You again?!

Ashley is 19 now, she grew up in Holmes Chapel, but then she moved to London. She was deeply in love with one of his classmates Harry. When Harry left for The Xfactor Ashley never saw him again. Now after 3 years they will meet up again. Will Harry fall for Ashley or is he going to ignore her again?


4. Great

Hey guys! sorry I haven't been updating lately, but you i've been so busy with school lately....I promise this won't happen again! :) love you all and thanks for reading .xx

Ashley's P.O.V 

I couldn't sleep last night at all. I was very confused and i didn't know what to think or who to love. And to my good fortune we had classes the next day. ugh. I seriously didn't want to go there was so much happening lately.

I heard my phone ringing it was a text from Harry.

Harry: Hey Ash! :D good morning. The lads and I were wondering if you and Vanessa would like to join us for lunch sounds good? .xx 

I smiled and went to Vanessa's room to ask her if she would like to go. Vanessa was still sleeping so I walked her up by throwing a pillow at her.

"Vanessa wake up! There's something I wanna tell you!"

'What's wrong are we late for class?" She said trying to adjust her eyes at the sunlight.

"No, not at all! In fact we have a lot of time left. I just got a text from Harry he wants to know if we would like to join him and the lads for lunch."

"OMG! Really? tell him that it will be a pleasure." 

"Hahahah ok I will."

As soon as I talked to Vanessa I replied Harry's text.

Me: "Morning Haz! yeah sounds good. But we have classes... anyways were do we meet? X"

H: "Don't worry I'll pick you up from classes .xx"

Me: "Perfect! sounds great we'll wait for you!"

H: "Ok see you then .xx"

Me: "See you x"

I smiled and watched  my watch. 7:30 Crap! I rushed to the bathroom and took a quick shower while I singed "I almost do" by Taylor swift.

I dressed up. I was wearing some black jeans, varsity shoes and a varsity jacket and I placed my hair in a bun.

"Vanessa are you ready the bus is gonna be here any second!"

'Yeap almost done"

"Hurry up!" 

Vanessa was ready. And the bus was here. I had music class first and Vanessa had drama.

"Bye Ash!"

"Bye Vanessa love you..oh I forget to tell you Harry is coming to pick us up."

"OMG! ok i'll try not to faint love you see in you in drama class later!"


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