Every knows Harry from 1D as the heartbreaker. but what will happens when him and the rest of the boys are force to spend a year with the girls whi cause harry to be how he is today on tour.


7. Cuddle buddies

Harry pov
We came back and we played strip truth or dare. " ok Peyton I dare you to cuddle with Liam until 12:00pm tommorw morning." Emma said giggling. I was so mad. " kk" she said while walking over to Liam and say on his lap with her arm around his neck and said "hey sexy." She said. All the boys look disappointed except Liam he was so happy. We countinue the game with Liam winning. It was 12 so went to bed Liam holding her bridal style while she laid there a sleep.

Liam pov
I went up the steps with Peyton in my arm Harry looked pissed off. When we got my room her blue eyes open and she said,"can I borrow a shirt?" "Yeh sure here." I hand her a shirt. She took off the leather jacket and favvheels and said," you mind unzipping my dress she said while blushing. I walk over to her and pulled down the zipper the dress hit the ground she was in her bra and panties. I kissed her neck and she turned around and said,"I won't to but I can't i want my first time to be with someone special." She must of saw the hurt in my eyes and said," not that you aren't special, but I just need to at least get to know you better." She said hinging me but I think she was the one who needed a hug. I said,"you're a virgin!?" She laughed with tear mark and said yes can we just sleep now." She said while putting on my shirt. "You don't have to cuddle if you don't want to," I said. she just shook her head and patted the spot next to her. I run into the bed and we ended up snuggling together for 20 minutes intil actually sleeping.
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