoulder and my brown hair turn into a wave after the pool. Me and my sister were walking down the halls we were are selfs again,when HArry came in talking about how crazy Liam was and how he was going to protect  me from Liam. "HELP!" l heaard niall scream and l started running.l saw Zayn fall in after Liam knocked him out. l wriped off my jean shorts and sweatshirt and jump into the pool with nothing but my tanktop and thankgod l wore some boyshorts today. l grab Zayn out of the waterbring him to shore he was awake and so l didn't perform CPR or anything like that.When he sat up l hugged him, l don't have feelings for him are anything it is just l don't know it felt like the right time for a hug."peyton do you like him?" Harry said calmly to me. l guess it looked like that so l let go and sat here. "No,Why?'' l ask wondering why he cared. "do you like me?" Liam ask. "No l thought l made that clear Liam." l said sadness in his eyes. "l only know Harry and l don't like him anymore and l don't like Zayn or Liam and l don't know louis or Niall that well. But l am sure they are wonderful guys and they don't go around punching people." l said to all of them standing up, forgetting about only having tanktop and boyshorts on."What do you mean you don't like me anymore?" Harry ask. "well we did date Harry and l liked you then, but what you said to me still haunts me today." l said looking down at my feet. "l am so sorry.'' harry said to me with sadness. "l am fine l don't need you do apoligize harry lets just all go do something." l said looking while standing up Zayn stand up also but he walked over to Niall and Louis saying clear of Harry and Liam."how about we get some clothes on?" Emma said walking over to me pulling me away grabbing my clothes. l was so emmbarressed l forgot l didn't have clothes on.

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