You again?!

Ashley is 19 now, she grew up in Holmes Chapel, but then she moved to London. She was deeply in love with one of his classmates Harry. When Harry left for The Xfactor Ashley never saw him again. Now after 3 years they will meet up again. Will Harry fall for Ashley or is he going to ignore her again?


7. Still the one

Harry's P.O.V.

The words Ashley said were rounding my head. She likes a guy. The worst thing I don't know who. And I bet that guy is not me. I was frustrated when she said this and I couldn't control myself from this so I escaped. Everyone notice it except for Ashley. I was going nowhere with those words still  haunting me, I heard Ashley screaming my name. But I couldn't turn around to face her. I didn't have to guts to do it at that precise moment. I just ignored her. Then I stopped. I decided I was going to tell her how I fell  about her. After all if I loved her I couldn't let her go again. But when I turned around to face her she was staring blankly in front of her. Then I saw she turned around and then start running. Was she crying?

I was acting like a jerk. I just made her cry. I wouldn't lose her this time I was chasing her but she has really long legs which make her a lot faster than me. I didn't want to call her attention so I didn't shouted her name I just tried to didn't lost her. But halfway of the road I lost her on a big crowd of people. I couldn't see her anywhere. I was so mad at myself right now. I headed back to the restaurant to get my car that way I would find her faster. I turned on the engines and a thousand memories I lived with Ashley were playing on my mind. Why did I ever let her go? Why did I never told her how I felt?

I didn't know were to go I just went to were I lost her a few minutes ago. I didn't turn left or right I just went straight 'til I found a little park. I stared at it for a second and remembered when Ashley and I were once dancing in the rain on a similar park at Holmes Chapel. I smiled at this memory. I parked my car and sited on a bench that was situated on the front part of  a tree.

I needed some time to think about what I just did. I was thinking silently there was no one on the park  I was the only one there. At least that's what I thought 'til i heard someone sobbing. Behind me. I stood up and went behind the tree to find Ashley crying. What have I done now? She had her legs on her chest and her hands were covering her face. I stood in front of her and lifted her chin. We were face to face now. Her eyes were red and itchy. I didn't thought what I did had hurt her that much. I sat next to her and she got back to her first position. Then hugged her and I started singing to her ear  "Still the one" on a  more lower and romantic tone. "..I was so stupid for letting you go but I know you're still one. You might have moved on but girl you should know that I know you're still the one. I know it's saying too much but I will never give up.... I was so stupid for letting you go but I know you're still the one.."

When I finished she looked at me with those blue eyes of hers completely surprised.


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