Every knows Harry from 1D as the heartbreaker. but what will happens when him and the rest of the boys are force to spend a year with the girls whi cause harry to be how he is today on tour.



Peyton pov

I was in sweatpants and a tanktop hair in a mess bun. me and Emma were walking over to the boys who were the best of friends again. "hey we are about to pick a movie want tot join?" Niall asked us. "sure wich one?" my sister and me said at the same time we just laugh at are twinzeness. "either Mama or Men in Black 3," Niall answered back. but me and Emma saw a different movie and we both eye each other running over to it and picking it up. "Finding nemo!" We both yelled holding it up. "No way you still watch Finding Nemo?" Harry said shocked on are fisrt day we watch it i tottally forgot. "YEH, who wouldn't!" Emma awnsered backed. "So can we Niall?PLEASE!" I said begging. "It's find with me," he said the boys giving him a glare. Me and Emma both ran over to Niall and hugged his rib cage me on the left Emma on the right.When we let go i tossed the movie to Harry who put it in.We both sat next to niall me sitting on the edge and Emma also sitting next to Harry. It was about eight o clock so we decided to watch another movie. "LETS WATCH TITANIC!" Harry,Emma, and me screamed at the same time akward. "Ok," Niall said popping the disc in. We sat in the exact same spots. When it got to the drawing scene(NUDE) ,me and Emma both covered Niall's eyes. "Whst the hek?" Niall said suprise. "No you aren't aloud to see!" Emma said. "But I'm a grown man!" Niall argued back. "Niall you are 18 and btw that would be perverted." i said. We took the are hands off his eyes and cotinued to watch the movie. "It just not fair they both can fit!" I said crying in Niall's shoulder. "Why does Rose let go she just promise to never let go you stupid red head!" Emma said throwing the tissue box at the TV and buring her head in Niall's sholder. Niall put his arm around both of us and rubbed are backs he was such a sweetie pie. the movie ended and we both finally picked up are head it was 11:55 P.M. Niall's arms were still wraped around us. Me and Emma both look at each other and hugged each other right across Niall. "Niall woould you let me go?" Emma asked. "Would you let me go?" i asked to. "NEVER!" Niall said shaking his head. "AWW!" we said at the same time again and hugged him. "WE wouldn't let go either Nialler!" we said then letting go. We got up and everybody else were already up staring at us. AKWARD! "I wouldn't let go either," Louis said. "oh come here Lou!" I said side hugging him now holding each other waist and walking together getting everybodies attention and making Liam Zayn and Harry jelly and Emma and Niall were just talking in the back actually having a good time. We said goodbye to the boys and went to bed.

Harry pov

niall had them all over himand was just turning them on and pissing off all the other boys. then Louis sarted. When we said Goodbye we went strait to bed and didnot talk.



Liam and Zayn Are MAd at Niall to!

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